[Rd] Running examples with R5 constructor from package failing

Imanuel Costigan i.costigan at me.com
Sat Feb 1 22:21:10 CET 2014

You referred to another package that exports an R5 class. Which one?

Thanks for your help.

On 02 Feb, 2014,at 12:57 AM, Duncan Murdoch <murdoch.duncan at gmail.com> wrote:

On 14-01-31 10:14 PM, Imanuel Costigan wrote:> I am having an issue with 
reference classes (R5) in a package I am developing. They have both been 
illustrated in the `roxygentest` package I've got hosted on Github [1].
> When I run `R CMD check .` on the source directory of my package I am 
told that:
>> Error: could not find function "Blob"
> However, when I install and load the package, I can successfully run 
the command in the example.
> Does someone know why this is happening?
> The relevant definitions and the example (in Rd format):
> R5 definition:
> ```
> draw.Blob <- function (type = 'small')
> {
> 'Something about blobs'
> type <<- 'small'
> }
> Blob <- setRefClass (
> Class = "Blob",
> fields = list(type = 'character'),
> methods = list(draw = draw.Blob)
> )
> ```
> Example:
> ```
> \examples{
> Blob(type = 'small')
> }
> ```

The symptoms make it look as though the *function* Blob is not exported. 
I see in your source that you do export the *class* Blob, but the docs 
don't make it clear to me that this also implies export of the generator 

So I'd add


to your NAMESPACE. I just checked another package that exports a class, 
and it separately exported the generator function, so I guess this is known.

Duncan Murdoch

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