[Rd] Speeding up build-from-source

Adam Seering adam at seering.org
Fri Apr 26 16:50:21 CEST 2013

	I've been playing around with the R source code a little; mostly just 
trying to familiarize myself.  I have access to some computers on a 
reservation system; so I've been reserving a computer, downloading and 
compiling R, and going from there.

	I'm finding that R takes a long time to build, though.  (Well, ok, 
maybe 5 minutes -- I'm impatient :-) )  Most of that time, it's sitting 
there byte-compiling some internal package or another, which uses just 
one CPU core so leaves the system mostly idle.

	I'm just curious if anyone has thought about parallelizing that process?


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