[Rd] cbind error with check.names

Fg Nu fgnu32 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 25 13:58:58 CEST 2013

>>  I meant what is the design principle behind check.names being hardcoded to 
>>  I see no conflict with the purpose of cbind from the ability to specify 
> check.names
>>  at the level of cbind.

> Perhaps data.frame() should throw an error if there are duplicate names,
> or perhaps it should have a separate argument to say what to do about duplicate 
> names,
> but changing that sort of thing now would break a fair bit of code.  Perhaps
> cbind.data.frame should not call data.frame, but copy the work that data.frame
> does or perhaps it should check for duplicate names on the output of 
> data.frame().
> Is it worth the time to do that?

Bill, thanks for your reply. I understand that this is one of things that just are. For me, the ability to check for duplicate names in dataframes is important, and it is surprising that I never realised before that cbind has this limitation.

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