[Rd] CRAN and ggplot2 geom and stat extensions

Frank Harrell f.harrell at Vanderbilt.Edu
Tue Dec 23 16:34:48 CET 2014

I am thinking about adding several geom and stat extensions to ggplot2 
in the Hmisc package.  To do this requires using non-exported ggplot2 
functions as discussed in 

If I use the needed ggplot2::: notation the package will no longer pass 
CRAN checks.  Does anyone know of a solution?  I'm assuming that Hadley 
doesn't want to export these functions or he would have done so a long 
time ago because of the number of users who have asked questions related 
to this.

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	Department of *Biostatistics* 	*Vanderbilt University*

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