[Rd] localeToCharset() returns NA for the Hong Kong locale

Yihui Xie xie at yihui.name
Wed Apr 10 21:34:41 CEST 2013


When Sys.getlocale("LC_CTYPE") returns 'Chinese (Traditional)_Hong
Kong S.A.R..950' to some Hong Kong Windows users, localeToCharset()
returns NA instead of CP950 due to:

> localeToCharset
    if (.Platform$OS.type == "windows") {
        x <- strsplit(locale, ".", fixed = TRUE)[[1L]]
        if (length(x) != 2)
        switch(x[2L], `1252` = return("ISO8859-1"), `1257` =
        return(paste0("CP", x[2L]))

Perhaps you should not assume length(x) == 2 when the locale string is
split by ., since in this case the dots in S.A.R. have a different
meaning (abbrev for Special Administrative Region). I would suggest
check if length(x) >= 2 and use the last element of x. Maybe you have
good reasons to require length(x) == 2.

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