[Rd] Linking to native routines in other packages

Romain Francois romain at r-enthusiasts.com
Sat Dec 7 04:49:25 CET 2013

Le 06/12/2013 22:29, Hadley Wickham a écrit :
>> But now if I do Depends: Rcpp or Imports: Rcpp for the sole purpose of this
>> LinkingTo mechanism, I'm getting
>> * checking dependencies in R code ... NOTE
>> Namespace in Imports field not imported from: ‘Rcpp’
>>    All declared Imports should be used.
>> See the information on DESCRIPTION files in the chapter ‘Creating R
>> packages’ of the ‘Writing R Extensions’ manual.
> This is just a note, so perhaps it's spurious, and can be ignored as
> long as you provide an explanation when submitting to CRAN.
> Hadley

The problem is that I'd have to ask every package maintainer to 
negociate that when they release a package that depends on Rcpp.

Perhaps that's alright.


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