[Rd] Request to review a patch for rpart

Kirill Müller kirill.mueller at ivt.baug.ethz.ch
Wed Aug 13 12:51:41 CEST 2014

Dear list

For my work, it would be helpful if rpart worked seamlessly with an 
empty model:

library(rpart); rpart(formula=y~0, data=data.frame(y=factor(1:10)))

Currently, an unrelated error (originating from na.rpart) is thrown.

At some point in the near future, I'd like to release a package to CRAN 
which uses rpart and relies on that functionality. I have prepared a 
patch (minor modifications at three places, and a test) which I'd like 
to propose for inclusion in the next CRAN release of rpart. The patch 
can be reviewed at https://github.com/krlmlr/rpart/tree/empty-model, the 
files (based on the current CRAN release 4.1-8) can be downloaded from 

Thanks for your attention.

With kindest regards

Kirill Müller

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