[Rd] load/unload segfault puzzle

Rory Winston rory.winston at gmail.com
Thu Jun 13 12:55:44 CEST 2013


Have you compiled R form source yourself? If so, I would be tempted to mark up memory. c with some debug log statements - especially around line 1357, and possibly inside the finalizers function as it attempts to run the C finalizers....not pretty I know, but may be the quickest approach to quickly identify whats failing...
-- Rory


>  Yes, thanks -- Bill Dunlap already suggested this.  Your and Bill's
> warning about how slow gctorture makes things is correct -- I gave up
> after running for 3.5 hours when it had gotten only partway through
> loading the Matrix package; I will have to find a machine with a decent
> cooling system (i.e. not my laptop) where I can replicate the error.
>  I've just re-run the regular valgrind, with a fresh build right after
> an SVN update.  I got exactly the same results as above.  We're
> certainly *not* calling reg.finalizer() anywhere in our package, and I
> don't think Rcpp or RcppEigen or minqa do ... there looks to be some
> kind of default finalization done on the reference class objects (based
> on running 'strings' on the object files ...
>  I tried gdb'ing in and setting a breakpoint at memory.c:1357, but this
> breakpoint gets hit a lot, and I'm sort of stabbing in the dark at this
> point.
>   Ben Bolker
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