[Rd] Fwd: No source view when using gdb

Pierrick Bruneau pbruneau at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 14:00:01 CET 2014

Dear R contributors,

Say I want to debug some C code invoked through .Call() - say
"varbayes" in the VBmix package. following the instructions in
"Writing R Extensions", I perform the following actions :

R -d gdb
break varbayes
signal 0
mod <- varbayes(as.matrix(iris)[,1:4], 2)

The breakpoint is indeed activated, seemingly at the correct position
in the source file, but instead of the actual text at the respective
line, I get the following :

69    varbayes.c: No such file or directory.

Issuing "next" afterwards seems to attain the expected purpose (step
by step progression), but source code lines are replaced by, e.g. :

72    in varbayes.c

There should be some way of "installing" the source code files, but I
did not find R-specific info there. Does someone have a clue for my

Thanks by advance,

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