[Rd] `*tmp*`

Michael Haupt michael.haupt at oracle.com
Thu Aug 14 23:35:28 CEST 2014

Hi Luke,

Am 14.08.2014 um 12:08 schrieb luke-tierney at uiowa.edu:
> This is a consequence of the tricks the interpreter implementation
> currently plays to do complex assignments. Compiled code works
> differently:
>> library(compiler)
>> cmpfun(function() {
> +            x<-c(1,2)
> +    x[1]<-42
> +    `*tmp*`[1]<-7 # I would expect this one to fail
> + })()
> Error in cmpfun(function() { : object '*tmp*' not found

aha, thank you very much! So the behaviour of the AST and bytecode interpreters differ. Which one is authoritative? Can I cherry-pick? (I'll pick the bytecode interpreter's version if I may.)

Is there actually any code out there that *uses* `*tmp*` and would hence break if the bytecode interpreter was used? Is it encouraged to not directly access `*tmp*`?

I'm asking all these questions because, in FastR, we're currently quite closely mirroring the AST interpreter's behaviour for complex assignments - if this is not an absolute must-have, I'd be very happy about being able to apply a much leaner implementation instead.



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