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ONKELINX, Thierry Thierry.ONKELINX at inbo.be
Tue Dec 9 10:48:38 CET 2014

Dear all,

I'm trying to use a Markdown vignette with UTF-8 encoding. It compiles well when knitting the vignette in RStudio, but it fails to recognize the UTF-8 settings when building the source package. Can someone point out what I'm doing wrong? I tried to put the relevant information below.

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Using 64-bit R 3.1.2 with encoding = "native.enc" on Windows 7 with Rstudio 0.97.1091.

The source packages is build using the devtools package. The build command is R --vanilla CMD build  "myPackage" --no-manual  --no-resave-data

The DESCRIPTION file has

VignetteBuilder: knitr
Suggests: knitr
Imports: rmarkdown

The markdown vignette YAML contains
vignette: >
  %\VignetteIndexEntry{The title}

The custom output style converts the markdown to beamer with the --latex-engine = xelatex flag.

The vignette in tar.gz passes R --vanilla CMD check  --timings --as-cran

* checking files in 'vignettes' ... OK
* checking for unstated dependencies in vignettes ... OK
* checking package vignettes in 'inst/doc' ... OK
* checking running R code from vignettes ...
   'markdown_intro.Rmd' using 'UTF-8' ... OK
* checking re-building of vignette outputs ... [22s] OK

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