[Rd] R CMD check: unknown option ‘--outdir==RCHECK’

Duncan Murdoch murdoch.duncan at gmail.com
Mon May 20 12:49:40 CEST 2013

On 13-05-20 6:34 AM, Duncan Murdoch wrote:
> On 13-05-20 6:05 AM, Matthieu Stigler wrote:
>> Dear R devel
>> I am experiencing a problem using R CMD check. I tried to specify the
>> argument outdir, but get every time the error message:
>> Warning: unknown option ‘--outdir==RCHECK’
>> This happens both on R 2.15.2 Linux, as well as R 3.0.1 Windows, with
>> latest Rtools. Is it just that I am not passing the argument the right way,
>> or is there an issue with R CMD check?
>> I tried to write the argument in many differents ways, but it always fails.
>> Standard way I tried is:
>> $ R CMD check --outdir="RCHECK"  pkg.tar.gz
>> Warning: unknown option ‘--outdir=RCHECK'
> There are a couple of bugs here.  First, a simple typo: the code is
> looking for --output=RCHECK, not --outdir=RCHECK.  But if you use
> --output, you'll likely get an error saying you can't change directory
> to it.
> I'll take a look at both.

Sorry, only one bug, misleading help text.

The help text says

   -o, --outdir=DIR      directory used for logfiles, R output, etc.
			(default is 'pkg.Rcheck' in current directory,
			where 'pkg' is the name of the package checked)

but in fact DIR is the location where pkg.Rcheck will be placed.  It 
needs to exist in advance.  (This allows multiple packages to be checked 
in one command.  I've never used multiple checks at once, but it looks 
like something CRAN might need to do.)

I'll fix this by changing the help text, not the behaviour.

Duncan Murdoch

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