[Rd] R 3.0, Rtools3.0,l Windows7 64-bit, and permission agony

Hadley Wickham h.wickham at gmail.com
Sun Apr 21 14:18:13 CEST 2013

> The problem is that if you don't just use the PC for running R but use
> it to run other programs too then any program and that utilizes
> Windows batch scripts making use of find.exe or sort.exe likely won't
> work if Rtools is on your path.
> The fact that devtools, batchfiles and Rcpp have workarounds mitigates
> it somewhat but the problem should be fixed so it works out-of-the-box
> once and for all.

I guess I don't see the advantage of that approach (except perhaps for
simplicity), compared to using the registry to store path information
and then using environmental variables to set it when needed. It would
be nice if Rtools didn't override existing windows executables, in the
same way it would be nice if windows worked like linux out of the box.
But since it doesn't, and since in general adding more and more
directories to the path makes it more and more likely for some
conflict to arise, I think Rtools current approach is very reasonable.


Chief Scientist, RStudio

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