[Rd] Catch SIGINT from user in backend C++ code

Jewell, Chris C.P.Jewell at massey.ac.nz
Thu May 2 01:50:41 CEST 2013


I was wondering if anybody knew how to trap SIGINTs (ie Ctrl-C) in backend C++ code for R extensions?  I'm writing a package that uses the GPU for some hefty matrix operations in a tightly coupled parallel algorithm implemented in CUDA.

The problem is that once running, the C++ module cannot apparently be interrupted by a SIGINT, leaving the user sat waiting even if they realise they've launched the algorithm with incorrect settings.  Occasionally, the SIGINT gets through and the C++ module stops.  However, this leaves the CUDA context hanging, meaning that if the algorithm is launched again R dies.  If I could trap the SIGINT, then I could make sure a) that the algorithm stops immediately, and b) that the CUDA context is destructed nicely.

Is there a "R-standard" method of doing this?



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