[Rd] Announcing pqR - a faster version of R

Duncan Murdoch murdoch.duncan at gmail.com
Tue Jun 25 12:26:39 CEST 2013

On 13-06-22 2:34 PM, Radford Neal wrote:
> I have released a new, faster, version of R, which I call pqR (for
> "pretty quick" R), based on R-2.15.0.  Among many other improvements,
> pqR supports automatic use of multiple cores to perform numerical
> computations in parallel with other numerical computations, and with
> the interpretive thread.  It also implements a true reference counting
> scheme to reduce the amount of unnecessary duplication of objects.
> There are also substantial speed ups in general interpretive overhead,
> and in particular operations.
> Readers of r-devel can try out pqR by downloading a source tarball
> from radfordneal.github.io/pqR (only tested on Linux/Unix so far).
> The source repository is github.com/radfordneal/pqR - look in the MODS
> file to see how the changes from R-2.15.0 are organized.
> The R Core Team may wish to look at the list of bugs fixed in pqR, in
> the NEWS file, since many of them are present in their current version
> of R.
> I will be making a series of posts discussing pqR at my blog, which is
> at radfordneal.wordpress.com

Hi Radford.

This is just a public note to say that pqR looks really good; we (R 
core) are hoping to work with you to incorporate your improvements into 
base R.

I've already started working on the list of R bugs you report in your 
NEWS file.  I hope we can talk privately to clarify some of the entries.

Duncan Murdoch

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