[Rd] Policy/best practices on renaming functions in packages

Jonathan Greenberg jgrn at illinois.edu
Mon Jun 10 18:23:56 CEST 2013


I'm beginning to work on a manuscript for a set of functions I
developed for a package I have on CRAN (spatial.tools), and I'd like
to rename a function in my package to give a better idea of what it
does prior to manuscript submission -- is there a "safe" way to do a
backwards-compatible rename of a function within a CRAN package (so
functions that rely on the original name aren't broken)?  Is it as
simple as:

new_name <- old_name <- function(yadda)


In general, I'd just leave it as is, but the old name of the function
was a reference to an existing function in another package that it no
longer has any resemblance to.



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