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Axel Urbiz axel.urbiz at gmail.com
Fri Aug 15 22:47:40 CEST 2014

Hi Duncan,

Thanks for your response.

The command  "R CMD Rd2pdf --no-clean fooPackage" is creating the pdf file
with the package manual but not the .tex file. I find this odd given that
the following is part of the log:

"Hmm ... looks like a package

Converting Rd files to LaTeX .

Creating pdf output from LaTeX ...

(/Users/package manual/.Rd2pdf14087/Rd2.tex

LaTeX2e <2009/09/24>"

I don't see the .Rd2pdf14087 folder (Note also that I'm on Mac OS and I set
the options to see all hidden files).

Alternatively, the command below successfully creates the .tex file for me.
However, I wonder if there is a way to do this for all .Rd files at once
(including the DESCRIPTION file).

R CMD Rdconv -o fooFUN.tex --type=latex fooFUN.Rd

Thanks again for your help,


On Fri, Aug 15, 2014 at 6:31 AM, Duncan Murdoch <murdoch.duncan at gmail.com>

> On 14/08/2014, 8:51 PM, Axel Urbiz wrote:
> > Dear All,
> >
> > My apologies if the question is ambiguous.
> >
> > I can create the pdf manual from a package I've built from "R CMD check
> > fooPackage". Is there a way to get the Tex file for the package manual
> pdf?
> > Well, I presume there is Tex code "behind" a package manual pdf file. But
> > if so, how can I get it?
> >
> > I'm on Mac OS.
> In the shell, run
> R CMD Rd2pdf --no-clean fooPackage
> Duncan Murdoch

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