[Rd] bug in default print method / floating point problem?

Pablo Barberá pablo.barbera at nyu.edu
Thu Dec 5 22:50:15 CET 2013

In R 3.0.2, I found this weird behavior:

> 7/0.07
> 6/0.06
[1] 100

There's one space missing between the bracket and the 100 in the first
case. I don't know if this is a known bug or not. It might have
something to do with precision of floating point numbers:

> options(digits=22)
> 7/0.07
[1] 99.99999999999998578915

Maybe R doesn't add the extra space when it rounds the number for
display? This is probably an irrelevant issue, but I thought I would
report it just in case.

Pablo Barbera

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