[Rd] Question about writing portable packages

Guillermo.Vinue at uv.es Guillermo.Vinue at uv.es
Thu Jun 6 15:54:50 CEST 2013

Dear R-devel list,

I am creating an R package that includes C++ code. I tried to install it
both in Linux and Windows and it worked. I load the C code via the
NAMESPACE file using useDynLib.

Now I am revising once again whether everything is ready before
submitting the package to CRAN and I have read in
that “It is not portable to call compiled code in R or other packages
via .Internal, .C, .Fortran, .Call or .External, since such interfaces
are subject to change without notice and will probably result in your
code terminating the R process”.

However, the R function of my package that calls the C++ code uses the
Call function. 

Does it mean that I cannot submit my package to CRAN because the
portability is not guaranteed?. Then, how could I to call C++ code so
that my package were portable?.

I hope you can clarify my doubts. I have seen the collection of prior
postings to the list, but I have not found a specifical answer to my doubts .

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards,


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