[Rd] R package with Java source code

Adrian Trapletti adrian at trapletti.org
Tue Apr 16 15:56:56 CEST 2013

I don't really like the approach which ship the redundant jar files 
unless it is a "precompiled binary" distribution of a package.

In the meantime I found the following suggestion 
which is close to what I was thinking of.

Anyhow thanks for the comments.

Best regards

On 04/16/2013 01:44 PM, Prof Brian Ripley wrote:
> On 16/04/2013 12:20, Adrian Trapletti wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> Are there any plans around that "R CMD INSTALL
>> some_package_containing_java_source code" supports Java source code
>> compiling in future versions of R similar to compiling C/C++ and/or
>> Fortran sources in the src directory?
>> Best regards
>> Adrian
> No.  A Java 'compiler' is not required, but if one is available is it 
> is set in etc/Makeconf as JAVAC.
> There are many packages which ship jar files with 'compiled' Java 
> code, and others with .class files.  It is hard to see a case for 
> compiling at install time rather than when preparing the package. But 
> it would be easy to write a suitable rule in src/Makevars.
> Note that most systems will not have a JDK, only a JRE.  That includes 
> Windows systems, but winbuilder should be able to prepare a binary 
> package (it needs a JDK to install rJava, JavaJD ...).
> One needs to be slightly careful with Java version requirements. AFAIR 
> OS X Leopard systems only had 1.5 (at least for one of the 
> architectures) and R 2.15.x still supported Leopard (and packages are 
> still being built for it).  Systems with Java 1.6 aka 6 are still in 
> widespread use, even if it past end-of-life according to Oracle.

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