[Rd] linking R.dll 32bit in Win64

Иван Мартовский ivan.martovskiy at mail.ru
Fri Jan 10 11:09:35 CET 2014

 I've a usual installation of R (the both versions 32 et 64) on Win7 64 bit are installed.
I'm trying to link my dll (32bit) to R.dll (32bit) from the folder C:\Program Files\R\R-2.15.3\bin\i386
when, from 32bit version of R, loading the package containing my dll (32bit) which is linked to R.dll (32bit), there is OnLoad() error.
because R.dll (32bit) cannot find appropriate windows dlls of 32bit (kernel32.dll, msvcrt.dll,...)
I attached the screenshot of dependency walker for more detail.
From this picture we can see that R.dll is linked to 64bit windows dlls.

My question : how have I to build my 32bit dll ? which linker options to use ? /DELAYLOAD ?

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