[Rd] legitimate use of :::

Benjamin Hofner benjamin.hofner at imbe.med.uni-erlangen.de
Mon Aug 26 14:51:56 CEST 2013


related to this important discussion I have several questions:

What can I do to explicitly state that I want to use a certain, 
*non-exported* generic function? The function I am currently talking of 
is predict.smooth.spline from package stats. As I want to make shure 
that *this* function is used I currently call 
stats:::predict.smooth.spline() in my code, which now triggers a NOTE on 
CRAN. Strange enough predict.smooth.spline even has a manual page but is 
not exported (as is true for many other generic functions as well).

Is it advisable to specify (S3) methods without exporting them? How can 
I access exactly this function without using :::? And/or shouldn't we (R 
Core in this instance but others - including myself) export all methods 
(especially if a manual exists anyway)?

A related question concerns the function stats:::n.knots. I want to use 
this function to compute the number of knots for a spline (not 
necessarily a smoothing spline as defined by smooth.spline were it is 
originally used). The source of the function even states as a comment: 
"## Namespace-hidden but at least available to programmeRs:" So I guess 
this function can be considered to be stable and usable. Would it then 
be possible for R Core to export this function?

Finally, if one needs to copy a function (perhaps with minor 
modifications), how does one properly state the authorship of the code 
that one copies? Are there any guidelines, rules, ...? Is it sufficient 
for small functions to state the original authorship as a comment in the 
source? Is it necessary to state the authorship in the manual? Or is it 
even required to state the quthorship in the DESCRITPION? I already did 
an extensive search of the R-devel mailing list but couldn't find an 
appropriate answer. And after all I do not want to spend hours and hours 
thinking about licenses, authorship etc. but I want to produce nice and 
usable code (but also want to mention the original authors appropriately)!

Happy to learn more and read your thoughts and ideas about these issues.

All the best,

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