[Rd] Graphical parameters xaxs/yaxs

Thomas J. Leeper thosjleeper at gmail.com
Tue Feb 18 20:43:02 CET 2014

The documentation for `plot.window` says:

Note that the coordinate ranges will be extended by 4% if the
appropriate graphical parameter xaxs or yaxs has value "s" (which is
the default).

Yet calling `plot.window` with xaxs or yaxs set to "s" yields an error:

> plot.window(c(0,1), c(0,1), xaxs="s")
Error in plot.window(c(0, 1), c(0, 1), xaxs = "s") :
  axis style "s" unimplemented

This is consistent with the Graphical Parameters documentation, which
reads: "Only "r" and "i" styles have been implemented in R."

Should the plot.window documentation be corrected to say "r" is the
default or am I missing something?


Thomas J. Leeper

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