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Apologies, r-devel -- I meant to send that message to r-help as I've
done for the past five years. I'll resend it there now. Sorry about
the duplication.

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On Tue, Feb 4, 2014 at 3:01 PM, David Smith
<david at revolutionanalytics.com> wrote:
> Revolution Analytics staff write about R every weekday at the Revolutions blog:
>  http://blog.revolutionanalytics.com
> and every month I post a summary of articles from the previous month
> of particular interest to readers of r-help.
> In case you missed them, here are some articles related to R from the
> month of January:
> Princeton's Germán Rodríguez has published a useful "Introduction to
> R" guide, with a focus on linear and logistic regression:
> http://bit.ly/1c1bero
> The rxDForest function in the RevoScaleR package fits random forests
> of histogram-binning trees: http://bit.ly/1b08qAq
> A tutorial on using the xts package to analyze http://bit.ly/1c1bc30
> and plot time series data http://bit.ly/1c1bc31
> In a video interview with Trevor Hastie, John Chambers recounts the
> history of S and R: http://bit.ly/1c1bern
> A review of "Doing Data Science", a new book by Rachel Schutt and
> Cathy O'Neil http://bit.ly/1c1berp
> Hadley Wickham introduces the dplyr package, with its "grammar of data
> manipulation" http://bit.ly/1c1bcje
> The new choroplethr package makes it easier to create data maps in R:
> http://bit.ly/1c1bcjf
> A developer preview of SparkR, an interface between R and Apache
> Spark, is now available: http://bit.ly/1c1berq
> Joseph Rickert reviews the capabilities of R for topological data
> analysis: http://bit.ly/1c1berr
> In a recent survey of data scientists, R is the most-used software
> tool other than SQL: http://bit.ly/1c1bers
> A new JSS article on computing with massive data, and a change in
> policy for acceptable JSS software licenses: http://bit.ly/1b08srV
> Large scale optimization with the optim and rxDataStep functions:
> http://bit.ly/1c1bert
> Large enterprise software vendors with connections to R: http://bit.ly/1c1bcji
> A preview of a forthcoming update to Max Kuhn's caret package, and an
> interactive chart showing similarities amongst the 143 statistical and
> machine learning models it supports: http://bit.ly/1c1beru
> Simulation-based forecasts by combining expert opinion: http://bit.ly/1c1bcjj
> Tips on getting R help: http://bit.ly/1c1bcjk
> The top 10 posts on the Revolutions blog from 2013: http://bit.ly/1b08qAt
> Some non-R stories in the past month included: levitation with sound
> waves (http://bit.ly/1c1bcjl), the NYT's 4th Down Bot
> (http://bit.ly/1c1berv), bird flight patterns (http://bit.ly/1c1bcjm),
> camera magic on Vine (http://bit.ly/1c1berw), visualizing whisky
> flavor profiles (http://bit.ly/1c1bcjn), the Cornsweet illusion
> (http://bit.ly/1b08srW), and a one-sentence explanation of the Fourier
> Transform (http://bit.ly/1c1berz).
> Meeting times for local R user groups (http://bit.ly/eC5YQe) can be
> found on the updated R Community Calendar at: http://bit.ly/bb3naW
> If you're looking for more articles about R, you can find summaries
> from previous months at http://blog.revolutionanalytics.com/roundups/.
> You can receive daily blog posts via email using services like
> blogtrottr.com, or join the Revolution Analytics mailing list at
> http://revolutionanalytics.com/newsletter to be alerted to new
> articles on a monthly basis.
> As always, thanks for the comments and please keep sending suggestions
> to me at david at revolutionanalytics.com . Don't forget you can also
> follow the blog using an RSS reader, or by following me on Twitter
> (I'm @revodavid).
> Cheers,
> # David
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> David M Smith <david at revolutionanalytics.com>
> VP of Marketing, Revolution Analytics  http://blog.revolutionanalytics.com
> Tel: +1 (650) 646-9523 (Seattle WA, USA)
> Twitter: @revodavid

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