[Rd] Creating data.frame from c-language

Prof Brian Ripley ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
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On 12/08/2013 17:24, Boris Aronshtam wrote:
> Dear Professor Brian D. Ripley,
> Thank you for your reply. Yes, the speed is essential and data is large (gigabytes). I would like to learn from stats/src/model.c. Where can I find it?

In the R sources ....

> Thanks,
> Boris
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> On 09/08/2013 22:48, Boris Aronshtam wrote:
>> I need to create a data.frame from C-language and populate it. I Know how to create lists from C, but I cannot figure out how to create a data.frame. Does anyone have a sample code for creating a data.frame, setting column names, and populating it with data?
> Use data.frame() via an eval() call from C.
> Or see the code is stats/src/model.c, as part of model.frame.default (but I would only do that if speed were essential).

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