[Rd] INTEL MKL R 3.0.2

Steven Varga steven.varga at gmail.com
Fri Jan 31 20:21:00 CET 2014

Thank you for your response,

and apologies for violating the posting guide.

I am having trouble compiling R 3.0.2 with gcc 4.8.1 and Intel MKL [free downloaded version] on Ubuntu 13.10 running on
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU L 620 4G ram

MKL source:

tried the following methods:
with: intel MKL 11.1, LINUX, XeonPhi: none, GNUC/C++, Intel(R)64, Dynamic,
ILP64, Multi-threaded, both libgomp/libiomp5

Examining config.log with various settings indicated that MKL was not
used, which was confirmed with  ldd /usr/local/lib/R/bin/exec/R and nm
(static link version)

list of config.log, ldd dump, with various settings are attached.

any help is appreciated,
Steven Varga

On Fri, Jan 31, 2014 at 6:03 AM, Prof Brian Ripley
<ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk> wrote:
> On 31/01/2014 06:43, Steven Varga wrote:
>> I am having trouble of compiling R 3.0.2 with MKL; tried the
>> following resources:
>> http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/intel-mkl-link-line-advisor
>> http://cran.r-project.org/doc/manuals/R-admin.html#MKL
>> http://software.intel.com/en-us/comment/reply/328415
>> and getting the following:
>> *checking for dgemm_ in -Wl,--start-group -lmkl_gf_lp64 -lmkl_gnu_thread
>> -lmkl_core -Wl,--end-group -lgomp -lpthread... no*
>> *checking for dgemm_... no*
>>      libblas.so.3 => /usr/lib/libblas.so.3 (0x00007f8daec19000)
>>      libm.so.6 => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libm.so.6 (0x00007f8dae915000)
>>      libgomp.so.1 => /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgomp.so.1
>> (0x00007f8dade94000)
>>      libpthread.so.0 => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libpthread.so.0
>> (0x00007f8dadc77000)
>>      libgfortran.so.3 => /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgfortran.so.3
>> (0x00007f8dad596000)
>>      libquadmath.so.0 => /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libquadmath.so.0
>> (0x00007f8dacf1a000)
>> Tried sourcing mkl from bash and used both local and online intel mkl link
>> util without success.
>> can someone point what I am doing wrong?
> File config.log does, and we do not have access to it.
>> did anyone succeed with the above configuration?
> How could anyone know that?  (You have not even told us your OS nor
> compiler.)
>> thanks
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000000000088c000 b a.13689
0000000000631e60 r a.4226
000000000096bf88 b a.4234
000000000096bf48 b aa.4195
000000000096bf28 b aaa.4196
000000000087b460 d ab_month_name
000000000087b5e0 d ab_weekday_name
00000000004ebb00 t AccentCode
0000000000614480 r AccentTable
                 U access@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U acos@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U acosh@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000088bc80 b active
000000000041ae80 t AddDLL
0000000000419fb0 t addDLL
                 U add_history
000000000057aa60 T addInputHandler
0000000000594240 t add_list_to_class
0000000000418398 t add_not_list_to_class
0000000000587020 t add_pair_to_block
0000000000488500 t add_point
0000000000511aa0 t AddReadRef
0000000000593e90 t add_to_class
0000000000595c20 t adjust_recurse.isra.1
0000000000586480 t adler32_combine_.part.0
00000000005733c0 t afc
00000000004d35a0 t AgeNodeAndChildren
00000000006318c0 r al.4178
0000000000631180 r aleg.4188
0000000000631200 r alegq.4235
0000000000414b6e t algdiv
00000000006309e0 r algmcs.4178
000000000096c1bc b allocated_m
000000000096c1a0 b allocated_n
000000000096c1b8 b allocated_n
000000000096e678 b allocated_size
000000000096e6a0 b allocator_mutex
0000000000465080 t allocMatrixNA.constprop.1
00000000004d6f80 t allocSExpNonCons
0000000000882390 d allowPrimitiveMethods
0000000000414a29 t alnrel
000000000041e040 t amatch_regaparams
000000000087b450 d am_pm
0000000000886240 b ans.8196
000000000043a5f0 t AnswerType
00000000004afef0 t applydefine.isra.17
00000000004d9350 t applyMethod
000000000046c610 t args2buff.isra.5
0000000000505b30 t AsciiInComplex
00000000005070f0 t AsciiInInteger
0000000000505ce0 t AsciiInReal
0000000000505a10 t AsciiInString
000000000044a770 t ascommon
                 U asin@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U asinh@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000413bd4 t asLogicalNoNA.part.10
00000000006002c0 r asym
                 U atan2@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U atan@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U atanh@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004b6ad0 t attachSrcrefs
000000000046c4d0 t attr1
000000000046e3a0 t attr2
00000000004d1cb0 T ATTRIB
00000000004eb6d0 t AxisHeight
000000000096c010 b b1.4181
000000000096c008 b b2.4182
000000000096bf18 b b.4201
0000000000894424 b bad_sexp_type_line
0000000000894430 b bad_sexp_type_seen
0000000000894428 b bad_sexp_type_sexp
00000000004138b0 t badtsp
0000000000635d60 r base_dist
0000000000635de0 r base_length
000000000087b6d4 D baseRegisterIndex
0000000000882ae0 d BasicInputHandler
000000000041792f t basym
000000000049f280 t bcEval
0000000000414790 t bcorr
0000000000414edf t betaln
0000000000416b94 t bgrat
0000000000585860 t bi_flush
000000000096c180 b big_l.4195
00000000005068b0 t BinaryInComplex
0000000000506950 t BinaryInInteger
0000000000506900 t BinaryInReal
00000000005059e0 t BinaryInString
00000000004eba70 t BinAtom
00000000004ce210 t BindDomain
00000000004d3240 t BINDING_IS_LOCKED
                 U bindtextdomain@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000006144e0 r BinTable
00000000005857f0 t bi_windup
0000000000636660 r bl_order
000000000096c1b0 b BM_norm_keep
00000000005493b0 t bmv
000000000088a488 b bnd.11615
00000000004d29e0 T BODY
00000000004ebcd0 t BoldItalicAtom
0000000000415f59 t bpser.part.5
0000000000577050 t bratio
0000000000415446 t brcmp1
00000000008937b0 b BrowsePrompt
0000000000589c40 t bsPutUInt32
00000000008837a8 B __bss_start
                 U btowc@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000008fdc40 b buf.10454
00000000008edf40 b buf.10483
00000000008ce540 b buf.10512
00000000008c66c0 b buf.10734
00000000008b69c0 b buf.10763
0000000000896fc0 b buf.10792
000000000088c220 b buf.13046
0000000000895e50 b buf.13337
0000000000895e40 b buf.13445
0000000000895e30 b buf.13502
000000000088ec80 b buff.8747
0000000000895a40 b buff.8910
0000000000895640 b buff.8915
0000000000895628 b buff.8920
0000000000894e40 b buff.8933
0000000000894a40 b buff.8945
0000000000894640 b buff.8961
00000000004b6d80 t buffer_getc
0000000000895e58 b buflen.13338
0000000000895e48 b buflen.13446
0000000000895e38 b buflen.13503
00000000005846c0 t build_tree
000000000048f920 t BuiltinNames
000000000048f830 t BuiltinSize
0000000000490250 t BuiltinValues.constprop.6
0000000000417e7a t bup
0000000000891314 b busy
0000000000631080 r bvalues.4184
000000000049d270 t bytecodeExpr.part.0
00000000005b6dc0 t byte_sequence_compare
0000000000592730 T BZ2_blockSort
0000000000589e10 T BZ2_bsInitWrite
00000000005875b0 T BZ2_bz__AssertH__fail
0000000000589860 T BZ2_bzBuffToBuffCompress
00000000005899a0 T BZ2_bzBuffToBuffDecompress
0000000000589b80 T BZ2_bzclose
0000000000587860 T BZ2_bzCompress
00000000005879e0 T BZ2_bzCompressEnd
0000000000587610 T BZ2_bzCompressInit
0000000000587bb0 T BZ2_bzDecompress
0000000000588a40 T BZ2_bzDecompressEnd
0000000000587a60 T BZ2_bzDecompressInit
0000000000589ae0 T BZ2_bzdopen
0000000000589c20 T BZ2_bzerror
0000000000589b70 T BZ2_bzflush
0000000000589ac0 T BZ2_bzlibVersion
0000000000589ad0 T BZ2_bzopen
0000000000589520 T BZ2_bzRead
0000000000589af0 T BZ2_bzread
0000000000589490 T BZ2_bzReadClose
00000000005897d0 T BZ2_bzReadGetUnused
0000000000589080 T BZ2_bzReadOpen
0000000000588c50 T BZ2_bzWrite
0000000000589b40 T BZ2_bzwrite
0000000000589060 T BZ2_bzWriteClose
0000000000588df0 T BZ2_bzWriteClose64
0000000000588ad0 T BZ2_bzWriteOpen
0000000000589e30 T BZ2_compressBlock
0000000000882b80 D BZ2_crc32Table
000000000058dd20 T BZ2_decompress
00000000005909e0 T BZ2_hbAssignCodes
0000000000590a30 T BZ2_hbCreateDecodeTables
0000000000590530 T BZ2_hbMakeCodeLengths
0000000000587b80 T BZ2_indexIntoF
0000000000882f80 D BZ2_rNums
0000000000636f20 r bzerrorstrings
0000000000454510 t bzfile_close
00000000004544d0 t bzfile_fgetc_internal
0000000000456e20 t bzfile_open
0000000000454280 t bzfile_read
00000000004560e0 t bzfile_write
0000000000418259 t BZmainGtU.part.0
0000000000589270 t bzopen_or_bzdopen.isra.3
000000000096bfe8 b c0.4184
0000000000882a04 d c__1
0000000000882a00 d c__11
000000000096bff0 b c1.4185
000000000096bff8 b c2.4186
000000000096c000 b c3.4187
00000000006306e0 r c.4182
000000000096bfe0 b c.4183
0000000000630f00 r c.4200
000000000096bf08 b c.4203
000000000096bec0 b c.4879
00000000004d2380 T CAAR
                 U cabs@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004335c0 t cache_class
                 U cacos@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004d23f0 T CAD4R
00000000004d23d0 T CADDDR
00000000004d23c0 T CADDR
00000000004d23a0 T CADR
000000000044f060 t calct
0000000000511bd0 t CallHook
0000000000882560 d callMethods
                 U calloc@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004815c0 T call_R
00000000004819e0 T call_S
000000000088a360 b call_sym.11089
00000000004d2360 T CAR
                 U casin@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U catan@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000043f4e0 t cat_cleanup
000000000043f630 t cat_newline
000000000043f750 t cat_printsep
000000000043f6c0 t cat_sepwidth
000000000096be68 b c_b6
00000000008829f8 d c_b7
000000000043a9b0 t cbind.isra.2
000000000087aad0 d cbuff
000000000087aaf0 d cbuff
00000000008823a0 d cbuff
00000000008825c0 d cbuff
0000000000517610 t ccmp
                 U ccos@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U ccosh@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000042d6a0 t ccrossprod
000000000096c440 b cd
00000000004d2390 T CDAR
00000000004d23b0 T CDDR
000000000044ef90 t cdivid
00000000004d2370 T CDR
                 U ceil@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000883880 b CEntryTable
0000000000534300 t cequal
                 U cexp@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000551090 T cgmin
0000000000630500 r ch.4241
0000000000895240 b ch.8925
00000000005b0740 t char_get_othercase_bit.isra.23
000000000087b6e4 d char_hash_mask
000000000087b6e8 d char_hash_size
00000000005b05b0 t char_has_othercase.isra.20
00000000008913e0 b charset.3886
0000000000533550 t chash
                 U chdir@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000005bcba0 t check_anynewline.isra.34
0000000000594dc0 t check_auto_possessive
0000000000593130 t check_char_prop
00000000005b7860 t check_class_ranges
00000000005945a0 t check_escape
000000000051e9a0 t checkfmt
00000000004b6f80 t CheckFormalArgs.isra.2.part.3
00000000004b4cb0 t checkHandler
0000000000453ab0 t check_header
00000000005bc8d0 t check_hspace.isra.35
0000000000511d40 t CheckInConn
00000000005bb940 t check_newlinechar
000000000048ffe0 t checkNSname
0000000000511cf0 t CheckOutConn
00000000005b6ab0 t check_partial
0000000000593080 t check_posix_syntax
00000000005b75a0 t check_ranges
00000000005b68b0 t check_str_end
00000000005bcd00 t check_wordboundary
                 U chmod@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000553230 t choldc
0000000000618c40 r cjk_locale_name
00000000005ef820 r classTable
0000000000497e70 t cleanup_PrintWarnings
                 U clearerr@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U clear_history
0000000000486690 t clipPoint
0000000000487730 t clipPoly
00000000004894d0 t clipPolygon
0000000000486960 t clipRectCode
000000000096c588 b clk_tck
                 U clock_gettime@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004d29f0 T CLOENV
                 U clog@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U closedir@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U close@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000057a180 t closeLibrary
0000000000452810 t clp_close
0000000000452510 t clp_fflush
00000000004524e0 t clp_fgetc_internal
0000000000457230 t clp_open
00000000004555c0 t clp_read
0000000000456040 t clp_seek
0000000000455680 t clp_truncate
0000000000452940 t clp_write
000000000044ee80 t cmath1
00000000004ae5b0 t cmp_arith1
000000000049f120 t cmp_arith2.isra.16
00000000004ae6c0 t cmp_relop.isra.12
0000000000630bc0 r coeffs.4207
0000000000630b80 r coefs_a.4304
0000000000630b40 r coefs_b.4305
0000000000448370 t coercePairList
0000000000894380 b collect_counts
000000000060c97c r collect_counts_max
0000000000891240 b colon
0000000000883858 b CommandLineArgs
00000000005bd5c0 t compile_assert_backtrackingpath
00000000005c1a60 t compile_assert_matchingpath
00000000005c5620 t compile_backtrackingpath
00000000005cb180 t compile_bracket_backtrackingpath
00000000005c3110 t compile_bracket_matchingpath
00000000005c7260 t compile_bracketpos_matchingpath.isra.50
00000000005bd960 t compile_char1_matchingpath
00000000005c06c0 t compile_iterator_matchingpath.isra.45
00000000005c8300 t compile_matchingpath
00000000005ccf50 t compile_recurse
00000000005bb7c0 t compile_ref_checks
00000000005b8010 t compile_ref_matchingpath
0000000000595f20 t compile_regex
000000000096e66c b compiler_initialized
00000000005b9a50 t compile_xclass_matchingpath
0000000000883850 b completed.6992
00000000004d2140 T COMPLEX
00000000004393a0 t ComplexAnswer
000000000044f800 t complex_binary
00000000004509a0 t complex_math1
0000000000450d40 t complex_math2
000000000044f740 t complex_unary
0000000000585330 t compress_block
000000000096c1e8 b compstrings.13417
0000000000454eb0 t con_cleanup
000000000046c4f0 t con_cleanup
00000000005063f0 t con_cleanup
0000000000465060 t con_cleanup
0000000000511c90 t con_cleanup
000000000051d2d0 t con_cleanup
0000000000452860 t con_close1
0000000000456490 t con_destroy
0000000000879ca0 d configuration_table
00000000004564c0 t conFinalizer
00000000004b6d90 t con_getc
000000000088b780 b Connections
0000000000454ed0 t ConnIndex
0000000000891080 b con_parse
000000000088a640 b ConsoleBuf
0000000000895f80 b ConsoleBuf
0000000000891780 b ConsoleBuf
000000000088a630 b ConsoleBufCnt
0000000000895f60 b ConsoleBufCnt
000000000088a638 b ConsoleBufp
0000000000895f68 b ConsoleBufp
000000000050a600 t ConsoleGetchar
000000000050a6b0 t ConsoleGetcharWithPushBack
0000000000895e60 b ConsolePrompt
0000000000891098 b contextp
00000000008910a0 b contextstack
00000000004eb840 t ConvertedX
00000000004eb800 t ConvertedY
00000000005b3c90 t copy_private_data
                 U cos@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U cosh@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000592cc0 t could_be_empty_branch
0000000000886220 b CountDLL
00000000004bda30 t count_subs
                 U cpow@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000005176f0 t cPsort2
00000000008837a4 d cpu_has_cmov
000000000087b850 d cpuLimit
000000000087b848 d cpuLimit2
000000000087b840 d cpuLimitValue
000000000057e0a0 t crc32_combine_
00000000006330c0 r crc_table
0000000000419800 t createRSymbolObject
0000000000487060 t CSclipline.isra.2
0000000000487350 t CScliplines
0000000000538450 T csduplicated
00000000005332c0 t csequal
00000000005331d0 t cshash
00000000005757d0 t csignrank
                 U csin@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000088bf88 b CSingSymbol
                 U csinh@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U csqrt@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000630660 r CSWTCH.1
0000000000630980 r CSWTCH.1
000000000060b3c0 r CSWTCH.171
000000000060b3a0 r CSWTCH.172
000000000060c860 r CSWTCH.303
00000000006068e0 r CSWTCH.33
00000000005ef7f0 r CSWTCH.351
00000000005ef7c0 r CSWTCH.352
00000000005ef790 r CSWTCH.357
00000000006395c0 r CSWTCH.412
00000000005fc390 r CSWTCH.477
0000000000602dc0 r CSWTCH.482
000000000063dee0 r CSWTCH.498
                 U ctan@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U ctanh@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U ctime@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004e9d20 t ctr_segdir
00000000004e9e00 t ctr_segupdate
                 U __ctype_b_loc@@GLIBC_2.3
                 U __ctype_get_mb_cur_max@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U __ctype_tolower_loc@@GLIBC_2.3
                 U __ctype_toupper_loc@@GLIBC_2.3
00000000008944b8 b curMaxOffset
000000000088b648 b current_id
0000000000469640 T currentTime
00000000008912ec b _current_token
0000000000579470 t cwilcox
000000000088bff8 b d.13690
000000000055e450 T d1mach_
000000000096c188 b d.4193
000000000096bf30 b d.4199
0000000000630ec0 r d.4201
0000000000631b60 r d.4227
000000000096bfa0 b d.4235
                 U dasum_
0000000000508380 t DataLoad
000000000087a980 D __data_start
000000000087a980 W data_start
                 U daxpy_
0000000000465ce0 t day_of_the_week
0000000000465de0 t day_of_the_year
00000000005f58e0 r days_in_month
0000000000635c60 r dbase.4215
000000000055e6e0 t dbinom_raw
00000000004f7400 t dblep0_
000000000053eab0 T dblepr_
000000000053a1e0 T dcar
000000000053a1f0 T dcdr
                 U dcgettext@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000053eb20 T dchdc_
                 U dcngettext@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U dcopy_
0000000000548aa0 t dcstep
                 U ddot_
00000000004d2c10 T DDVAL
000000000048ff80 t ddVal.isra.1
000000000096be00 b DebugInitFile
0000000000587180 t default_bzalloc
0000000000587160 t default_bzfree
000000000088bfc8 b DefaultFileName
0000000000894498 b deferred_default_object
000000000057f080 t deflate_fast
000000000057faf0 T deflatePending
000000000057f910 T deflateResetKeep
000000000057eb00 t deflate_slow
000000000057f4c0 t deflate_stored
000000000057a0c0 t deleteCachedSymbols
000000000041abd0 t DeleteDLL
000000000048fae0 t DeleteItem
00000000004ebdd0 t DelimCode
000000000096be88 b delta.4194
000000000046e550 t deparse1WithCutoff
000000000046c7c0 t deparse2buff
00000000004189b0 t deregister_tm_clones
00000000004eb650 t DescDepth
00000000004538c0 t destroy
00000000005b6c00 t detect_partial_match
0000000000635c20 r dext.4216
                 U dgemm_
00000000006395e0 r digitab
00000000004b3380 t disassemble
00000000004d9810 t dispatchNonGeneric
0000000000635360 r distfix.4302
00000000005defc0 t __divdc3
                 U div@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U dlclose@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U dlerror@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000008927a0 b DLLbuf
0000000000892780 b DLLbufp
00000000008838a0 b DLLerror
                 U dlopen@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U dlsym@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000088a494 b d_n.11607
                 U dnrm2_
0000000000444630 t do_abbrev
000000000042c680 t do_abs
000000000049a670 t do_addCondHands
000000000049aaa0 t do_addRestart
000000000049c930 t do_addTryHandlers
000000000041edf0 t do_adist
000000000041e300 t do_agrep
00000000004cb320 t do_allnames
00000000004311a0 t do_aperm
0000000000420ab0 t do_aregexec
000000000043fea0 t do_args
000000000042c4b0 t do_arith
0000000000432670 t do_array
0000000000447c60 t do_ascall
000000000044aba0 t do_ascharacter
00000000004950f0 t do_as_environment
0000000000447990 t do_asfunction
0000000000469c10 t do_asPOSIXct
00000000004696f0 t do_asPOSIXlt
0000000000493ba0 t do_assign
000000000044ad10 t do_asvector
0000000000438be0 t do_AT
00000000004942e0 t do_attach
0000000000437b60 t do_attr
00000000004387e0 t do_attrgets
00000000004373c0 t do_attributes
00000000004377a0 t do_attributesgets
0000000000432e50 t do_backsolve
0000000000490860 t do_baseenv
000000000053be60 t do_basename
00000000004b3520 t do_bcclose
00000000004b36b0 t do_bcversion
00000000004afad0 t do_begin
000000000053ccc0 t do_bincode
000000000043d4e0 t do_bind
000000000049c550 t do_bindtextdomain
0000000000504460 t do_bitwise
0000000000495e80 t do_bndIsActive
0000000000495de0 t do_bndIsLocked
0000000000440200 t do_body
0000000000440240 t do_bodyCode
000000000049dde0 t do_break
00000000004cfb60 t do_browser
0000000000494e50 t do_builtins
000000000043cc80 t do_c
000000000044d280 t do_call
00000000005af600 t do_callout
00000000004e8090 t do_capabilities
00000000004e8020 t do_capabilitiesX11
00000000005b89d0 t do_casefulcmp.isra.53
00000000005b8c10 t do_caselesscmp.isra.54
00000000004408e0 t do_cat
000000000043c6b0 t do_c_dflt
0000000000536990 t do_charmatch
00000000005008e0 t do_charToRaw
0000000000445580 t do_chartr
0000000000438170 t do_class
0000000000436490 t do_classgets
0000000000460130 t do_clearpushback
000000000045bcc0 t do_close
0000000000450170 t do_cmathfuns
000000000050e3a0 t do_colon
0000000000431fc0 t do_colsum
000000000042d8b0 t do_colsum._omp_fn.0
0000000000418b10 t do_commandArgs
00000000004346b0 t do_comment
0000000000436380 t do_commentgets
00000000004ae9e0 t do_compilepkgs
0000000000451100 t do_complex
00000000004eb3c0 T do_contourLines
00000000004e2670 t do_copy
0000000000433e60 t do_copyDFattr
000000000053cbe0 t do_crc64
00000000004e93c0 t do_Cstack_info
00000000004642b0 t do_cum
000000000046b420 t do_D2POSIXlt
00000000004e47f0 t do_date
000000000046bb20 t do_debug
000000000043f930 t do_delayed
000000000046ecb0 t do_deparse
0000000000494ad0 t do_detach
000000000049ca20 t do_dfltStop
000000000049ba40 t do_dfltWarn
0000000000432b80 t do_diag
0000000000435ae0 t do_dim
0000000000437260 t do_dimgets
0000000000435a40 t do_dimnames
0000000000437180 t do_dimnamesgets
00000000004e8560 t do_dircreate
000000000053c030 t do_dirname
00000000004b3650 t do_disassemble
000000000044d4e0 t do_docall
00000000004720d0 t do_dotcall
00000000004797b0 t do_dotcallgr
0000000000479860 t do_dotCode
000000000046f1b0 t do_dput
000000000042eac0 t do_drop
000000000046f4d0 t do_dump
0000000000534cf0 t do_duplicated
000000000041b120 t do_dynload
000000000041b260 t do_dynunload
0000000000490f70 t do_eapply
0000000000485eb0 T do_edit
0000000000490890 t do_emptyenv
00000000004ae980 t do_enablejit
000000000053c9f0 t do_enc2
000000000053ae10 t do_encodeString
000000000053b190 t do_encoding
0000000000490d10 t do_env2list
0000000000440280 t do_envir
00000000004402e0 t do_envirgets
00000000004406f0 t do_envirName
00000000004956b0 t do_envIsLocked
00000000004979a0 t do_envprofile
00000000004b0f00 t do_eval
0000000000441580 t do_expression
0000000000471e00 t do_External
0000000000479700 t do_Externalgr
0000000000457fe0 t do_fifo
00000000004e7080 t do_fileaccess
00000000004e4c20 t do_fileappend
00000000004e6f90 t do_filechoose
00000000004e88f0 t do_filecopy
00000000004e5140 t do_filecreate
00000000004e6e20 t do_fileexists
00000000004e6050 t do_fileinfo
00000000004e5930 t do_filelink
00000000004e0d40 t do_filepath
00000000004e5370 t do_fileremove
00000000004e5cf0 t do_filerename
00000000004e4880 t do_fileshow
00000000004e5570 t do_filesymlink
000000000053d110 t do_findinterval
000000000052ed80 t do_first_min
000000000045c210 t do_flush
00000000004b2220 t do_for
00000000004401c0 t do_formals
00000000004e13b0 t do_format
000000000053d6e0 t do_formatC
00000000004e2040 t do_formatinfo
000000000046a230 t do_formatPOSIXlt
00000000004ae4a0 t do_function
00000000004d81c0 t do_gc
00000000004d7970 t do_gcinfo
00000000004d7ea0 t do_gctime
00000000004d7820 t do_gctorture
00000000004d78c0 t do_gctorture2
0000000000492aa0 t do_get
0000000000460480 t do_getallconnections
0000000000460510 t do_getconnection
00000000004b3af0 t do_getconst
000000000041bb50 t do_getDllTable
0000000000530400 t do_getenv
00000000004988c0 t do_geterrmessage
00000000004b4ef0 T do_getGraphicsEvent
00000000004b4e70 T do_getGraphicsEventEnv
00000000004e74f0 t do_getlocale
0000000000496640 t do_getNSRegistry
000000000041bce0 t do_getRegisteredRoutines
00000000004965f0 t do_getRegNS
0000000000498a90 t do_getRestart
000000000048e520 T do_getSnapshot
000000000041b980 t do_getSymbolInfo
000000000049bae0 t do_gettext
00000000005b6620 t do_getucd.isra.39
00000000005171b0 t do_getVarsFromFrame
000000000053ab10 t do_getwd
0000000000532f20 t do_glob
0000000000418a20 t __do_global_dtors_aux
0000000000879c90 t __do_global_dtors_aux_fini_array_entry
0000000000490830 t do_globalenv
00000000004c0200 t do_grep
00000000004c0e60 t do_grepraw
00000000004b38e0 t do_growconst
00000000004c2380 t do_gsub
0000000000461760 t do_gzcon
0000000000459270 t do_gzfile
0000000000533450 t DoHashing
00000000005308f0 t do_iconv
000000000053cb70 t do_ICUset
00000000004c75a0 t do_identical
00000000004af7b0 t do_if
0000000000496670 t do_importIntoEnv
00000000004dc000 t do_inherits
00000000004c9e00 t do_inspect
000000000052fe60 t do_interactive
00000000004d8830 t do_internal
0000000000498c40 t do_interruptsSuspended
0000000000500d50 t do_intToBits
0000000000501870 t do_intToUtf8
00000000004f45f0 t do_invisible
000000000049ab30 t do_invokeRestart
000000000044b090 t do_is
0000000000459c50 t do_isatty
00000000004b35d0 t do_is_builtin_internal
000000000044c9d0 t do_isfinite
000000000045ba20 t do_isincomplete
000000000044cdf0 t do_isinfinite
0000000000422ce0 t do_islistfactor
0000000000471a40 t do_isloaded
000000000044bbd0 t do_isna
000000000044c550 t do_isnan
00000000004962d0 t do_isNSEnv
000000000045b970 t do_isopen
000000000045bb70 t do_isseekable
0000000000519a60 t do_isunsorted
000000000044b8f0 t do_isvector
00000000004e8da0 t do_l10n_info
00000000004cb130 t do_lapack
0000000000421ac0 t do_lapply
0000000000516c50 t do_lazyLoadDBfetch
0000000000516960 t do_lazyLoadDBflush
00000000005173d0 t do_lazyLoadDBinsertValue
000000000042eb90 t do_length
0000000000442130 t do_lengthgets
00000000004376a0 t do_levelsgets
0000000000493a40 t do_list2env
00000000004e6bc0 t do_listdirs
00000000004e66d0 t do_listfiles
0000000000509740 t do_load
00000000004b36d0 t do_loadfile
000000000050a2f0 t do_loadFromConn2
00000000004e7950 t do_localeconv
0000000000495d50 t do_lockBnd
0000000000495660 t do_lockEnv
000000000042d160 t do_log
000000000042cf30 t do_log1arg
00000000004cb9f0 t do_logic
00000000004ccff0 t do_logic2
00000000004cd590 t do_logic3
0000000000494d00 t do_ls
000000000057d190 t do_machine
000000000043faa0 t do_makelazy
0000000000441330 t do_makelist
0000000000444c30 t do_makenames
0000000000537e90 t do_makeunique
00000000004417e0 t do_makevector
00000000004d0360 t do_mapply
0000000000535f40 t do_match
0000000000536df0 t do_matchcall
00000000004283d0 t do_math1
000000000042ca70 t do_Math2
0000000000426b30 t do_math2
00000000004278b0 t do_math3
0000000000428700 t do_math4
000000000042f0c0 t do_matprod
000000000042dc30 t do_matrix
0000000000433180 t do_maxcol
0000000000462890 t do_memCompress
0000000000462c30 t do_memDecompress
00000000004d7f30 t do_memlimits
00000000004d86b0 t do_memoryprofile
000000000053a200 t do_merge
0000000000497010 t do_mget
0000000000494030 t do_missing
0000000000495e40 t do_mkActiveBnd
00000000004b34d0 t do_mkcode
0000000000495ee0 t do_mkUnbound
00000000004350a0 t do_names
00000000004365d0 t do_namesgets
000000000053a050 t do_nargs
00000000004431a0 t do_nchar
0000000000440460 t do_newenv
00000000004da880 t do_nextmethod
000000000049c110 t do_ngettext
000000000053ac20 t do_normalizepath
00000000004e8330 t do_nsl
0000000000442fa0 t do_nzchar
0000000000421700 t do_one
000000000043fc40 t do_onexit
000000000045b6a0 t do_open
00000000004de860 t do_options
000000000051c200 t do_order
0000000000500f00 t do_packBits
000000000049de10 t do_paren
0000000000440560 t do_parentenv
00000000004405f0 t do_parentenvgets
0000000000464090 t do_parentframe
000000000051db90 t do_parse
00000000004dfdd0 t do_paste
00000000004e7e70 t do_pathexpand
0000000000458610 t do_pipe
000000000048e550 T do_playSnapshot
0000000000536160 t do_pmatch
000000000052f330 t do_pmin
00000000004512b0 t do_polyroot
0000000000494ee0 t do_pos2env
000000000046b840 t do_POSIXlt2D
000000000053d300 t do_pretty
00000000004d8b60 t do_primitive
00000000004f6e20 t do_printdefault
0000000000498bd0 t do_printDeferredWarnings
00000000004f5e30 t do_printfunction
00000000004f46c0 t do_prmatrix
0000000000532aa0 t do_proctime
000000000049d560 t doprof
000000000049cce0 t doprof_null
000000000051adc0 t do_psort
000000000045fe30 t do_pushback
0000000000460100 t do_pushbacklength
00000000004b39a0 t do_putconst
00000000004fe5d0 t do_qsort
00000000004cefd0 t do_quit
000000000044dd00 t do_quote
000000000051cd70 t do_radixsort
00000000004fed90 t do_random1
00000000004ff100 t do_random2
00000000004ff640 t do_random3
000000000052ec40 t do_range
000000000051c790 t do_rank
0000000000422a90 t do_rapply
0000000000459cb0 t do_rawconnection
000000000045a1e0 t do_rawconvalue
0000000000500b80 t do_rawShift
0000000000500c80 t do_rawToBits
0000000000500a00 t do_rawToChar
000000000045cb50 t do_readbin
000000000045e570 t do_readchar
0000000000465100 t do_readDCF
000000000041ca40 t do_readEnviron
000000000045f660 t do_readLines
00000000004e9230 t do_readlink
000000000050d490 t do_readln
00000000004b1900 t do_recall
000000000048e580 t do_recordGraphics
00000000004c60a0 t do_regexec
00000000004c3f70 t do_regexpr
00000000004d7be0 t do_regFinaliz
0000000000496460 t do_regNS
00000000005043f0 t do_relop
00000000005025e0 t do_relop_dflt
00000000004916d0 t do_remove
000000000050fcb0 t do_rep
00000000004b2dd0 t do_repeat
000000000050ede0 t do_rep_int
000000000050f790 t do_rep_len
0000000000498a60 t do_resetCondHands
0000000000463a50 t do_restart
000000000046bfa0 t do_retracemem
00000000004afd00 t do_return
00000000005b8720 t do_revertframes.isra.52
00000000004e6d90 t do_Rhome
000000000041dea0 t do_RNGkind
000000000042ee90 t do_rowscols
0000000000537410 t do_rowsum
000000000049d8a0 T do_Rprof
00000000004d3390 T do_Rprofmem
00000000004dc3d0 t do_S4on
00000000004ffec0 t do_sample
00000000005385b0 t do_sample2
00000000005092a0 t do_save
00000000004b37c0 t do_savefile
000000000057de20 T do_saveplot
0000000000509d50 t do_saveToConn
000000000050ba00 t do_scan
000000000041435c t do_search
000000000056dd70 t do_search
000000000056f760 t do_search
0000000000497800 t do_search
00000000005af800 t do_searchgroups
00000000005afb00 t do_search_mark
00000000005af960 t do_searchovector
000000000045bea0 t do_seek
0000000000510510 t do_seq
0000000000511570 t do_seq_along
0000000000511780 t do_seq_len
0000000000517410 t do_serialize
00000000005160a0 t do_serializeToConn
00000000004b0740 t do_set
000000000053b280 t do_setencoding
0000000000530640 t do_setenv
000000000049abc0 t do_seterrmessage
00000000004e9500 t do_setFileTime
00000000004b4d10 T do_setGraphicsEventEnv
00000000004e7640 t do_setlocale
00000000004b3c20 t do_setmaxnumthreads
00000000004b3bc0 t do_setnumthreads
00000000004dc910 T do_set_prim_method
00000000004ddd10 t do_setS4Object
000000000041df50 t do_setseed
0000000000532e10 t do_setSessionTimeLimit
0000000000532cf0 t do_setTimeLimit
000000000053ab30 t do_setwd
0000000000433c70 t do_shortRowNames
000000000049cab0 t do_signalCondition
00000000004601c0 t do_sink
0000000000460350 t do_sinknumber
000000000045ada0 t do_sockconn
0000000000462270 t do_sockselect
000000000051ac90 t do_sort
000000000051e250 t do_split
000000000051e9e0 t do_sprintf
00000000004dc620 t do_standardGeneric
0000000000459b90 t do_stderr
0000000000459a10 t do_stdin
0000000000459ad0 t do_stdout
000000000049c6f0 t do_stop
000000000044e440 t do_storage_mode
000000000046aaf0 t do_strptime
00000000004be700 t do_strsplit
0000000000446680 t do_strtoi
0000000000446340 t do_strtrim
00000000005247f0 t do_subassign
0000000000525e80 t do_subassign2
0000000000524860 t do_subassign2_dflt
00000000005266f0 t do_subassign3
00000000005230a0 t do_subassign_dflt
000000000052bc10 t do_subset
000000000052c650 t do_subset2
000000000052bc90 t do_subset2_dflt
000000000052cbe0 t do_subset3
0000000000529b30 t do_subset_dflt
000000000044db40 t do_substitute
00000000004437a0 t do_substr
0000000000443e50 t do_substrgets
0000000000460640 t do_sumconnection
000000000052ce50 t do_summary
00000000004426b0 t do_switch
0000000000463ca0 t do_sys
0000000000463b60 t do_sysbrowser
00000000004e8f40 t do_syschmod
00000000004e8530 t do_sysgetpid
000000000057d840 t do_sysinfo
000000000057c070 t do_syssleep
000000000057d370 t do_system
0000000000469690 t do_systime
00000000004e9150 t do_sysumask
000000000053d000 t do_tabulate
000000000052fea0 t do_tempdir
00000000005326c0 t do_tempfile
000000000045a350 t do_textconnection
000000000045ac50 t do_textconvalue
00000000004d8a00 t do_tilde
00000000004450c0 t do_tolower
000000000046bcd0 t do_trace
000000000049a610 t do_traceback
000000000046bf30 t do_tracemem
000000000046be20 t do_traceOnOff
0000000000430ac0 t do_transpose
000000000042c5e0 t do_trunc
000000000045c0d0 t do_truncate
000000000044b020 t do_typeof
00000000004dbf50 t do_unclass
00000000004e7250 t do_unlink
000000000043cd10 t do_unlist
00000000004964f0 t do_unregNS
0000000000516370 t do_unserializeFromConn
00000000005307d0 t do_unsetenv
0000000000446940 t do_unsetS4
000000000046bf60 t do_untracemem
000000000045b240 t do_unz
0000000000460a10 t do_url
00000000004da380 t do_usemethod
00000000005013b0 t do_utf8ToInt
00000000005af2a0 t do_utf_caselesscmp
00000000005b8ef0 t do_utfreadchar.isra.55
00000000005b9550 t do_utfreadtype8.isra.56
0000000000421df0 t do_vapply
000000000053de70 t do_version
000000000049b640 t do_warning
000000000052f0f0 t do_which
00000000004b2a80 t do_while
00000000004b17f0 t do_withVisible
000000000045d980 t do_writebin
000000000045ec80 t do_writechar
000000000045c5c0 t do_writelines
000000000057ddb0 T do_X11
000000000051d1e0 t do_xtfrm
000000000053f3c0 T dpbfa_
000000000053f5e0 T dpbsl_
000000000053f780 T dpoco_
00000000005401f0 T dpodi_
0000000000540550 T dpofa_
0000000000561180 t dpois_raw
0000000000563c30 t dpois_wrap
0000000000540760 T dposl_
0000000000542720 T dqrcf_
0000000000541080 T dqrdc_
00000000005408e0 T dqrdc2_
00000000005418f0 T dqrls_
0000000000542520 T dqrqty_
0000000000542620 T dqrqy_
0000000000542820 T dqrrsd_
0000000000541bb0 T dqrsl_
0000000000542930 T dqrxb_
                 U drot_
                 U drotg_
                 U dscal_
000000000087a988 d __dso_handle
0000000000542a40 T dsvdc_
                 U dswap_
                 U dsyrk_
0000000000544a80 T dtrco_
00000000005451b0 T dtrsl_
                 U dtrsm_
000000000053a1d0 T dtype
0000000000889960 b dummy
00000000004d0320 t dummy12345
0000000000452df0 T dummy_fgetc
00000000004d0350 T dummy_ii
00000000005052f0 t DummyInit
0000000000505310 t DummyOutNewline
0000000000505300 t DummyOutSpace
0000000000505320 t DummyTerm
0000000000452ad0 T dummy_vfprintf
0000000000484cf0 t duplicate1
00000000004d1e40 T DUPLICATE_ATTRIB
000000000087b6d8 d duplicate_counter
000000000088bfa0 b DupSymbol
0000000000879d90 d _DYNAMIC
00000000008912e8 b EatLines
00000000008837a8 D _edata
000000000088bfc0 b EdFileUsed
000000000087b838 d elapsedLimit
000000000087b830 d elapsedLimit2
000000000087b828 d elapsedLimitValue
0000000000520930 t embedInVector
00000000005b2660 t emit_cmp_binary
00000000005b43f0 t emit_cum_binary
00000000005b1290 t emit_do_imm32
00000000005b16d0 t emit_lea_binary.part.28
00000000005b09a0 t emit_load_imm64
00000000005b14a0 t emit_mov
00000000005b0fe0 t emit_mov_byte
00000000005b1140 t emit_mov_half
00000000005b1500 t emit_mov_int
00000000005b1300 t emit_mov.part.27
00000000005b28e0 t emit_non_cum_binary
000000000041843e t emit_restore_flags
0000000000418486 t emit_save_flags
00000000005b49e0 t emit_shift
00000000005b4d30 t emit_shift_with_flags
00000000005b2db0 t emit_unary
00000000005b0a00 t emit_x86_instruction
000000000087b7ff d ENC_ARMSCII_8
000000000087b7fa d ENC_BIG5
000000000087b7ef d ENC_BIG5_HKSCS
000000000087b7ed d ENC_C
000000000087b7e6 d ENC_CP1251
000000000087b7df d ENC_CP1255
000000000087b7d8 d ENC_CP1256
000000000087b7d1 d ENC_EUC_CN
000000000087b7ca d ENC_EUC_JP
000000000087b7c3 d ENC_EUC_KR
000000000087b7bc d ENC_EUC_TW
000000000087b7b5 d ENC_GB2312
000000000087b7b1 d ENC_GBK
000000000087b7a0 d ENC_GEORGIAN_ACADEMY
000000000087b78b d ENC_ISO8859_1
000000000087b780 d ENC_ISO8859_10
000000000087b775 d ENC_ISO8859_11
000000000087b76a d ENC_ISO8859_13
000000000087b75f d ENC_ISO8859_15
000000000087b755 d ENC_ISO8859_2
000000000087b74b d ENC_ISO8859_3
000000000087b741 d ENC_ISO8859_5
000000000087b737 d ENC_ISO8859_6
000000000087b72d d ENC_ISO8859_7
000000000087b723 d ENC_ISO8859_8
000000000087b719 d ENC_ISO8859_9
00000000004d3360 T ENC_KNOWN
000000000087b712 d ENC_KOI8_R
000000000087b70b d ENC_KOI8_U
00000000004d2de0 T ENCLOS
00000000004fbc00 t EncodeReal2
000000000088bf90 b EncSymbol
000000000087b706 d ENC_TCVN
000000000087b700 d ENC_UTF_8
000000000096ee40 B _end
00000000008912e0 b EndOfFile
00000000005b1850 t ensure_abuf.isra.29
00000000005b0930 t ensure_buf.isra.25
00000000004ae2f0 t EnsureLocal
00000000004d2e00 T ENVFLAGS
00000000008837f8 B __environ@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000008837f8 V environ@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000088a380 b eq_sym.11085
00000000005195d0 t equal.constprop.2
0000000000416915 t erfc1.constprop.6
000000000088c460 b errbuf
                 U __errno_location@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000049c990 t errorcall_dflt.constprop.4
00000000005fcbe0 r ErrorDB
00000000006396e0 r error_texts
000000000063a640 r escapes
00000000004153dd t esum.part.3
00000000004b0ee0 t evalArgs
000000000088e488 b evalcount.11670
000000000088e484 b evalcount.12887
00000000004afd70 t evalseq
                 U exit@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000533980 t ExpandDots
0000000000594310 t expand_workspace
0000000000414312 t expected
                 U exp@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U expl@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U expm1@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000005755d0 T exp_rand
0000000000636680 r extra_blbits
0000000000529410 t ExtractArg
0000000000529460 t ExtractDropArg
000000000050a9b0 t extractItem
0000000000483270 t extract_one
0000000000482d90 t extract_one.part.3
0000000000529610 t ExtractSubset
00000000006366e0 r extra_dbits
0000000000636760 r extra_lbits
00000000004ca2f0 T extR_HTTPDCreate
00000000004ca360 T extR_HTTPDStop
0000000000631980 r fact.4178
00000000006300a0 r fact.4242
0000000000590b90 t fallbackSort
000000000062e880 r falsenames
00000000005bb4d0 t fast_forward_first_char
00000000005bc1d0 t fast_forward_newline
00000000005b7940 t fast_forward_start_bits
                 U fclose@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U fcntl@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U __fdelt_chk@@GLIBC_2.15
0000000000554140 T fdhess
                 U fdopen@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U feof@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U ferror@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U fflush@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U fgetc@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U fgetpos@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U fgets@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004be260 t fgrep_one
00000000004be500 t fgrep_one_bytes
00000000004bdb70 t fgrepraw1
0000000000464fe0 t field_is_foldable_p
0000000000453200 t fifo_close
00000000004531c0 t fifo_fgetc_internal
0000000000456a90 t fifo_open
00000000004553f0 t fifo_read
0000000000455740 t fifo_write
00000000004eb690 t FigHeight
0000000000453960 t file_close
0000000000453300 t file_fflush
0000000000453350 t file_fgetc_internal
00000000004b6d70 t file_getc
00000000004e2be0 t filename
                 U fileno@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000457300 t file_open
0000000000453290 t file_read
0000000000454140 t file_seek
0000000000454a40 t file_truncate
00000000004533c0 t file_vfprintf
0000000000453230 t file_write
000000000050b290 t fillBuffer
000000000057e720 t fill_window
000000000088a5e0 b filters
00000000004b5a90 t finalizeData
0000000000593650 t find_firstassertedchar
0000000000592980 t find_fixedlength
0000000000492120 t findGlobalVar
00000000005483f0 T findInterval
000000000049cf50 t findmethod
00000000005d1c10 t find_minlength
0000000000593e10 t find_parens
0000000000593790 t find_parens_sub
000000000051e960 t findspec.part.0
0000000000492620 t findVar1mode
0000000000491a20 t findVarLocInFrame
00000000005df384 T _fini
                 U __finite@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004b6cc0 t FirstArg
0000000000592900 t first_significant_code
000000000052cd40 t fixup_NaRm
00000000004ffdc0 T FixupProb
000000000041d3c0 t FixupSeeds
0000000000506840 t FixupType
                 U floor@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000512630 t flush_bcon_buffer
000000000057ea80 t flush_pending
00000000005b1b40 t flush_stubs
000000000096bef0 b fm.4880
                 U fmin@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U fmod@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U fopen@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004ae3b0 t forcePromise
00000000004d29d0 T FORMALS
000000000088a388 b for_sym.11084
00000000008823e0 d fortranMethods
0000000000891308 b fp_parse
                 U __fprintf_chk@@GLIBC_2.3.4
000000000057dca0 T fpu_setup
                 U fputc@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U fputs@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004d2dd0 T FRAME
0000000000418a40 t frame_dummy
0000000000879c88 t __frame_dummy_init_array_entry
0000000000678f78 r __FRAME_END__
000000000048f9e0 t FrameNames
000000000048f7e0 t FrameSize
000000000048fe00 t FrameValues
0000000000481c10 t fread_func
                 U fread@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000096e680 b free_blocks
                 U free@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000511c50 t free_mem_buffer
00000000004197d0 t freeRegisteredNativeSymbolCopy
                 U fscanf@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000481a60 t fseek_func
                 U fseek@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U fseeko@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U fsetpos@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000552e30 t fstocd
0000000000553510 t fstofd
                 U ftell@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U ftello@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U ftruncate@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000088bfb0 b FunTabSize.7954
                 U fwrite@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000041446c t gam1
0000000000630800 r gamcs.4178
0000000000414d4f t gamln
0000000000414621 t gamln1
000000000096be70 b gamma.4193
0000000000486a50 t g_blend
00000000008823c0 d gBuffer.9280
0000000000894434 b gc_count
000000000089441c b gc_force_gap
0000000000894420 b gc_force_wait
0000000000894418 b gc_inhibit_release
0000000000894438 b gc_reporting
0000000000893800 b gcstarttimes
00000000008937e4 b gctime_enabled
0000000000893840 b gctimes
00000000004704d0 T GEaddDevice
00000000004706c0 T GEaddDevice2
000000000048a140 T GECap
000000000048dfc0 T GEcheckState
0000000000489710 T GECircle
00000000004e9f70 T GEcontourLines
000000000048e3a0 T GEcopyDisplayList
0000000000470740 T GEcreateDevDesc
000000000048e260 T GEcreateSnapshot
000000000046fca0 T GEcurrentDevice
0000000000488000 T GEdestroyDevDesc
000000000048dfa0 T GEdeviceDirty
00000000004701c0 T GEdeviceNumber
000000000048dfb0 T GEdirtyDevice
00000000004f3c00 T GEExpressionHeight
00000000004f3ca0 T GEExpressionMetric
00000000004f3b60 T GEExpressionWidth
0000000000488b20 T GEfromDeviceHeight
0000000000487710 t GEfromDeviceHeight.part.8
0000000000488a60 T GEfromDeviceWidth
00000000004882e0 T GEfromDeviceX
00000000004883f0 T GEfromDeviceY
000000000046fe70 T GEgetDevice
0000000000488280 T GEhandleEvent
000000000048e340 T GEinitDisplayList
00000000004703a0 T GEkillDevice
0000000000488db0 T GE_LENDget
0000000000488bd0 T GE_LENDpar
0000000000489290 T GELine
0000000000489030 T GE_LJOINget
0000000000488e50 T GE_LJOINpar
000000000048eb40 T GE_LTYget
000000000048e890 T GE_LTYpar
00000000004f3d90 T GEMathText
000000000048b4c0 T GEMetricInfo
000000000048b230 T GEMode
00000000008912e4 b GenerateCode
00000000005af220 t generate_far_jump_code
000000000048df90 T GENewPage
0000000000894388 b gen_gc_counts
0000000000894468 b gen_name.11301
000000000048e710 T GEonExit
0000000000489f90 T GEPath
000000000048e100 T GEplayDisplayList
000000000048e450 T GEplaySnapshot
0000000000489650 T GEPolygon
0000000000489430 T GEPolyline
000000000048b290 T GEPretty
000000000048a0d0 T GERaster
000000000048e050 T GErecordGraphicOperation
000000000048e020 T GErecording
0000000000489ce0 T GERect
00000000004880a0 T GEregisterSystem
0000000000488060 T GEregisterWithDevice
00000000004890d0 T GESetClip
000000000048b870 T GEStrHeight
000000000048e780 T GEstring_to_pch
000000000048de00 T GEStrMetric
000000000048b6c0 T GEStrWidth
000000000048c910 T GESymbol
0000000000488050 T GEsystemState
0000000000456830 t getActiveSink
000000000048fb40 t getActiveValue
0000000000433870 t getAttrib0
00000000004539b0 t get_byte
0000000000511c80 t GetChar.part.0
00000000005b0550 t get_class_iterator_size
0000000000456440 T getConnection
0000000000456860 t getConnection_no_err
00000000004d1760 t get_current_mem
                 U getcwd@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004855f0 t get_duplicate_counter
                 U getenv@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U geteuid@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000048b9c0 T GEText
00000000005b0290 t get_framesize
000000000057a0d0 t getFullDLLPath
                 U getgrgid@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U gethostbyname@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000057ab90 T getInputHandler
                 U getlogin@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000453a50 t getLong
00000000004bdda0 t getNc
00000000004d6190 t GetNewPage
00000000004d9550 t GetObject
0000000000488b70 T GEtoDeviceHeight
0000000000488ac0 T GEtoDeviceWidth
0000000000488380 T GEtoDeviceX
0000000000488490 T GEtoDeviceY
0000000000520980 t GetOneIndex
0000000000419ee0 t get_package_CEntry_table
000000000051d2f0 t getParseContext
                 U getpid@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000413c7f t getPrimitive.isra.14.part.15
00000000004d9330 T getPRIMNAME
                 U getpwuid@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U getrlimit@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000041d140 t GetRNGkind
000000000041db50 T GetRNGstate
                 U getrusage@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000041cdd0 t GetSeedsFromVar
000000000057adf0 T getSelectedHandler
000000000088a378 b gets_sym.11086
000000000057a160 t getSystemError
00000000005943a0 t get_ucp
                 U getuid@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000520710 t get_workspace_name
00000000004881b0 T GEunregisterSystem
000000000048a190 T GEXspline
000000000057e050 t gf2_matrix_square
000000000087a000 d _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_
                 U globfree@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U glob@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004eb500 t GlyphBBox
                 w __gmon_start__
                 U gmtime@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U GOMP_parallel_end@@GOMP_1.0
                 U GOMP_parallel_start@@GOMP_1.0
0000000000497e10 t gotoExitingHandler
0000000000518120 t greater
00000000004b6270 t growData
00000000004b5fb0 t growID
00000000004b6920 t GrowList
0000000000414ac8 t gsumln
0000000000607bc0 r guess
0000000000468f50 t guess_offset
00000000004525f0 t gzcon_byte
0000000000453f60 t gzcon_close
0000000000454e70 t gzcon_fgetc
0000000000453490 t gzcon_open
0000000000454b00 t gzcon_read
0000000000453dc0 t gzcon_write
0000000000459250 t gzfile_close
00000000004524d0 t gzfile_fflush
0000000000455ab0 t gzfile_fgetc_internal
0000000000458ea0 t gzfile_open
0000000000455af0 t gzfile_read
0000000000455c50 t gzfile_seek
0000000000455ba0 t gzfile_write
0000000000631c60 r h.4229
0000000000587190 t handle_compress.isra.2
00000000004cd9f0 t handleInterrupt
000000000057a810 t handleInterrupt
00000000004cda10 t handlePipe
000000000057a290 t handleSelectInterrupt
000000000046bfc0 t hasAttributes
0000000000505690 t HashAdd
0000000000512190 t HashAdd.isra.14
0000000000490070 t hashIndex.isra.3
00000000005334b0 t HashLookup
00000000004d2df0 T HASHTAB
00000000004909c0 t HashTableNames
0000000000533bd0 t HashTableSetup
00000000004908f0 t HashTableSize
0000000000490c40 t HashTableValues
000000000043a570 t HasNames
00000000004667a0 t have_broken_mktime
0000000000882b14 d HaveHOME
00000000005f9af0 r HexDigits
000000000088a508 b hi
                 U history_truncate_file
000000000088a510 b hr
                 U hypot@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000088a484 b i1.11609
000000000088a490 b i.11608
000000000088a448 b i.11681
000000000088a430 b i.11702
00000000005629e0 T i1mach_
000000000088a480 b i2.11610
0000000000558590 t I_bessel.isra.0
00000000005174a0 t icmp
                 U iconv_close@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U iconv@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U iconv_open@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000891310 b identifier
0000000000533ae0 t iequal
000000000096c570 b ifp
000000000088a398 b if_sym.11082
00000000005331a0 t ihash
000000000088e460 b immediateWarning
0000000000511d90 t InBytesConn
0000000000511cb0 t InBytesFile
0000000000511ed0 t InBytesMem
00000000005125b0 t InCharConn
0000000000511c40 t InCharFile
0000000000511f30 t InCharMem
0000000000507220 t InCHARSXP.isra.30
0000000000505ed0 t InComplexAscii
00000000005069a0 t InComplexBinary
0000000000506da0 t InComplexXdr
00000000006373c0 r incs
0000000000624ec0 r incs
0000000000505dc0 t InDoubleAscii
000000000088e46c b inError
                 U inet_ntoa@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000583a00 T inflateGetDictionary
00000000005818d0 T inflateResetKeep
00000000005057f0 t InInitXdr
0000000000512b30 t InInteger
0000000000507170 t InIntegerAscii
0000000000506a40 t InIntegerBinary
0000000000506f80 t InIntegerXdr
00000000004125b8 T _init
0000000000879c90 t __init_array_end
0000000000879c88 t __init_array_start
000000000041a2f0 t InitDynload
00000000004561a0 t init_filters
00000000005b3700 t init_frame.isra.37
0000000000891320 b initialized
00000000008913d0 b initialized
000000000096be40 b initialized
000000000096e5a0 b initialized
00000000004e3320 t Init_R_Variables
0000000000433450 t init_slot_handling
000000000057aad0 T initStdinHandler
000000000088e464 b inPrintWarnings
00000000005129a0 t InReal
00000000005069f0 t InRealBinary
0000000000506e00 t InRealXdr
0000000000486530 t inside
00000000004c9210 t inspect_tree
00000000004b6750 t install_and_save
0000000000433360 t installAttrib
0000000000512280 t InString
0000000000505f10 t InStringAscii
0000000000506a90 t InStringBinary
0000000000514170 t InStringVec
0000000000506fc0 t InStringXdr
0000000000528a40 t int_arraySubscript
00000000004d2080 T INTEGER
0000000000439c20 t IntegerAnswer
0000000000501d10 t integer_relop
0000000000526dc0 t integerSubscript
0000000000505390 t InTermXdr
00000000004d2c00 T INTERNAL
00000000004c9ec0 t internet_Init
0000000000538a70 t intern_getwd
00000000004865a0 t intersect
00000000005485f0 T interv_
000000000053ea50 T intpr_
00000000004f74a0 t intpr0_
00000000005007c0 t inttomb
0000000000413eea t InvalidAccent
0000000000531ed0 t invalidate_cached_recodings
00000000004fed70 t invalid.isra.0
0000000000499e90 t invokeRestart
000000000088e468 b inWarning
00000000005128e0 t InWord.constprop.33
0000000000891090 b iob
00000000005df3a0 R _IO_stdin_used
0000000000517500 t iPsort2
00000000004d3230 t IS_ACTIVE_BINDING
00000000005932e0 t is_anchored
00000000004d3300 t IS_ASCII
                 U isatty@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004d32e0 t IS_BYTES
00000000004d3380 T IS_CACHED
0000000000594520 t is_counted_repeat.part.0
000000000052fd10 t isDir
00000000005332e0 t isDuplicated
00000000004d32f0 t IS_LATIN1
0000000000421540 t islistfactor
00000000004d1f70 T IS_LONG_VEC
00000000004dc3a0 t isMethodsDispatchOn
                 U __isnan@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U __isnanl@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000538850 t isort_with_index
00000000004d1eb0 T IS_S4_OBJECT
0000000000593450 t is_startline
00000000004d3310 t IS_UTF8
                 U iswalnum@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U iswalpha@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U iswblank@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U iswcntrl@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U iswctype@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U iswdigit@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U iswgraph@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U iswlower@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U iswprint@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U iswpunct@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U iswspace@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U iswupper@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U iswxdigit@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004ebc20 t ItalicAtom
                 w _ITM_deregisterTMCloneTable
                 w _ITM_registerTMCloneTable
000000000088a460 b j.11682
000000000088a3f0 b j.11703
00000000005598a0 t J_bessel.isra.0
0000000000879c98 d __JCR_END__
0000000000879c98 d __JCR_LIST__
00000000005af6f0 t jit_machine_stack_exec
0000000000463500 t jumpfun
0000000000499f70 t jump_to_top_ex
                 w _Jv_RegisterClasses
000000000096be80 b k1.4195
000000000096be78 b k2.4196
000000000096bfc4 b k.4228
000000000055ad30 t K_bessel.isra.0
0000000000600740 r keynames
0000000000603060 r keywords
000000000096bf80 b kl.4241
0000000000607a00 r known
0000000000891468 B known_to_be_latin1
0000000000891464 b known_to_be_utf8
000000000096bf78 b kr.4242
0000000000882a28 d ks.4225
000000000096c178 b l.4179
000000000096bf70 b lamdl.4243
000000000096bf68 b lamdr.4244
00000000004334b0 t lang2str.isra.0
000000000087b6ec d last.9701
000000000088c0f8 b last_cex.13687
000000000088c100 b last_close.13685
000000000088c108 b last_dd.13683
000000000087b6e0 d last_face.13686
000000000088c020 b last_family.13692
000000000088bfe0 b last_ipch.13889
0000000000969e00 b lastname
000000000088bfe8 b last_pch.13888
000000000088c0f0 b last_ps.13688
000000000089147c b latin1locale
000000000096be30 b latin1_obj
000000000096be10 b latin1_wobj
0000000000635ce0 r lbase.4213
00000000005519f0 T lbfgsb
000000000088a368 b lbrace_sym.11088
0000000000895e2c b lc.4033
000000000088a5c0 b ld1.15112
                 U ldexp@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000006353e0 r lenfix.4301
00000000004d87f0 T LENGTH
0000000000896f88 b length_op.11292
00000000008937c8 b length_op.7965
0000000000533ab0 t lequal
00000000004d1d10 T LEVELS
0000000000635ca0 r lext.4214
000000000055dd00 t lfastchoose2
                 U lgamma@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000533180 t lhash
00000000005df380 T __libc_csu_fini
00000000005df2f0 T __libc_csu_init
0000000000883800 B __libc_stack_end@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U __libc_start_main@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000005f9c80 r lineend
00000000005f9c40 r linejoin
000000000049d2c0 t lineprof
00000000005f9b20 r linetype
                 U link@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000438fa0 t ListAnswer
00000000004e2390 t list_dirs
00000000004e2c90 t list_files
0000000000517db0 t listgreater
0000000000517f60 t listgreaterl
000000000096c1f4 b list_index.13415
0000000000553740 t lltslv
00000000005498f0 t lnsrlb
00000000004ae7f0 t loadCompilerNamespace
0000000000883ca0 b LoadedDLL
00000000008829e8 d LoadInitFile
000000000057a1a0 t loadLibrary
00000000008829ec d LoadSiteFile
00000000004cb4d0 T locale2charset
                 U localeconv@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000469210 t localtime0.isra.1
                 U localtime@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004d3260 t LOCK_BINDING
                 U log10@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000565a30 T log1pexp
                 U log1p@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U log1pl@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U log2@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000429460 t logbase
0000000000564080 t logcf.constprop.4
                 U log@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004d2040 T LOGICAL
0000000000439a80 t LogicalAnswer
0000000000526be0 t logicalSubscript
                 U logl@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000057e4c0 t longest_match
                 U __longjmp_chk@@GLIBC_2.11
0000000000533210 t Lookup
00000000004b1fe0 t loopWithContext
000000000088a370 b lpar_sym.11087
                 U lseek@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000005f58a0 r ltnames
                 U __lxstat@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U lzma_alone_decoder@@XZ_5.0
                 U lzma_code@@XZ_5.0
                 U lzma_crc64@@XZ_5.0
                 U lzma_end@@XZ_5.0
                 U lzma_lzma_preset@@XZ_5.0
                 U lzma_raw_decoder@@XZ_5.0
                 U lzma_raw_encoder@@XZ_5.0
                 U lzma_stream_decoder@@XZ_5.0
                 U lzma_stream_encoder@@XZ_5.0
000000000096c17c b m.4180
000000000096bfc0 b m.4229
000000000096bef8 b m.4894
                 U madvise@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000005e0618 r mag01.10558
0000000000418a70 T MAIN_
0000000000418a80 T MAIN__
0000000000418960 T main
0000000000418a90 T __main
000000000054a830 t mainlb
00000000005bbaa0 t mainloop_entry
00000000005914b0 t mainSort
0000000000505640 t MakeHashTable
0000000000468e90 t makelt
00000000004b59c0 t makeSrcref
                 U malloc@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004d1cd0 T MARK
000000000059cf50 t match
0000000000535950 T match5
00000000004d0c30 t matchPar_int
000000000059cb20 t match_ref
0000000000533730 t match_transform
0000000000423120 t math1
0000000000423440 t math2
0000000000423920 t math2_1
0000000000423e50 t math2_2
0000000000426590 t math2B
0000000000424390 t math3_1
0000000000424b20 t math3_2
00000000004270d0 t math3B
0000000000425290 t math4_1
0000000000425c00 t math4_2
0000000000429580 T matherr
00000000004f76a0 t MatrixColumnLabel
00000000004f7730 t MatrixRowLabel
000000000087b814 D max_contour_segments
000000000096bfb8 b maxjx.4231
00000000008944bc b maxMethodsOffset
000000000088c120 b max_points
00000000004b7000 t mbcs_get_next
0000000000891480 B mbcslocale
000000000053b8e0 T mbcsToUcs2
000000000053bab0 t mbcsValid
                 U mbrtowc@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U __mbstowcs_chk@@GLIBC_2.4
                 U mbstowcs@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U memchr@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U memcmp@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U __memcpy_chk@@GLIBC_2.3.4
                 U memcpy@@GLIBC_2.14
0000000000413d26 t mem_err_cons
0000000000413ec7 t mem_err_heap.isra.3
                 U __memmove_chk@@GLIBC_2.3.4
                 U memmove@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U memset@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000046bf90 T memtrace_report
0000000000894470 b meth_classEnv.11153
000000000096bfbc b minjx.4230
00000000004d2410 T MISSING
0000000000413b95 t MISSING_ARGUMENT_ERROR.isra.4
00000000004548f0 t mkCharLocal
00000000004bda80 t mkCharWLen
                 U mkdir@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U mkdtemp@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U mkfifo@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000497d60 t mkHandlerEntry
0000000000484a30 t mkPRIMSXP
0000000000533b50 t MKsetup
0000000000469590 t mktime0
00000000004664a0 t mktime00
                 U mktime@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U mmap@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004b6dd0 t modif_token.isra.1
000000000087b4e0 d month_name
00000000005f5920 r __mon_yday
00000000006007f0 r mouseHandlers
000000000088a428 b mp.11706
000000000088a420 b ms.11707
000000000087a9ac d mti
00000000005decd0 t __muldc3
                 U munmap@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000096c020 b muprev2.4197
000000000096c198 b muprev.4196
00000000004eb7b0 t MuSpace
0000000000422f90 t myfloor
0000000000423010 t myfmod
0000000000442cd0 t mystrcpy
0000000000882a34 D N01_kind
000000000088a464 b n.11683
000000000096bfcc b n1.4232
0000000000882a30 d n1s.4226
000000000096bfc8 b n2.4233
0000000000882a2c d n2s.4227
00000000004d1cf0 T NAMED
00000000004eba50 t NameMatch.part.15
0000000000905de0 b names
00000000004cb200 t namewalk
000000000088bfa8 b NaokSymbol
000000000096c1f0 b ncomp.13416
                 U nearbyint@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U nearbyintl@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004139a6 t needsparens.isra.1
0000000000486ad0 t negative_s1_influence
0000000000486b40 t negative_s2_influence
00000000004577e0 t newbzfile
0000000000507870 t NewDataLoad
0000000000505380 t newdataload_cleanup
0000000000508040 t NewDataSave
0000000000505360 t newdatasave_cleanup
0000000000439f60 t NewExtractNames
0000000000457ea0 t newfile.constprop.26
000000000096d5a0 b newFileName
00000000004576a0 t newgzfile
00000000004d9790 t newintoold
00000000004c6840 t neWithNaN
00000000004b6aa0 t NewList
0000000000506560 t NewLookup
0000000000506620 t NewMakeLists
0000000000439dc0 t NewName
0000000000457a90 t newouttext
0000000000507260 t NewReadItem
0000000000457d90 t newterminal
00000000004d79f0 t NewWeakRef
0000000000507a90 t NewWriteItem
0000000000457920 t newxzfile
00000000004b6d20 t NextArg
00000000004556c0 t NextConnection
000000000044e860 t nexth
00000000005b01e0 t next_opcode.isra.18
                 U nl_langinfo@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004ce180 t nl_Rdummy
00000000005504a0 T nmmin
000000000088a528 b nn
000000000060c960 r NodeClassSize
0000000000413b56 t nodeStackOverflow
000000000057a280 t nop
000000000041ddf0 t Norm_kind
00000000005761a0 T norm_rand
000000000088c124 b npoints
000000000096bee8 b npq.4881
00000000008911e4 b npush
0000000000882a18 d nsave.4893
00000000004524b0 t null_close
00000000004527d0 t null_destroy
000000000088bb80 b nullDevice
00000000004524c0 t null_fflush
00000000004819f0 t null_fflush
0000000000452740 t null_fgetc
00000000004527a0 t null_open
00000000004526b0 t null_read
0000000000452710 t null_seek
0000000000481a20 t null_seek
0000000000527030 t nullSubscript
00000000004526e0 t null_truncate
0000000000452770 t null_vfprintf
0000000000481a40 t null_vfprintf
0000000000452680 t null_write
0000000000481a00 t null_write
0000000000883860 b NumCommandLineArgs
00000000004b8a20 t NumericValue
000000000088c200 b numGraphicsSystems
000000000096c578 b num_initialized
0000000000894394 b num_old_gens_to_collect
00000000004d1cc0 T OBJECT
0000000000506b40 t OffsetToNode
0000000000882a10 d olda.4197
0000000000882a08 d oldb.4198
000000000096c490 b oldSigintHandler
000000000096c018 b omega.4194
000000000088a418 b omp.11710
                 U omp_get_num_threads@@OMP_1.0
                 U omp_get_thread_num@@OMP_1.0
00000000004ebb60 t OpAtom
                 U __open_2@@GLIBC_2.7
                 U opendir@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000088e4a0 b opinfo
00000000006143c0 r OpTable
00000000005544b0 T optif9
000000000088a540 b opt_lzma.15826
0000000000553f00 t opt_stop.isra.0.part.1
0000000000635be0 r order.4330
000000000051b080 t orderVector1
0000000000518340 t orderVector1l
0000000000519450 t orderVector.constprop.1
00000000008943b0 b orig_R_NSize
00000000008943a8 b orig_R_VSize
000000000088a450 b oti.11684
000000000088a458 b otr.11685
00000000008825e0 d outbuff.10327
00000000005126c0 t OutBytesBB
0000000000512490 t OutBytesConn
0000000000512450 t OutBytesFile
0000000000512840 t OutBytesMem
0000000000512680 t OutCharBB
0000000000512520 t OutCharConn
0000000000511c30 t OutCharFile
00000000005128a0 t OutCharMem
00000000004142da t OutCHARSXP.isra.6.part.7
00000000005064d0 t OutComplexAscii
0000000000506c10 t OutComplexXdr
000000000087b860 D OutDec
0000000000506410 t OutDoubleAscii
00000000005057b0 t OutInitXdr
0000000000514680 t OutInteger
00000000005063b0 t OutIntegerAscii
0000000000506e40 t OutIntegerXdr
00000000004142f6 t OutIntegerXdr.part.22
00000000005053f0 t OutNewlineAscii
00000000005144b0 t OutReal
0000000000506c80 t OutRealXdr
0000000000505400 t OutSpaceAscii
0000000000511f70 t OutString
0000000000505430 t OutStringAscii
0000000000515ac0 t OutStringVec
0000000000506e70 t OutStringXdr
00000000005053c0 t OutTermXdr
0000000000455320 t outtext_close
000000000088b778 b OutTextData
0000000000454f10 t outtext_destroy
00000000004bde30 t ovector_extract_start_length
000000000096c168 b p0.4189
000000000096c2e0 b p1.13363
000000000096bf60 b p1.4245
0000000000632260 r p1.4755
000000000096bee0 b p1.4882
000000000096c200 b p2.13364
000000000096bf58 b p2.4246
000000000096bea8 b p2.4883
000000000096bf50 b p3.4247
000000000096bea0 b p3.4884
0000000000630760 r p.4180
000000000096c170 b p.4190
0000000000630e80 r p.4202
0000000000630320 r p.4244
000000000096be98 b p4.4885
000000000046c510 t parenthesizeCaller.part.2
00000000004b5960 t ParseContextClear
00000000004b6410 t ParseContextInit
000000000051d5d0 T parseError
0000000000891260 b ParseState
                 U pclose@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000005d1350 T pcre_assign_jit_stack
000000000096e5e8 B pcre_callout
000000000059cb10 T pcre_compile
000000000059bbe0 T pcre_compile2
000000000064f780 R _pcre_default_tables
00000000005ad9c0 T pcre_exec
0000000000595dd0 T _pcre_find_bracket
0000000000883790 D pcre_free
00000000005d2bc0 T pcre_free_study
00000000005aef50 T pcre_fullinfo
000000000063f400 R _pcre_hspace_list
00000000005d1740 T _pcre_is_newline
00000000005cdaf0 T _pcre_jit_compile
00000000005d0e90 T _pcre_jit_exec
00000000005d1020 T pcre_jit_exec
00000000005d1190 T _pcre_jit_free
00000000005d11d0 T _pcre_jit_get_size
00000000005d11e0 T _pcre_jit_get_target
00000000005d11f0 T pcre_jit_stack_alloc
00000000005d1320 T pcre_jit_stack_free
00000000005d1370 T pcre_maketables
0000000000883798 D pcre_malloc
000000000063f460 R _pcre_OP_lengths
00000000005d1b70 T _pcre_ord2utf
0000000000883780 D pcre_stack_free
0000000000883788 D pcre_stack_malloc
00000000004bdee0 t pcre_string_adj
00000000005d2c00 T pcre_study
000000000064f5a0 R _pcre_ucd_caseless_sets
000000000064e200 R _pcre_ucd_records
000000000064c000 R _pcre_ucd_stage1
000000000063f500 R _pcre_ucd_stage2
000000000063f280 R _pcre_ucp_gbtable
000000000063f2c0 R _pcre_ucp_gentype
000000000063f240 R _pcre_ucp_typerange
000000000063f3c0 R _pcre_utf8_table1
000000000063f3b8 R _pcre_utf8_table1_size
000000000063f3a0 R _pcre_utf8_table2
000000000063f380 R _pcre_utf8_table3
000000000063f340 R _pcre_utf8_table4
000000000063eaa0 R _pcre_utt
000000000063ee20 R _pcre_utt_names
000000000063ea80 R _pcre_utt_size
00000000005d2f70 T _pcre_valid_utf
000000000063f3e0 R _pcre_vspace_list
00000000005d1960 T _pcre_was_newline
00000000005d3310 T _pcre_xclass
0000000000563d80 t pd_lower_cf.part.1
00000000005b7f00 t peek_char
0000000000564510 t pgamma_raw
000000000088a518 b pi
0000000000453460 t pipe_close
0000000000456d40 t pipe_open
000000000088bf98 b PkgSymbol
00000000004ebc70 t PlainAtom
00000000005662c0 t pnbeta2
0000000000565c20 t pnbeta_raw
00000000005667c0 t pnchisq_raw
00000000004886e0 t point_adding
0000000000486e80 t point_computing
000000000044e9b0 t polyev
                 U popen@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000057a7b0 t popReadline.part.0
0000000000486bf0 t positive_s1_influence
0000000000486d40 t positive_s2_influence
000000000063a460 r posix_class_maps
000000000063a508 r posix_name_lengths
000000000063a520 r posix_names
000000000063a2c0 r posix_substitutes
                 U pow@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U powl@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004c91c0 t pp
000000000096c040 b pp.4188
00000000005845c0 t pqdownheap
000000000088a520 b pr
00000000004d2fb0 T PRCODE
00000000004d2fc0 T PRENV
0000000000891120 b prevbytes
0000000000891160 b prevcols
00000000008911a0 b prevlines
00000000008910e0 b prevparse
00000000008911e0 b prevpos
000000000088bfb8 b PrimCache.7953
00000000004d32a0 T PRIMFUN
00000000008944a8 b prim_generics
00000000008944b0 b prim_methods
00000000008944a0 b prim_mlist
00000000004d3290 T PRIMVAL
000000000046c120 t print2buff
00000000004f5570 t printAttributes
000000000046c350 t printcomment
00000000004f8a00 t printComplexMatrix
0000000000894620 b printcount.9403
                 U __printf_chk@@GLIBC_2.3.4
00000000004f5ed0 t PrintGenericVector
00000000004f81a0 t printIntegerMatrix
00000000004f40a0 t PrintLanguageEtc
00000000004f77c0 t printLogicalMatrix
00000000004d2be0 T PRINTNAME
00000000004f9030 t printRawMatrix
00000000004f8590 t printRealMatrix
00000000004f42f0 t PrintSpecial.isra.0
00000000004f7bb0 t printStringMatrix
00000000004f9f80 t printStringVector
0000000000549730 t prn3lb.isra.1
000000000041bff0 t process_Renviron
000000000041c800 T process_site_Renviron
000000000041c730 T process_system_Renviron
000000000041c930 T process_user_Renviron
0000000000548990 t projgr
00000000008937c4 b prompt_type
0000000000463280 t protectedEval
00000000004d2fe0 T PRSEEN
0000000000553e40 t prt_result
00000000004d2fd0 T PRVALUE
0000000000882a20 d psave.4892
000000000088a3b8 b pseudo_NULL
0000000000517ac0 t Psort
0000000000517ca0 t Psort0
0000000000529490 t pstrmatch
                 U pthread_kill@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U pthread_mutex_lock@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U pthread_mutex_unlock@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U pthread_self@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000087b6f0 d ptr
00000000008913d8 b ptr
0000000000905ac0 b ptr
0000000000882b18 d ptr
000000000088a3e0 b ptr_col2name
000000000096edd8 B ptr_do_dataentry
000000000096ee38 B ptr_do_dataviewer
000000000096ee18 B ptr_do_selectlist
0000000000891300 b ptr_getc
000000000096ee08 B ptr_R_addhistory
000000000096ed98 B ptr_R_Busy
000000000096ed90 B ptr_R_ChooseFile
000000000096edb0 B ptr_R_CleanUp
000000000096ee28 B ptr_R_ClearerrConsole
000000000096eda8 B ptr_R_EditFile
000000000096ed88 B ptr_R_EditFiles
000000000096ee00 B ptr_R_FlushConsole
000000000088a3e8 b ptr_RGBpar3
000000000088a3d8 b ptr_R_GE_str2col
000000000096eda0 B ptr_R_loadhistory
000000000096edc8 B ptr_R_ProcessEvents
000000000096edc0 B ptr_R_ReadConsole
000000000096edf8 B ptr_R_ResetConsole
000000000096ee20 B ptr_R_savehistory
000000000096ee30 B ptr_R_ShowFiles
000000000096ee10 B ptr_R_ShowMessage
000000000096edd0 B ptr_R_Suicide
000000000096edf0 B ptr_R_WriteConsole
000000000096ede0 B ptr_R_WriteConsoleEx
000000000088a3d0 b ptr_savePalette
0000000000891200 b pushback
000000000041dcc0 T PutRNGstate
00000000004bc650 t PutSrcRefState
0000000000548a40 t pvector
000000000088a4a8 b pvi
000000000088a4b0 b pvr
000000000096bf20 b q0.4200
0000000000632220 r q1.4756
0000000000631a60 r q.4178
0000000000630720 r q.4181
000000000096c160 b q.4191
0000000000630e40 r q.4203
00000000006302e0 r q.4245
000000000088a4e8 b qhi
000000000088a4f0 b qhr
000000000096bf00 b qn.4886
000000000088a4f8 b qpi
000000000088a500 b qpr
0000000000553d80 t qraux2
00000000004fe380 T qsort3_
00000000004fde90 T qsort4_
                 U qsort@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004eb610 t Quad
0000000000894490 b quick_method_check_ptr
000000000046c5c0 t quotify
000000000088a400 b r1.11704
000000000088a3f8 b r2.11705
00000000006302a0 r r.4246
000000000057dd80 t R_access_X11
000000000096e8e0 B R_AccuracyInfo
0000000000491fc0 t R_AddGlobalCache
000000000088ec18 b R_AddSym
00000000004d0200 T R_addTaskCallback
                 U raise@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004d7d40 T R_alloc
00000000004d33b0 T R_AllocStringBuffer
000000000041cb70 t ran_array
                 U rand@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004fe9c0 t random1
00000000004fea50 t random2
000000000088ebb0 b R_AndSym
000000000041cc40 t ran_start
000000000053c9e0 T R_atof
00000000004d20c0 T RAW
0000000000439960 t RawAnswer
0000000000452540 t raw_close
0000000000452840 t raw_destroy
0000000000533b10 t rawequal
0000000000452560 t raw_fgetc
0000000000533200 t rawhash
0000000000452530 t raw_open
0000000000453c80 t rawRead
0000000000455490 t raw_read
0000000000455ef0 t raw_seek
0000000000452550 t raw_truncate
0000000000456210 t raw_write
00000000004d3570 T R_BadLongVector
000000000096e940 B R_BaseEnv
000000000096e8b0 B R_BaseNamespace
000000000088c208 b R_BaseNamespaceName
00000000004b3290 T R_bcDecode
00000000004b3180 T R_bcEncode
000000000096eb10 b R_BCNodeStackBase
000000000096ed10 b R_BCNodeStackEnd
000000000096ea70 b R_BCNodeStackTop
0000000000429ad0 t R_binary
0000000000495bc0 T R_BindingIsActive
0000000000495ac0 T R_BindingIsLocked
000000000096e9a8 B R_BlankString
000000000096e930 B R_BraceSymbol
000000000096ea00 B R_Bracket2Symbol
000000000096ea40 B R_BracketSymbol
0000000000891730 b R_BrowseLines
000000000057c260 T R_Busy
000000000041b460 T R_cairoCdynload
000000000041ab40 t R_callDLLUnload
0000000000891728 b R_CBoundsCheck
0000000000530380 T RC_fopen
00000000004d1f80 T R_CHAR
000000000057ad60 T R_checkActivity
000000000057abc0 T R_checkActivityEx
00000000004dd6a0 T R_check_class_and_super
00000000004dd940 T R_check_class_etc
0000000000470490 T R_CheckDeviceAvailable
00000000004704c0 T R_CheckDeviceAvailableBool
00000000004e4720 t R_check_locale
0000000000499b30 T R_CheckStack
0000000000499c50 T R_CheckStack2
000000000049a550 T R_CheckUserInterrupt
00000000004d1a40 T R_chk_calloc
00000000004d1b10 T R_chk_free
00000000004d1aa0 T R_chk_realloc
000000000053c350 T rchkusr_
000000000057c290 t R_ChooseFile
000000000096e950 B R_ClassSymbol
000000000057b770 T R_CleanTempDir
00000000004e7220 t R_CleanTempDir2
000000000057c270 T R_CleanUp
000000000057c250 T R_ClearerrConsole
00000000004d1b80 T R_ClearExternalPtr
00000000004b3160 T R_ClosureExpr
0000000000517890 t rcmp
00000000004aea70 t R_cmpfun
000000000096eb98 b R_Collected
000000000089149c b R_CollectWarnings
000000000096e998 b R_CommentSymbol
0000000000418b90 T R_common_command_line
000000000096c480 b RComp_assignBufferSym
000000000096c470 b RComp_assignEndSym
000000000096c478 b RComp_assignStartSym
000000000096c468 b RComp_assignTokenSym
000000000096c460 b RComp_completeTokenSym
0000000000882a40 d rcompgen_active
000000000096c448 b rcompgen_rho
000000000096c458 b RComp_getFileCompSym
00000000004b2050 t R_compileAndExecute
000000000089146c b R_compile_pkgs
000000000057a4f0 t R_completion_generator
0000000000461d60 t R_compress1
0000000000461fa0 t R_compress2
00000000004624a0 t R_compress3
000000000096c450 b RComp_retrieveCompsSym
00000000004c69b0 T R_compute_identical
00000000004983d0 t R_ConciseTraceback.constprop.6
000000000045c360 T Rconn_fgetc
000000000045c480 t Rconn_getline
000000000096eb88 b R_ConnIdSymbol
000000000045c520 T Rconn_printf
0000000000891708 B R_Consolefile
000000000096e9c0 b R_ConsoleIob
00000000004fcec0 t Rcons_vprintf
000000000044e750 t R_cpow_n
0000000000519f60 T R_csort
000000000087b874 d R_CStackDir
000000000087b880 D R_CStackLimit
000000000087b878 D R_CStackStart
000000000088eb88 b R_CSym
00000000004988b0 T R_curErrorBuf
000000000088bf80 b R_CurrentDevice
000000000096e8b8 b R_CurrentExpr
000000000046bf20 t R_current_trace_state
000000000057a2c0 t R_custom_completion
00000000004348e0 T R_data_class
0000000000434b40 t R_data_class2
00000000004d2a00 T RDEBUG
000000000087b818 d R_dec_min_exponent
00000000004fd330 t R_Decode2Long
0000000000461ea0 t R_decompress1
00000000004620e0 t R_decompress2
0000000000462630 t R_decompress3
00000000004dce20 T R_deferred_default_method
0000000000520830 T R_DefParams
000000000088bd80 b R_Devices
000000000096eae8 b R_DevicesSymbol
000000000096e988 B R_DeviceSymbol
000000000096e990 B R_DimNamesSymbol
000000000096ed08 B R_DimSymbol
00000000008914a0 B R_DirtyImage
000000000088ec20 b R_disable_bytecode
0000000000891478 b R_DisableNLinBrowser
000000000088ec00 b R_DivSym
000000000041a860 t R_dlsym
0000000000434fd0 t R_do_data_class
000000000096ea30 B R_DollarSymbol
00000000004dd4c0 T R_do_MAKE_CLASS
00000000004dda50 T R_do_new_object
000000000044dd50 t R_do_set_class
00000000004382d0 T R_do_slot
00000000004385c0 T R_do_slot_assign
000000000096e898 b R_dot_Class
000000000096eaf0 B R_dot_defined
000000000096eb90 b R_DotEnvSymbol
000000000096eb08 b R_dot_Generic
000000000096ea78 b R_dot_GenericCallEnv
000000000096ea48 b R_dot_GenericDefEnv
000000000096e968 b R_dot_Group
00000000004cee80 T R_dot_Last
000000000096e880 B R_dot_Method
000000000096eb38 b R_dot_Methods
000000000096eb28 B R_DotsSymbol
000000000096eb68 B R_dot_target
000000000096ead8 b R_DoubleColonSymbol
00000000004c9f30 T Rdownload
00000000005481d0 T Rdqagi
0000000000546100 t rdqagie
00000000005482e0 T Rdqags
00000000005473a0 t rdqagse
0000000000545800 t rdqelg
0000000000545c80 t rdqk15i
0000000000547010 t rdqk21.isra.0
0000000000545640 t rdqpsrt
000000000096eb50 B R_DropSymbol
0000000000512cd0 t ReadBC1
0000000000514230 t ReadBCLang
00000000005b7370 t read_char
00000000005b7d80 t read_char8_type
                 U readdir@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U read@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U read_history
0000000000512e80 t ReadItem
0000000000512c50 t ReadLENGTH
000000000057a840 t readline_handler
0000000000882a60 d ReadlineStack
                 U readlink@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000096c3c0 b readMask.12004
00000000004530e0 t readOneString
00000000004d2100 T REAL
00000000004396d0 t RealAnswer
                 U realloc@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004f7540 t realp0_
                 U __realpath_chk@@GLIBC_2.4
000000000053ea80 T realpr_
0000000000502030 t real_relop
00000000004b6460 t record_
00000000004b6130 t recordParents
00000000004d15d0 t RecursiveRelease
000000000057ce20 T R_EditFiles
000000000088c140 b registeredSystems
00000000004876a0 t registerOne
00000000004189e0 t register_tm_clones
000000000063def6 r reg_lmap
000000000063df05 r reg_map
0000000000413cbc t reg_report
00000000004ebbc0 t RelAtom
00000000008937e0 b release_count.11717
000000000088a410 b relstp.11709
00000000006141e0 r RelTable
0000000000433280 t removeAttrib
000000000046fef0 t removeDevice.part.0
000000000048fec0 t RemoveFromList
                 U remove@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000057ab00 T removeInputHandler
00000000004913b0 t RemoveVariable
000000000096eac8 B R_EmptyEnv
                 U rename@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004f33d0 t RenderAbs.isra.34
00000000004f1580 t RenderBin
0000000000413f0c t RenderCommaList
00000000004ec5f0 t RenderDelim
00000000004eb9a0 t RenderDelimiter
00000000004f0c70 t RenderElement
00000000004ed6b0 t RenderFormula
00000000004ecfe0 t RenderFraction.isra.30
00000000004f1f80 t RenderGroup
00000000004f23a0 t RenderInt
00000000004f1ea0 t RenderOffsetElement
00000000004f2ab0 t RenderOp
00000000004ecdc0 t RenderOpSymbol
00000000004f3850 t RenderRel
00000000004f3320 t RenderScript
00000000004ec280 t RenderStr
00000000004eb880 t RenderSymbolChar
000000000049ccf0 t R_EndProfiling
00000000004955e0 T R_EnvironmentIsLocked
000000000050d8f0 t rep3
000000000050dbb0 t rep4
000000000049cdd0 t replaceCall
000000000063b0b0 r rep_max
000000000063b0b6 r rep_min
00000000004fd290 T REprintf
000000000088ebe0 b R_EqSym
00000000005344a0 t requal
000000000087b86c d R_ErrorCon
000000000088c450 b R_ErrorHook
0000000000485600 t reset_duplicate_counter
000000000053cba0 t resetICUcollator
0000000000497d30 t reset_inWarning
00000000004d15c0 t reset_pp_stack
0000000000497d20 t reset_stack_limit
0000000000532bf0 t resetTimeLimits
0000000000466820 t reset_tz
0000000000512750 t resize_buffer.isra.29
0000000000470ce0 t resolveNativeRoutine.isra.3
00000000008829f0 D RestoreAction
0000000000497d40 t restore_inError
0000000000506150 t RestoreToEnv
0000000000891734 b R_EvalDepth
00000000004fd130 T REvprintf
                 U rewind@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000096eaa8 b R_ExactSymbol
00000000004af170 t R_execClosure
00000000004af520 T R_execMethod
000000000053eae0 T rexit_
000000000053c230 T rexitc_
000000000057cf50 T R_ExpandFileName
000000000057aeb0 t R_ExpandFileName_readline
0000000000415e76 t rexpm1
000000000087b894 d R_Expressions
000000000087b890 d R_Expressions_keep
000000000088ebe8 b R_ExpSym
000000000088ebf8 b R_ExptSym
00000000004d1b50 T R_ExternalPtrAddr
00000000004d1ca0 t R_ExternalPtrAddrFn
00000000004d1b70 T R_ExternalPtrProtected
00000000004d1b60 T R_ExternalPtrTag
000000000053c360 T Rf_acopy_string
00000000004cf1e0 T Rf_addTaskCallback
000000000053c480 t Rf_AdobeSymbol2ucs2
000000000053c3a0 T Rf_AdobeSymbol2utf8
000000000042e4e0 T Rf_alloc3DArray
000000000042e5a0 T Rf_allocArray
00000000004d7e90 t Rf_allocCharsxp
00000000004d6cb0 T Rf_allocList
000000000042db80 T Rf_allocMatrix
00000000004d7030 T Rf_allocS4Object
00000000004d6770 T Rf_allocSExp
00000000004d7070 T Rf_allocVector
000000000088eb60 b R_FalseValue
0000000000534770 T Rf_any_duplicated
0000000000534950 T Rf_any_duplicated3
00000000004aeb70 T Rf_applyClosure
0000000000528cf0 T Rf_arraySubscript
00000000005390f0 T Rf_asChar
0000000000447810 T Rf_asCharacterFactor
00000000004481f0 T Rf_asComplex
0000000000447f60 T Rf_asInteger
0000000000447e00 T Rf_asLogical
0000000000448090 T Rf_asReal
00000000004ddc30 T Rf_asS4
000000000043f7f0 t Rf_asVecSize
0000000000558440 t Rf_bd0
0000000000463560 T Rf_begincontext
0000000000559330 T Rf_bessel_i
0000000000559600 T Rf_bessel_i_ex
000000000055a840 T Rf_bessel_j
000000000055aad0 T Rf_bessel_j_ex
000000000055bed0 T Rf_bessel_k
000000000055c0d0 T Rf_bessel_k_ex
000000000055d500 T Rf_bessel_y
000000000055d7c0 T Rf_bessel_y_ex
000000000055da50 T Rf_beta
000000000096be90 b Rf_beta.4192
00000000004cf550 T Rf_callToplevelHandlers
000000000055dc60 t Rf_chebyshev_eval
000000000055dc10 t Rf_chebyshev_init
0000000000539e50 t Rf_check1arg
0000000000539a50 T Rf_checkArityCall
000000000049e1d0 t Rf_CheckFormals
000000000049dc70 t Rf_check_stack_balance
000000000055e030 T Rf_choose
00000000004346e0 T Rf_classgets
0000000000485e90 T Rf_CleanEd
0000000000448a50 T Rf_coerceVector
0000000000446a70 t Rf_CoercionWarning
000000000044e6f0 T Rf_col2name
0000000000446f40 t Rf_ComplexFromInteger
0000000000446f10 t Rf_ComplexFromLogical
0000000000446f70 t Rf_ComplexFromReal
0000000000446fb0 t Rf_ComplexFromString
00000000004c80b0 T Rf_conformable
000000000045f570 T Rf_con_pushback
00000000004d68a0 T Rf_cons
0000000000485880 T Rf_copyListMatrix
00000000004859f0 T Rf_copyMatrix
0000000000433ee0 T Rf_copyMostAttrib
0000000000433fc0 T Rf_copyMostAttribNoTs
0000000000485620 T Rf_copyVector
0000000000463b00 T Rf_countContexts
000000000051adb0 T Rf_cPsort
00000000004e9590 T Rf_CreateAtVector
00000000004476e0 T Rf_CreateTag
000000000046fe80 T Rf_curDevice
00000000004f73f0 t Rf_CustomPrintValue
000000000055e430 t Rf_d1mach
000000000055e470 T Rf_dbeta
000000000055ea10 T Rf_dbinom
000000000055ebc0 T Rf_dcauchy
000000000055ecc0 T Rf_dchisq
00000000004930e0 t Rf_ddfindVar
00000000004931e0 T Rf_defineVar
000000000046ee50 T Rf_deparse1
000000000046ee90 T Rf_deparse1line
000000000046f190 t Rf_deparse1s
000000000046ee70 t Rf_deparse1w
0000000000470450 T Rf_desc2GEDesc
000000000055ece0 T Rf_dexp
000000000055edd0 T Rf_df
000000000055f0e0 T Rf_dgamma
000000000055f2e0 T Rf_dgeom
000000000055f470 T Rf_dhyper
0000000000569690 T Rf_digamma
0000000000435b80 T Rf_dimgets
00000000004351b0 T Rf_dimnamesgets
00000000004b1e60 t Rf_DispatchAnyOrEval
000000000049e230 t Rf_DispatchGroup
00000000004b1a30 t Rf_DispatchOrEval
000000000055f7f0 T Rf_dlnorm
000000000055f930 T Rf_dlogis
000000000055fa40 T Rf_dnbeta
000000000055fed0 T Rf_dnbinom
0000000000560100 T Rf_dnbinom_mu
0000000000560560 T Rf_dnchisq
00000000005609a0 T Rf_dnf
0000000000560cf0 T Rf_dnorm4
0000000000560e90 T Rf_dnt
00000000004b5490 T Rf_doKeybd
00000000004b5200 T Rf_doMouseEvent
0000000000561420 T Rf_dpois
000000000046fc20 T Rf_dpptr
00000000005686d0 T Rf_dpsifn
0000000000568700 t Rf_dpsifn.part.0
000000000042e660 T Rf_DropDims
0000000000575950 T Rf_dsignrank
0000000000561530 T Rf_dt
0000000000561840 T Rf_dunif
0000000000485610 T Rf_duplicate
0000000000534590 T Rf_duplicated
0000000000561920 T Rf_dweibull
00000000005795f0 T Rf_dwilcox
00000000004c7a00 T Rf_elt
00000000004fbdd0 T Rf_EncodeComplex
00000000004fcce0 T Rf_EncodeElement
00000000004fb860 t Rf_EncodeEnvironment
00000000004fb7a0 T Rf_EncodeInteger
00000000004fb720 T Rf_EncodeLogical
00000000004fb830 t Rf_EncodeRaw
00000000004fba00 T Rf_EncodeReal
00000000004fc310 t Rf_EncodeString
0000000000463640 T Rf_endcontext
000000000057a230 T Rf_endEmbeddedR
00000000005399e0 t Rf_EnsureString
00000000004908c0 T Rf_envlength
0000000000499d70 T Rf_error
0000000000499790 T Rf_errorcall
000000000049c810 t Rf_ErrorMessage
00000000004adcb0 T Rf_eval
00000000004b0a00 t Rf_evalList
00000000004b0c90 t Rf_evalListKeepMissing
00000000004636d0 t Rf_findcontext
0000000000492fe0 T Rf_findFun
0000000000492e30 T Rf_findVar
0000000000492f00 t Rf_findVar1
0000000000492e20 T Rf_findVarInFrame
00000000004922e0 T Rf_findVarInFrame3
0000000000561ab0 T Rf_fmax2
0000000000561b00 T Rf_fmin2
00000000004b44b0 T Rf_formatComplex
00000000004b4080 T Rf_formatInteger
00000000004b4000 T Rf_formatLogical
00000000004b3f50 t Rf_formatRaw
00000000004b4140 T Rf_formatReal
00000000004b3f60 t Rf_formatString
0000000000561b50 T Rf_fprec
00000000004638b0 t Rf_framedepth
0000000000561eb0 T Rf_fround
00000000005620e0 T Rf_fsign
0000000000562160 T Rf_ftrunc
0000000000562180 t Rf_gamma_cody
0000000000562490 T Rf_gammafn
0000000000562470 t Rf_gammalims
00000000004bd6a0 T Rf_GAxisPars
00000000005276b0 t Rf_get1index
0000000000438120 T Rf_GetArrayDimnames
0000000000433670 T Rf_getAttrib
00000000004bd640 t R_fgetc
000000000052ff40 T Rf_getCharCE
000000000042db60 T Rf_GetColNames
0000000000438050 T Rf_GetMatrixDimnames
00000000004de020 T Rf_GetOption
00000000004ddfa0 T Rf_GetOption1
00000000004de0d0 t Rf_GetOptionCutoff
00000000004de130 t Rf_GetOptionDeviceAsk
00000000004de080 T Rf_GetOptionDigits
00000000004de030 T Rf_GetOptionWidth
000000000042db40 T Rf_GetRowNames
00000000004bda20 T Rf_GPretty
0000000000490790 T Rf_gsetVar
00000000005629c0 t Rf_i1mach
000000000052fd80 T R_FileExists
000000000052fdb0 t R_FileMtime
0000000000562a00 T Rf_imax2
0000000000562a10 T Rf_imin2
00000000004bc5a0 t R_FinalizeSrcRefState
00000000004fd560 t Rf_IndexWidth
00000000004963e0 T R_FindNamespace
0000000000496190 T R_FindPackageEnv
000000000041aff0 T R_FindSymbol
0000000000491d40 T R_findVarLocInFrame
00000000004c82a0 T Rf_inherits
0000000000429680 t Rf_InitArithmetic
00000000004903e0 t Rf_InitBaseEnv
0000000000457530 T Rf_init_con
00000000004603c0 t Rf_InitConnections
0000000000429670 T R_finite
0000000000485e60 t Rf_InitEd
000000000057a200 T Rf_initEmbeddedR
000000000057a1c0 t Rf_InitFunctionHashing
00000000004976a0 t Rf_InitGlobalEnv
00000000004707f0 t Rf_InitGraphics
000000000057c310 T Rf_initialize_R
00000000004d62d0 t Rf_InitMemory
00000000004d8e10 t Rf_InitNames
00000000004de270 t Rf_InitOptions
00000000004d1a30 t Rf_initStack
00000000004969d0 t Rf_InitStringHash
0000000000532340 t Rf_InitTempDir
00000000004d8cb0 T Rf_install
00000000005311c0 T Rf_installTrChar
0000000000446ca0 t Rf_IntegerFromComplex
0000000000446c30 t Rf_IntegerFromLogical
0000000000446c40 t Rf_IntegerFromReal
0000000000446d20 t Rf_IntegerFromString
000000000051ad90 T Rf_iPsort
00000000004c8790 T Rf_isArray
00000000004d9a70 T Rf_isBasicClass
0000000000539860 T Rf_isBlankString
00000000004d31e0 T Rf_isComplex
00000000004d3200 T Rf_isEnvironment
00000000004d31f0 T Rf_isExpression
00000000004c8950 T Rf_isFactor
00000000004c85d0 T Rf_isFrame
000000000053a190 T Rf_isFree
00000000004c8490 T Rf_isFunction
00000000004c8860 T Rf_isInteger
00000000004c86e0 T Rf_isLanguage
00000000004c84d0 T Rf_isList
00000000004d31c0 T Rf_isLogical
00000000004c8710 T Rf_isMatrix
00000000004c8500 T Rf_isNewList
00000000004d31a0 T Rf_isNull
00000000004c8ce0 T Rf_isNumber
00000000004c8bc0 T Rf_isNumeric
00000000004d3220 T Rf_isObject
00000000005394f0 T Rf_isOrdered
00000000004c8530 T Rf_isPairList
00000000004c84b0 T Rf_isPrimitive
00000000004d1970 T Rf_isProtected
00000000004d31d0 T Rf_isReal
00000000004ddc20 T Rf_isS4
00000000004d3210 T Rf_isString
00000000004d31b0 T Rf_isSymbol
00000000004c8810 T Rf_isTs
0000000000539320 T Rf_isUnordered
00000000005197d0 T Rf_isUnsorted
00000000004c8440 T Rf_isUserBinop
00000000004bd460 t Rf_isValidName
00000000004c8390 T Rf_isValidString
00000000004c83e0 T Rf_isValidStringF
00000000004c85a0 T Rf_isVector
00000000004c8570 T Rf_isVectorAtomic
00000000004c8f20 T Rf_isVectorizable
00000000004c8550 T Rf_isVectorList
000000000043c680 t Rf_ItemName
000000000049a590 T Rf_jump_to_toplevel
0000000000470400 T Rf_KillAllDevices
00000000004703e0 T Rf_killDevice
00000000004c7d80 T Rf_lang1
00000000004c7da0 T Rf_lang2
00000000004c7df0 T Rf_lang3
00000000004c7e60 T Rf_lang4
00000000004c7f00 T Rf_lang5
00000000004c7fc0 T Rf_lang6
00000000004c7ae0 T Rf_lastElt
0000000000562a20 T Rf_lbeta
000000000055de00 T Rf_lchoose
00000000004c7d60 T Rf_lcons
00000000004c78e0 T Rf_length
0000000000442120 T Rf_lengthgets
000000000055dd80 t Rf_lfastchoose
0000000000564350 T Rf_lgamma1p
0000000000562dd0 t Rf_lgammacor
00000000005632f0 T Rf_lgammafn
0000000000562ea0 T Rf_lgammafn_sign
00000000004c7b10 T Rf_list1
00000000004c7b20 T Rf_list2
00000000004c7b70 T Rf_list3
00000000004c7be0 T Rf_list4
00000000004c7c70 T Rf_list5
00000000004c7d20 T Rf_listAppend
0000000000564230 T Rf_log1pmx
0000000000446b70 t Rf_LogicalFromComplex
0000000000446b10 t Rf_LogicalFromInteger
0000000000446b30 t Rf_LogicalFromReal
0000000000446be0 t Rf_LogicalFromString
0000000000564430 T Rf_logspace_add
00000000005644a0 T Rf_logspace_sub
000000000041a850 t Rf_lookupCachedSymbol
000000000057c240 T R_FlushConsole
0000000000490170 t R_FlushGlobalCache
00000000004901e0 t R_FlushGlobalCacheFromTable
0000000000491950 t R_FlushGlobalCacheFromUserTable
00000000004cfb40 T Rf_mainloop
00000000004194d0 t Rf_MakeDLLInfo
0000000000528d00 t Rf_makeSubscript
000000000053b4f0 t Rf_markKnown
0000000000528240 t Rf_mat2indsub
0000000000535f30 T Rf_match
00000000004d0df0 t Rf_matchArg
00000000004d0e00 t Rf_matchArgExact
00000000004d0e20 t Rf_matchArgs
0000000000535f20 T Rf_matchE
00000000004d0de0 t Rf_matchPar
000000000053ba90 T Rf_mbrtowc
0000000000538b10 t Rf_mbrtowc.part.0
00000000005320b0 t Rf_mbtoucs
0000000000496fe0 T Rf_mkChar
0000000000496f90 T Rf_mkCharCE
0000000000496fd0 T Rf_mkCharLen
00000000004969f0 T Rf_mkCharLenCE
0000000000484b40 t Rf_mkCLOSXP
00000000004bd440 T Rf_mkFalse
00000000004c9090 T Rf_mkNamed
00000000004d6e60 t Rf_mkPROMISE
00000000004c9170 T Rf_mkString
0000000000484c10 t Rf_mkSYMSXP
00000000004bd420 t Rf_mkTrue
0000000000436850 T Rf_namesgets
0000000000538ec0 T Rf_ncols
00000000004701f0 T Rf_ndevNumber
00000000004d6d10 T Rf_NewEnvironment
0000000000470910 T Rf_NewFrameConfirm
000000000046fe90 T Rf_nextDevice
00000000004c8a60 T Rf_nlevels
000000000046fc60 T Rf_NoDevices
00000000004d0b90 T Rf_NonNullStringMatch
0000000000538d00 T Rf_nrows
0000000000539ed0 T Rf_nthcdr
000000000046fc90 T Rf_NumDevices
00000000005270a0 t Rf_OneIndex
000000000049a370 T Rf_onintr
0000000000498760 t Rf_onsigusr1
0000000000498810 t Rf_onsigusr2
000000000052fe30 T R_fopen
000000000041a350 T R_forceSymbols
000000000096e7e0 b Rf_osDynSymbol
0000000000447340 T Rf_PairToVectorList
00000000005633a0 T Rf_pbeta
0000000000563300 t Rf_pbeta_raw
00000000005634a0 T Rf_pbinom
0000000000563620 T Rf_pcauchy
0000000000563840 T Rf_pchisq
0000000000569810 T Rf_pentagamma
0000000000563860 T Rf_pexp
00000000005639a0 T Rf_pf
00000000005652c0 T Rf_pgamma
0000000000565400 T Rf_pgeom
00000000005655c0 T Rf_phyper
0000000000565950 T Rf_plnorm
0000000000565aa0 T Rf_plogis
00000000004d0d00 T Rf_pmatch
0000000000566380 T Rf_pnbeta
0000000000566480 T Rf_pnbinom
0000000000566600 T Rf_pnbinom_mu
0000000000567100 T Rf_pnchisq
00000000005672f0 T Rf_pnf
0000000000567c40 T Rf_pnorm5
00000000005674e0 T Rf_pnorm_both
0000000000567de0 T Rf_pnt
0000000000569890 T Rf_ppois
0000000000470140 T Rf_prevDevice
00000000004f98a0 t Rf_printArray
00000000004fa340 t Rf_printComplexVector
00000000004f44c0 T Rf_PrintDefaults
000000000053e610 t Rf_PrintGreeting
00000000004fa0d0 t Rf_printIntegerVector
00000000004f9420 t Rf_printMatrix
00000000004fa950 t Rf_printNamedVector
00000000004fa1f0 t Rf_printRealVector
00000000004f73c0 T Rf_PrintValue
00000000004f7220 t Rf_PrintValueEnv
00000000004f4930 t Rf_PrintValueRec
00000000004fa520 T Rf_printVector
000000000053e6d0 t Rf_PrintVersion
000000000053e500 t Rf_PrintVersion_part_1
000000000053de20 t Rf_PrintVersionString
00000000004986f0 t Rf_PrintWarnings
0000000000497f60 t Rf_PrintWarnings.part.0
000000000049de30 t Rf_promiseArgs
00000000004d17b0 T Rf_protect
0000000000569590 T Rf_psigamma
0000000000575ae0 T Rf_psignrank
00000000004d0be0 T Rf_psmatch
00000000005699a0 T Rf_pt
000000000056a0e0 T Rf_ptukey
000000000056a670 T Rf_punif
000000000056a7e0 T Rf_pweibull
00000000005797e0 T Rf_pwilcox
000000000056a980 T Rf_qbeta
000000000056b440 T Rf_qbinom
000000000056b930 T Rf_qcauchy
000000000056bb00 T Rf_qchisq
000000000056bef0 t Rf_qchisq_appr
000000000056bb20 T Rf_qexp
000000000056bcd0 T Rf_qf
000000000056c590 T Rf_qgamma
000000000056ce50 T Rf_qgeom
000000000056d0f0 T Rf_qhyper
000000000056d680 T Rf_qlnorm
000000000056d7b0 T Rf_qlogis
000000000056d9d0 T Rf_qnbeta
000000000056de80 T Rf_qnbinom
000000000056e400 T Rf_qnbinom_mu
000000000056e420 T Rf_qnchisq
000000000056ebb0 T Rf_qnf
000000000056edd0 T Rf_qnorm5
000000000056f370 T Rf_qnt
000000000056f860 T Rf_qpois
0000000000575d80 T Rf_qsignrank
000000000056fce0 T Rf_qt
0000000000570d50 T Rf_qtukey
0000000000571310 T Rf_qunif
0000000000571470 T Rf_qweibull
0000000000579ad0 T Rf_qwilcox
00000000005716b0 T Rf_rbeta
0000000000571de0 T Rf_rbinom
00000000005728d0 T Rf_rcauchy
0000000000572970 T Rf_rchisq
0000000000446e20 t Rf_RealFromComplex
0000000000446e00 t Rf_RealFromInteger
0000000000446de0 t Rf_RealFromLogical
0000000000446e90 t Rf_RealFromString
0000000000531af0 T Rf_reEnc
000000000096eac0 b R_FreeSEXP
00000000004d3490 T R_FreeStringBuffer
00000000004d34c0 t R_FreeStringBufferL
00000000004cf3c0 T Rf_removeTaskCallbackByIndex
00000000004cf320 T Rf_removeTaskCallbackByName
00000000004cf670 T Rf_ReplIteration
000000000051a3c0 T Rf_revsort
00000000005729d0 T Rf_rexp
0000000000572a40 T Rf_rf
0000000000572b10 T Rf_rgamma
000000000044e6e0 T Rf_RGBpar
000000000044e6c0 T Rf_RGBpar3
0000000000573350 T Rf_rgeom
0000000000573470 T Rf_rhyper
0000000000574450 T Rf_rlnorm
00000000005744b0 T Rf_rlogis
0000000000574790 T Rf_rnbinom
00000000005748a0 T Rf_rnchisq
00000000005749b0 T Rf_rnorm
0000000000574a50 T Rf_rpois
000000000051ada0 T Rf_rPsort
00000000005760f0 T Rf_rsignrank
0000000000575400 T Rf_rt
0000000000575490 T Rf_runif
0000000000891740 b Rf_RunningToplevelHandlers
0000000000575540 T Rf_rweibull
0000000000579ea0 T Rf_rwilcox
0000000000438130 T Rf_S3Class
00000000004c8e70 T Rf_ScalarComplex
00000000004c8e20 T Rf_ScalarInteger
00000000004c8de0 T Rf_ScalarLogical
00000000004c8f00 T Rf_ScalarRaw
00000000004c8e40 T Rf_ScalarReal
00000000004c8eb0 T Rf_ScalarString
000000000053cbb0 t Rf_Scollate
0000000000470230 T Rf_selectDevice
00000000004d34f0 t Rf_Seql
0000000000435e60 T Rf_setAttrib
0000000000456890 T Rf_set_iconv
000000000053a130 t Rf_setIVector
000000000053a150 t Rf_setRVector
000000000053a170 T Rf_setSVector
0000000000493610 T Rf_setVar
00000000005756d0 T Rf_sign
000000000051a4d0 T Rf_sortVector
000000000049dcb0 t Rf_SrcrefPrompt
000000000051a0c0 t Rf_ssort
0000000000576ef0 t Rf_stirlerr
00000000005396c0 T Rf_str2type
000000000053bd00 T Rf_strchr
0000000000539920 T Rf_StringBlank
0000000000539990 T Rf_StringFalse
0000000000447270 t Rf_StringFromComplex
0000000000447120 t Rf_StringFromInteger
00000000004470d0 t Rf_StringFromLogical
0000000000447170 t Rf_StringFromReal
0000000000539940 T Rf_StringTrue
000000000053b520 T Rf_strIsASCII
0000000000528780 t Rf_strmat2intmat
000000000053bdb0 T Rf_strrchr
00000000004d8c50 t Rf_StrToInternal
000000000044da40 T Rf_substitute
000000000044d7f0 t Rf_substituteList
0000000000569790 T Rf_tetragamma
0000000000891748 b Rf_ToplevelTaskHandlers
00000000004ca290 T R_FTPClose
00000000004ca1c0 T R_FTPOpen
00000000004ca220 T R_FTPRead
000000000052ffd0 T Rf_translateChar
0000000000531550 T Rf_translateChar0
00000000005315a0 T Rf_translateCharUTF8
0000000000569710 T Rf_trigamma
0000000000538c70 t Rf_tsConform
0000000000434260 t Rf_tspgets
0000000000539780 T Rf_type2char
0000000000539720 T Rf_type2str
0000000000531f00 T Rf_ucstomb
00000000005321a0 T Rf_ucstoutf8
0000000000490420 t Rf_unbindVar
00000000004d1860 T Rf_unprotect
00000000004d18a0 T Rf_unprotect_ptr
000000000087b900 D R_FunTab
00000000004d9b30 t Rf_usemethod
000000000053b580 t Rf_utf8toucs
000000000053b820 T Rf_utf8towcs
00000000004fd590 t Rf_VectorIndex
0000000000527f00 t Rf_vectorIndex
00000000004474c0 T Rf_VectorToPairList
000000000049b420 T Rf_warning
000000000049b390 T Rf_warningcall
000000000049b8f0 T Rf_warningcall_immediate
000000000049b7a0 t Rf_WarningMessage
000000000053ba10 t Rf_wcstoutf8
0000000000531800 t Rf_wtransChar
00000000004c7970 T Rf_xlength
0000000000441b20 T Rf_xlengthgets
000000000096e874 B Rf_yychar
000000000096e868 B Rf_yylval
000000000096e870 B Rf_yynerrs
00000000004ba200 T Rf_yyparse
00000000004d81b0 T R_gc
00000000004d3af0 t R_gc_internal
000000000088ec54 b R_GC_Profiling
00000000004d1610 T R_gc_running
00000000004d1730 T R_gc_torture
0000000000487fd0 T R_GE_checkVersionOrDie
0000000000487fc0 T R_GE_getVersion
0000000000893880 b R_GenHeap
000000000048ed00 T R_GE_rasterInterpolate
000000000048f340 T R_GE_rasterResizeForRotation
000000000048f410 T R_GE_rasterRotate
000000000048f1d0 T R_GE_rasterRotatedOffset
000000000048f050 T R_GE_rasterRotatedSize
000000000048ec40 T R_GE_rasterScale
000000000053e800 T R_GE_setVFontRoutines
000000000044e710 T R_GE_str2col
000000000088ebc0 b R_GeSym
000000000042d610 T R_get_arith_function
000000000041bef0 T R_GetCCallable
00000000004dd5b0 T R_getClassDef
000000000057d350 t R_getClockIncrement
0000000000498c90 T R_GetCurrentSrcref
000000000041a360 T R_getDllInfo
000000000041b6f0 t R_getDllTable
000000000041a3e0 T R_getEmbeddingDllInfo
00000000004d1670 t R_GetMaxNSize
00000000004d1620 t R_GetMaxVSize
000000000057d210 t R_getProcTime
000000000041b7f0 t R_getRegisteredRoutines
0000000000419d00 t R_getRoutineSymbols
0000000000438df0 t R_getS4DataSlot
0000000000498d80 T R_GetSrcFilename
000000000041b540 t R_getSymbolInfo
00000000004cf4c0 T R_getTaskCallbackNames
0000000000498920 t R_GetTraceback
0000000000490730 T R_GetVarLocMISSING
0000000000490720 t R_GetVarLocSymbol
0000000000490700 t R_GetVarLocValue
000000000057de90 T R_GetX11Image
000000000053e8c0 t R_GE_VStrHeight
000000000053e820 t R_GE_VStrWidth
000000000053e930 t R_GE_VText
000000000088c218 b R_GlobalCache
000000000088c210 b R_GlobalCachePreserve
000000000096eb20 B R_GlobalContext
000000000096eaf8 B R_GlobalEnv
0000000000882ab8 D Rg_PolledEvents
000000000044e6a0 T Rg_set_col_ptrs
000000000088ebb8 b R_GtSym
000000000087b858 D R_GUIType
000000000096c1e0 B Rg_wait_usec
00000000004590c0 T R_gzclose
0000000000459040 T R_gzgets
0000000000458b70 T R_gzopen
00000000004557e0 t R_gzread
0000000000453cd0 t R_gzwrite
000000000096eb00 b R_HandlerStack
0000000000495cb0 T R_HasFancyBindings
0000000000533690 t rhash
000000000048fb90 t R_HashGet
0000000000491d60 t R_HashResize
000000000048fc80 t R_HashSet
000000000048fa50 t R_HashSizeCheck
00000000004dcdb0 t R_has_methods
00000000004381e0 T R_has_slot
000000000052fe10 t R_HiddenFile
000000000096ead0 B R_HistoryFile
000000000096ea88 B R_HistorySize
000000000096ea18 B R_Home
000000000052fe50 T R_HomeDir
00000000004ca160 T R_HTTPClose
00000000004ca080 T R_HTTPOpen
00000000004ca0f0 T R_HTTPRead
0000000000505200 t Ri18n_iswalnum
0000000000504f70 t Ri18n_iswalpha
0000000000504f10 t Ri18n_iswblank
0000000000504f00 t Ri18n_iswcntrl
00000000005052b0 T Ri18n_iswctype
0000000000504f60 t Ri18n_iswdigit
0000000000504f20 t Ri18n_iswgraph
0000000000504f80 t Ri18n_iswlower
0000000000504f30 t Ri18n_iswprint
0000000000504ef0 t Ri18n_iswpunct
0000000000504f40 t Ri18n_iswspace
0000000000504f90 t Ri18n_iswupper
0000000000504f50 t Ri18n_iswxdigit
0000000000505140 t Ri18n_wcswidth
00000000005051b0 T Ri18n_wctype
0000000000618b00 r Ri18n_wctype_func
0000000000504fa0 T Ri18n_wcwidth
000000000052ffb0 T Riconv
000000000052ffc0 T Riconv_close
000000000052ffa0 T Riconv_open
0000000000891460 B R_ignore_SIGPIPE
000000000087b8e8 d R_in_gc
0000000000501ce0 t R_init_base
0000000000516020 T R_InitConnInPStream
0000000000515f90 T R_InitConnOutPStream
0000000000515f70 T R_InitFileInPStream
0000000000515f40 T R_InitFileOutPStream
0000000000520740 t R_InitialData
00000000004b2f70 t R_initialize_bcode
0000000000515ef0 T R_InitInPStream
00000000004ae8b0 t R_init_jit_enabled
0000000000515f10 T R_InitOutPStream
000000000096ed80 B R_InitReadItemDepth
00000000004bc710 t R_InitSrcRefState
0000000000882b08 D R_InputHandlers
000000000049a8c0 t R_InsertRestartHandlers
00000000004c9e80 t R_inspect
00000000004c9ea0 t R_inspect3
000000000087b870 D R_Interactive
0000000000891738 B R_interrupts_pending
000000000089173c B R_interrupts_suspended
                 U rint@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004cacf0 t R_IoBufferFree
00000000004cadf0 t R_IoBufferGetc
00000000004cac90 t R_IoBufferInit
00000000004cad30 t R_IoBufferPutc
00000000004cadb0 t R_IoBufferPuts
00000000004cae50 t R_IoBufferReadOffset
00000000004cac60 t R_IoBufferReadReset
00000000004cac20 t R_IoBufferWriteReset
0000000000891474 B R_isForkedChild
0000000000493e20 t R_isMissing
00000000004295f0 T R_IsNA
0000000000496210 T R_IsNamespaceEnv
0000000000429620 T R_IsNaN
0000000000429650 T R_isnancpp
0000000000519cd0 T R_isort
0000000000496000 T R_IsPackageEnv
000000000096eb78 b R_Is_Running
0000000000891470 b R_jit_enabled
0000000000463770 t R_JumpToContext
000000000089172c b R_KeepSource
0000000000888980 b R_KT_ran_arr_buf
000000000087a9a0 d R_KT_ran_arr_ptr
000000000087a9a8 d R_KT_ran_arr_sentinel
00000000008943c0 b R_LargeVallocSize
000000000096e958 B R_LastvalueSymbol
00000000008837d8 B rl_attempted_completion_function
0000000000883818 B rl_attempted_completion_over
00000000005169f0 t R_lazyLoadDBinsertValue
0000000000883840 B rl_basic_word_break_characters
                 U rl_callback_handler_install
                 U rl_callback_handler_remove
                 U rl_callback_read_char
0000000000883808 B rl_completer_word_break_characters
00000000008837c0 B rl_completion_append_character
                 U rl_completion_matches
000000000088ebc8 b R_LeSym
000000000096eb30 B R_LevelsSymbol
0000000000520540 t R_LibraryFileName
000000000088ec50 b R_Line_Profiling
00000000008837f0 B rl_line_buffer
0000000000508e00 t R_LoadFromFile
00000000004cdee0 t R_LoadProfile
000000000057a190 t R_local_dlsym
0000000000495700 T R_LockBinding
0000000000495470 T R_LockEnvironment
00000000004286c0 t R_log
00000000004148e5 t rlog1
00000000004d9950 t R_LookupMethod
0000000000883810 B rl_readline_name
0000000000490a90 T R_lsInternal
00000000008837e0 B rl_sort_completion_matches
000000000096c488 b rl_top
000000000088ebd0 b R_LtSym
0000000000495910 T R_MakeActiveBinding
00000000004d6840 T R_MakeExternalPtr
00000000004d6870 T R_MakeExternalPtrFn
00000000004d7b50 T R_MakeWeakRef
00000000004d7c90 T R_MakeWeakRefC
0000000000548620 T R_max_col
000000000087b8b8 d R_MaxNSize
000000000087b81c D R_max_num_math_threads
000000000087b8c0 d R_MaxVSize
                 U rmdir@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000088ec58 b R_Mem_Profiling
000000000096ea20 B R_MethodsNamespace
000000000096ea08 B R_MissingArg
000000000096ea28 B R_ModeSymbol
000000000041b360 T R_moduleCdynload
000000000041bf80 t rmspace
000000000088ec08 b R_MulSym
0000000000574550 T rmultinom
000000000096eb7c B R_NaInt
0000000000496310 T R_NamespaceEnvSpec
000000000096eb80 B R_NamespaceRegistry
000000000096ea80 B R_NamesSymbol
000000000096eb40 B R_NameSymbol
000000000096ed20 B R_NaN
000000000096e970 B R_NaReal
000000000096ea90 B R_NaRmSymbol
000000000096eb18 B R_NaString
0000000000574820 T rnbinom_mu
000000000096e888 B R_NegInf
000000000088ebd8 b R_NeSym
00000000004630a0 T R_new_custom_connection
0000000000490370 T R_NewHashedEnv
0000000000490330 t R_Newhashpjw
000000000048f8c0 t R_NewHashTable
00000000004ca000 t R_newsock
0000000000484900 t R_newunz
00000000004c9f90 t R_newurl
000000000041ce20 t RNG_Init
000000000041dd80 t RNGkind
000000000087aac0 d RNG_kind
000000000087b8e0 d R_NGrowFrac
000000000087b8d0 d R_NGrowIncrFrac
000000000087a9c0 d RNG_Table
000000000096ea50 b R_NHeap
000000000096e890 B R_NilValue
00000000008943a0 b R_N_maxused
0000000000893878 b R_NodesInUse
000000000088eba0 b R_NotSym
000000000087b864 d R_NShowCalls
000000000087b8a8 d R_NSize
000000000087b6d0 d R_NumDevices
000000000087b820 D R_num_math_threads
000000000087b888 d R_nwarnings
0000000000470990 t RObjToCPtr2
000000000057d0c0 t R_OpenInitFile
00000000005204c0 t R_OpenLibraryFile
0000000000520610 t R_OpenSiteFile
00000000005205a0 t R_OpenSysInitFile
000000000051b060 T R_orderVector
000000000088eba8 b R_OrSym
000000000087a990 d R_osDynSymbol
0000000000891340 b routines
000000000096be50 b routines
000000000096e5c0 b routines
000000000096e820 b R_OutputCon
0000000000891700 B R_Outputfile
00000000004960c0 T R_PackageEnvName
000000000096eab8 B R_PackageSymbol
00000000004bc7f0 t R_Parse
00000000004bc520 t R_Parse1
00000000004bcbc0 t R_Parse1Buffer
00000000004bcb00 t R_Parse1File
00000000004bcfa0 t R_ParseBuffer
00000000004bcf10 t R_ParseConn
00000000008914c0 B R_ParseContext
00000000008914a4 B R_ParseContextLast
000000000096eab0 B R_ParseContextLine
00000000008916c0 B R_ParseError
000000000096eb60 b R_ParseErrorCol
000000000096ea10 b R_ParseErrorFile
00000000008915c0 B R_ParseErrorMsg
00000000004bcee0 t R_ParseFile
00000000004bcf40 T R_ParseVector
0000000000891720 b R_PendingPromises
0000000000882ac0 D R_PolledEvents
000000000052ff10 T R_popen
000000000096e9f8 B R_PosInf
00000000004dce60 t R_possible_dispatch
00000000004296f0 T R_pow
00000000004299e0 T R_pow_di
000000000096e8c8 b R_PPStack
000000000087b898 d R_PPStackSize
000000000096ea68 b R_PPStackTop
00000000008943c8 b R_PreciousList
00000000004d6cf0 T R_PreserveObject
00000000005528c0 t R_pretty
00000000004d8ab0 t R_Primitive
00000000004dc8e0 T R_primitive_generic
00000000004dc8b0 T R_primitive_methods
000000000096ed40 B R_print
00000000004fd090 T Rprintf
000000000057db20 T R_ProcessEvents
000000000088ec28 b R_profiled_thread
000000000088ec60 b R_ProfileOutfile
000000000088ec68 b R_Profiling
000000000088ec30 b R_Profiling_Error
00000000004b3140 T R_PromiseExpr
00000000004ce0f0 t R_PromptString
00000000004d19c0 T R_ProtectWithIndex
0000000000517920 t rPsort2
00000000004f73d0 T R_PV
00000000004fe140 T R_qsort
00000000004fdbd0 T R_qsort_I
00000000004fe390 T R_qsort_int
00000000004fdea0 T R_qsort_int_I
00000000004fd5e0 t R_qsort_int_R.constprop.0
00000000004fd8b0 t R_qsort_R.constprop.1
0000000000891718 b R_Quiet
000000000096e8a0 B R_QuoteSymbol
000000000057df00 t R_ReadClipboard
0000000000461700 T R_ReadConnection
000000000057c1e0 T R_ReadConsole
0000000000896fa0 B R_ReadItemDepth
0000000000893868 b R_RealPPStackSize
000000000096e978 b R_RecursiveSymbol
000000000041be90 T R_RegisterCCallable
00000000004d7d20 T R_RegisterCFinalizer
00000000004d7d00 T R_RegisterCFinalizerEx
000000000041a0d0 t R_RegisterDLL
00000000004d7bc0 T R_RegisterFinalizer
00000000004d7ba0 T R_RegisterFinalizerEx
000000000041a460 T R_registerRoutines
00000000004d1b30 T R_ReleaseObject
00000000004cf470 T R_removeTaskCallback
00000000004cfa10 t R_ReplConsole
00000000004cffa0 T R_ReplDLLdo1
00000000004ce1a0 T R_ReplDLLinit
00000000004cddb0 t R_ReplFile
00000000004d19e0 T R_Reprotect
000000000057c230 T R_ResetConsole
000000000096eb48 b R_RestartStack
000000000096ea60 b R_RestartToken
0000000000520720 T R_RestoreGlobalEnv
0000000000509bd0 T R_RestoreGlobalEnvFromFile
0000000000463450 t R_restore_globals
0000000000495f80 T R_RestoreHashCount
000000000096eaa0 B R_RestoreHistory
000000000096ecf8 b R_ReturnedValue
000000000096eb70 B R_RowNamesSymbol
0000000000519e10 T R_rsort
00000000004d6c60 T R_RunExitFinalizers
000000000057ad70 T R_runHandlers
000000000096c568 B R_running_as_main_program
0000000000463350 t R_run_onexits
00000000004d69a0 T R_RunWeakRefFinalizer
000000000088a3c0 b R_S4_extends_table
0000000000520750 T R_SaveGlobalEnv
0000000000509a80 T R_SaveGlobalEnvToFile
0000000000508df0 t R_SaveToFile
0000000000508c70 t R_SaveToFileV
000000000096eae0 B R_SeedsSymbol
00000000004ddba0 t R_seemsOldStyleS4Object
000000000057a940 T R_SelectEx
0000000000515b60 T R_Serialize
0000000000516660 t R_serialize
0000000000516520 t R_serializeb
000000000096e8a8 b R_SessionContext
000000000041a2b0 t R_setArgStyles.isra.10
0000000000418aa0 T R_set_command_line_arguments
00000000004d1b90 T R_SetExternalPtrAddr
00000000004d1c20 T R_SetExternalPtrProtected
00000000004d1ba0 T R_SetExternalPtrTag
00000000004c9f20 T R_setInternetRoutines
00000000004cb1f0 T R_setLapackRoutines
00000000004d1680 t R_SetMaxNSize
00000000004d1640 t R_SetMaxVSize
00000000004de210 t R_SetOptionWarn
00000000004de190 t R_SetOptionWidth
00000000005208b0 T R_SetParams
00000000004d16a0 t R_SetPPSize
000000000041a270 t R_setPrimitiveArgTypes.isra.9
00000000004dcc60 T R_set_prim_method
00000000004dce50 T R_set_quick_method_check
00000000004dc360 T R_set_standardGeneric_ptr
000000000057d1e0 T R_setStartTime
000000000057c2a0 T R_setupHistory
0000000000490740 t R_SetVarLocValue
000000000057dcb0 T R_setX11Routines
0000000000891488 b R_ShowErrorCalls
000000000087b868 d R_ShowErrorMessages
000000000057c280 t R_ShowFiles
000000000057c1d0 T R_ShowMessage
000000000089148c b R_ShowWarnCalls
000000000087b810 D R_SignalHandlers
000000000088b774 b R_SinkNumber
000000000088b660 b R_SinkSplit
0000000000520760 T R_SizeFromEnv
0000000000891714 B R_Slave
00000000008943b8 b R_SmallVallocSize
0000000000514400 t Rsnprintf.constprop.34
00000000004ca650 T Rsockclose
00000000004ca3c0 T Rsockconnect
00000000004ca880 T Rsocklisten
00000000004ca770 T Rsockopen
00000000004ca4e0 T Rsockread
00000000004cab90 t Rsockselect
00000000004caa40 T Rsockwrite
000000000051a1f0 T rsort_with_index
000000000096e9a0 B R_SourceSymbol
000000000088ebf0 b R_SqrtSym
000000000088ec40 b R_Srcfile_bufcount
000000000088ec48 b R_Srcfiles
000000000088ec38 b R_Srcfiles_buffer
000000000096ed00 B R_SrcfileSymbol
000000000096e948 B R_Srcref
000000000096ed18 B R_SrcrefSymbol
00000000008944c0 b R_standardGeneric_ptr
000000000089386c b R_StandardPPStackSize
000000000057bfc0 t Rstd_addhistory
000000000057b760 t Rstd_Busy
000000000057bc50 t Rstd_ChooseFile
000000000057b810 t Rstd_CleanUp
000000000057b750 t Rstd_ClearerrConsole
000000000057b740 t Rstd_FlushConsole
00000000008916d0 b R_StdinEnc
000000000057bcf0 t Rstd_loadhistory
000000000057af70 t Rstd_ReadConsole
000000000057bcc0 t Rstd_read_history
000000000057b730 t Rstd_ResetConsole
000000000057be20 t Rstd_savehistory
000000000057ba10 t Rstd_ShowFiles
000000000057bcb0 t Rstd_ShowMessage
000000000057a910 t Rstd_Suicide
000000000057b6a0 t Rstd_WriteConsole
000000000057b6d0 t Rstd_WriteConsoleEx
00000000004d2a10 T RSTEP
00000000004e2310 t R_strieql
000000000096ea58 b R_StringHash
00000000004fc2c0 t Rstrlen
00000000004689f0 t R_strptime
000000000053c9d0 T R_strtod
000000000053c4a0 T R_strtod4
00000000004fbff0 t Rstrwid
000000000088eb78 b R_Subassign2Sym
0000000000525ef0 T R_subassign3_dflt
000000000088eb90 b R_SubassignSym
000000000088eb80 b R_Subset2Sym
000000000052c6d0 t R_subset3_dflt
000000000088eb98 b R_SubsetSym
000000000088ec10 b R_SubSym
000000000057c1c0 T R_Suicide
000000000096e980 b R_SymbolTable
00000000004638e0 t R_syscall
00000000004637d0 t R_sysframe
00000000004632b0 t R_sysframe.part.0
00000000004639c0 t R_sysfunction
00000000004637f0 t R_sysparent
000000000052ff20 T R_system
00000000004cdf60 T R_taskCallbackRoutine
00000000008916f8 B R_TempDir
00000000004cb060 t R_TextBufferFree
00000000004cb080 t R_TextBufferGetc
00000000004cae80 t R_TextBufferInit
000000000096edb8 B R_timeout_handler
000000000096ede8 B R_timeout_val
0000000000532a90 T R_tmpnam
00000000005324e0 T R_tmpnam2
000000000096e928 b R_TmpvalSymbol
000000000096eba0 b R_Toplevel
000000000096e8d0 b R_ToplevelContext
0000000000464140 T R_ToplevelExec
00000000004d1d00 T RTRACE
000000000096ea38 b R_TripleColonSymbol
000000000088eb68 b R_TrueValue
0000000000464230 T R_tryEval
0000000000464290 T R_tryEvalSilent
000000000096eb58 B R_TspSymbol
000000000042c270 t R_unary
000000000096ea98 B R_UnboundValue
00000000004d6ad0 t RunFinalizers
00000000004e32d0 t R_unlink
00000000004e3030 t R_unlink.part.1
00000000004957f0 T R_unLockBinding
00000000004cfad0 T run_Rmainloop
0000000000515cc0 T R_Unserialize
0000000000516850 t R_unserialize
0000000000483f50 T Runzip
000000000041a340 T R_useDynamicSymbols
000000000096e9b0 b R_UseNamesSymbol
000000000088eb70 b R_valueSym
0000000000891710 b R_Verbose
000000000087b8d8 d R_VGrowFrac
000000000087b8c8 d R_VGrowIncrFrac
000000000096e938 B R_Visible
0000000000894398 b R_V_maxused
00000000004fcfe0 T Rvprintf
000000000087b8a0 d R_VSize
0000000000497ed0 t Rvsnprintf
00000000008943d0 b R_VStack
000000000096c1e4 B R_wait_usec
000000000053eb00 T rwarn_
000000000053c2b0 T rwarnc_
000000000096e8c0 b R_Warnings
000000000087b88c d R_WarnLength
0000000000891498 b R_warn_partial_match_args
0000000000891490 b R_warn_partial_match_attr
0000000000891494 b R_warn_partial_match_dollar
00000000005389b0 t Rwcrtomb
0000000000466890 t Rwcsncasecmp
00000000004d16b0 T R_WeakRefKey
0000000000893870 b R_weak_refs
00000000004d16e0 T R_WeakRefValue
000000000096e960 b R_WholeSrcrefSymbol
00000000004616a0 T R_WriteConnection
000000000057c1f0 T R_WriteConsole
000000000057c210 T R_WriteConsoleEx
0000000000505810 t R_WriteMagic
000000000057dcc0 t R_X11_Init
0000000000509930 t R_XDRDecodeDouble
0000000000509a10 t R_XDRDecodeInteger
00000000005098c0 t R_XDREncodeDouble
00000000005099a0 t R_XDREncodeInteger
0000000000586570 T Rz_adler32
0000000000586a00 T Rz_adler32_combine
0000000000586a20 T Rz_adler32_combine64
000000000057e020 T Rz_compress
000000000057df60 T Rz_compress2
000000000057e030 T Rz_compressBound
000000000057e1d0 T Rz_crc32
000000000057e4a0 T Rz_crc32_combine
000000000057e4b0 T Rz_crc32_combine64
000000000057fd70 T Rz_deflate
000000000057fc20 T Rz_deflateBound
00000000005813c0 T Rz_deflateCopy
00000000006350c0 R Rz_deflate_copyright
0000000000580fa0 T Rz_deflateEnd
0000000000581390 T Rz_deflateInit_
0000000000581090 T Rz_deflateInit2_
0000000000580e70 T Rz_deflateParams
000000000057fb30 T Rz_deflatePrime
000000000057f9e0 T Rz_deflateReset
000000000057f6d0 T Rz_deflateSetDictionary
000000000057fac0 T Rz_deflateSetHeader
000000000057fbe0 T Rz_deflateTune
0000000000635f60 R Rz_dist_code
0000000000879d40 D Rz_errmsg
000000000057e1c0 T Rz_get_crc_table
0000000000581bd0 T Rz_inflate
0000000000583d20 T Rz_inflateCopy
0000000000635d20 R Rz_inflate_copyright
00000000005839a0 T Rz_inflateEnd
0000000000586a40 T Rz_inflate_fast
0000000000583b40 T Rz_inflateGetHeader
0000000000581b50 T Rz_inflateInit_
0000000000581a70 T Rz_inflateInit2_
0000000000584020 T Rz_inflateMark
0000000000581b60 T Rz_inflatePrime
0000000000581980 T Rz_inflateReset
00000000005819c0 T Rz_inflateReset2
0000000000583a90 T Rz_inflateSetDictionary
0000000000583b70 T Rz_inflateSync
0000000000583ce0 T Rz_inflateSyncPoint
0000000000584080 T Rz_inflate_table
0000000000583ff0 T Rz_inflateUndermine
0000000000635e60 R Rz_length_code
0000000000585b40 T Rz__tr_align
0000000000585c30 T Rz__tr_flush_block
00000000005858f0 T Rz__tr_init
00000000005859f0 T Rz__tr_stored_block
00000000005862a0 T Rz__tr_tally
0000000000586340 T Rz_uncompress
0000000000586460 T Rz_zcalloc
0000000000586470 T Rz_zcfree
0000000000586440 T Rz_zError
0000000000586430 T Rz_zlibCompileFlags
0000000000586420 T Rz_zlibVersion
00000000008944d0 b s.11035
000000000096bf40 b s2.4198
000000000062e2a0 r s2u
000000000096c190 b s.4192
000000000096bf38 b s.4197
000000000096bfa8 b s.4236
0000000000630280 r s.4247
00000000004d7e00 T S_alloc
00000000005522d0 T samin
00000000008829f4 D SaveAction
00000000008912f0 b SavedLval
00000000008912f8 b SavedToken
0000000000506140 t saveload_cleanup
000000000044e730 t savePalette
0000000000529560 t scalarIndex
000000000050a760 t scanchar
000000000050a5c0 t scan_cleanup
0000000000511910 t ScanForCircles1
0000000000584ba0 t scan_tree
00000000004b3c80 t scientific.isra.0
0000000000894440 b s_className.11370
0000000000517a70 t scmp
0000000000894480 b s_contains.11131
000000000088a3b0 b s_dot_Data
000000000088a340 b s_dotData.11440
000000000088a3c8 b s_dot_S3Class
000000000041e020 T seed_in
000000000041e030 T seed_out
                 U select@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000096c4a0 b seljmpbuf
0000000000584ca0 t send_tree
000000000050d710 t seq_colon
0000000000533e50 t sequal
000000000088a5b0 b set.15827
00000000004d3250 t SET_ACTIVE_BINDING_BIT
000000000048fbf0 t setActiveValue
00000000004d3350 t SET_ASCII
00000000004d1d20 T SET_ATTRIB
00000000004d2aa0 T SET_BODY
00000000004d3320 t SET_BYTES
00000000004d3370 t SET_CACHED
00000000004d28a0 T SETCAD4R
00000000004d27b0 T SETCADDDR
00000000004d26d0 T SETCADDR
00000000004d2600 T SETCADR
00000000004d24a0 T SETCAR
00000000004d2550 T SETCDR
00000000004d2b20 T SET_CLOENV
000000000043a540 t SetColNames
00000000004d3190 t SET_CXTAIL
00000000004d2da0 T SET_DDVAL
00000000004138cc t setDflt.isra.2.part.3
0000000000470be0 t setDLLname.isra.1
00000000004d2e90 T SET_ENCLOS
00000000004d2f90 T SET_ENVFLAGS
                 U setenv@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004d2a20 T SET_FORMALS
00000000004d2e10 T SET_FRAME
00000000004d2f10 T SET_HASHTAB
0000000000413934 t set_iconv_error
00000000004d2d20 T SET_INTERNAL
                 U setitimer@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000005af750 t set_jumps
00000000004d3330 t SET_LATIN1
00000000004d1ef0 T SETLENGTH
00000000004d1e20 T SETLEVELS
                 U setlocale@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004d29b0 T SET_MISSING
00000000004d1df0 T SET_NAMED
00000000005d21f0 t set_nottype_bits.isra.0
00000000004ec1a0 t SetNumStyle
00000000004d1dc0 T SET_OBJECT
00000000004dde50 t SetOption
00000000004d30f0 T SET_PRCODE
00000000004d2ff0 T SET_PRENV
00000000004ec1e0 t SetPrimeStyle
00000000004d32c0 T SET_PRIMFUN
00000000004d2c20 T SET_PRINTNAME
00000000005b1c20 t set_private_data_ptrs
00000000004d3170 T SET_PRSEEN
00000000004d3070 T SET_PRVALUE
00000000004d2ba0 T SET_RDEBUG
000000000057af00 t set_rl_word_breaks
000000000043a510 t SetRowNames
00000000004d2bc0 T SET_RSTEP
00000000004d1e00 T SET_RTRACE
00000000004d1ec0 T SET_S4_OBJECT
0000000000520350 t SetSize
00000000005d2560 t set_start_bits
00000000004d21b0 T SET_STRING_ELT
00000000004ec020 t SetStyle.isra.16
00000000004ec0b0 t SetSubStyle
00000000004ec100 t SetSupStyle
00000000004d2ca0 T SET_SYMVALUE
00000000005d2250 t set_table_bit.isra.1
00000000004d2420 T SET_TAG
00000000005b5040 t set_then_offsets
00000000004d1f10 T SET_TRUELENGTH
00000000005d24a0 t set_type_bits.isra.3
00000000004d1de0 T SET_TYPEOF
0000000000466710 t set_tz
00000000004ce2e0 T setup_Rmainloop
00000000004d3340 t SET_UTF8
00000000004d2290 T SET_VECTOR_ELT
000000000088a358 b s_extends.11118
000000000088a350 b s_extendsForS3.11119
0000000000632040 r sferr_halves.4178
0000000000894460 b s_getClass.11356
0000000000894458 b s_getClassDef.11362
000000000088a3a8 b s_getDataPart
0000000000533ea0 t shash
000000000088a4d8 b shi
000000000088a4e0 b shr
000000000088a4c8 b si
000000000096bf10 b si.4202
                 U sigaction@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004cda40 t sigactionSegv
                 U sigaltstack@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U sigemptyset@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U signal@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000891750 b signal_stack
0000000000575940 T signrank_free
                 U __sigsetjmp@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000891760 b sigstk
00000000005217a0 t SimpleListAssign.isra.2
                 U sincos@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000624e60 r sincs
                 U sin@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U sinh@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000088b720 b SinkCons
000000000088b6c0 b SinkConsClose
00000000005b7480 t skip_char_back.isra.42
00000000004b7170 t SkipSpace
00000000005b18c0 t sljit_alloc_memory
00000000005b67a0 t sljit_emit_cmp
00000000005b2350 t sljit_emit_fast_enter.constprop.66
00000000005b2450 t sljit_emit_fast_return.constprop.67
00000000005b4ee0 t sljit_emit_ijump.constprop.63
00000000005b18f0 t sljit_emit_jump
00000000005b1a90 t sljit_emit_label
00000000005b2f00 t sljit_emit_op1
00000000005b58f0 t sljit_emit_op2
00000000005b97f0 t sljit_emit_op_flags.isra.31.constprop.64
00000000005af1c0 t sljit_free_compiler
00000000005b00c0 t sljit_free_exec
00000000005afb60 t sljit_generate_code
00000000005b25a0 t sljit_get_local_base.constprop.62
000000000096e688 b sljit_page_align
00000000005af790 t sljit_stack_resize
0000000000552f70 t sndofd
                 U __snprintf_chk@@GLIBC_2.3.4
                 U snprintf@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000488770 t spline_segment_computing
                 U __sprintf_chk@@GLIBC_2.3.4
0000000000894448 b s_prototype.11369
                 U sqrt@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000088a4d0 b sr
                 U srand@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000046c1d0 t src2buff1
00000000008912c0 b SrcRefs
00000000004d7e30 T S_realloc
0000000000891244 b srindex
0000000000894488 b s_S3table.10871
                 U sscanf@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000096e600 b sse2_buffer
000000000096e620 b sse2_data
0000000000894478 b s_selectSuperCl.11132
000000000088a3a0 b s_setDataPart
                 U __stack_chk_fail@@GLIBC_2.4
000000000041897f T _start
000000000096c580 b StartTime
0000000000882b20 d static_bl_desc
0000000000882b40 d static_d_desc
0000000000636160 r static_dtree
0000000000882b60 d static_l_desc
00000000006361e0 r static_ltree
0000000000453310 t stderr_fflush
0000000000883848 B stderr@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000454920 t stderr_vfprintf
0000000000454990 t stdin_fgetc
00000000008837e8 B stdin@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000453330 t stdout_fflush
00000000008837d0 B stdout@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000454940 t stdout_vfprintf
0000000000487a20 t step_computing.part.9.constprop.15
                 U stifle_history
                 U __stpcpy_chk@@GLIBC_2.3.4
                 U stpcpy@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000096e6e0 b str.5645
                 U __strcat_chk@@GLIBC_2.3.4
                 U strcat@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U strchr@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U strcmp@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U strcoll@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U __strcpy_chk@@GLIBC_2.3.4
                 U strcpy@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U strcspn@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U __strdup@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U strerror@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U strftime@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000043a890 t StringAnswer
00000000004d1fc0 T STRING_ELT
000000000063a3a8 r string_H
000000000063a3cf r string_h
00000000004eba20 t StringMatch
000000000063a3c1 r string_PL
000000000063a3e8 r string_pL
000000000063a3ba r string_PLl
000000000063a3e1 r string_pLl
000000000063a3b3 r string_PLu
000000000063a3da r string_pLu
000000000063a457 r string_PNd
000000000063a450 r string_pNd
00000000004d2180 T STRING_PTR
000000000063a3ab r string_PXan
000000000063a3d2 r string_pXan
000000000063a3a0 r string_PXps
000000000063a3c7 r string_pXps
000000000063a448 r string_PXsp
000000000063a440 r string_pXsp
000000000063a438 r string_PXwd
000000000063a430 r string_pXwd
0000000000526860 t stringSubscript
00000000004b7210 t StringValue
0000000000433240 t stripAttrib
0000000000533a40 t StripUnmatched
                 U strlen@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U strncasecmp@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U __strncat_chk@@GLIBC_2.3.4
                 U strncmp@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U __strncpy_chk@@GLIBC_2.3.4
                 U strncpy@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000467950 t strptime_internal
                 U strrchr@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U strstr@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U strtod@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U strtok@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U strtol@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000520bc0 t SubAssignArgs
0000000000520d60 t SubassignTypeFix.isra.0
00000000004ebad0 t SubAtom
000000000063a400 r substitutes
0000000000894450 b s_virtual.11368
000000000088a438 b svsi.11679
000000000088a440 b svsr.11680
0000000000456560 t switch_or_tee_stdout
00000000004601b0 t switch_stdout
000000000088a348 b s_xData.11439
00000000004ebca0 t SymbolFaceAtom
00000000006145a0 r SymbolTable
00000000004b9010 t SymbolValue
                 U symlink@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004d2bf0 T SYMVALUE
00000000005816f0 t syncsearch
                 U sysconf@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U system@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000008916f0 b Sys_TempDir
0000000000631d60 r t.4228
0000000000630240 r t.4248
0000000000618de0 r table_wcwidth
00000000004d2350 T TAG
00000000004b84e0 t TagArg.isra.7
0000000000894500 b tagbuf
                 U tan@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U tanh@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000600300 r tbl
000000000042d7b0 t tccrossprod
000000000087ab20 d test_result.10419
00000000004525a0 t text_close
00000000004527f0 t text_destroy
                 U textdomain@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004525b0 t text_fgetc
00000000004b6dc0 t text_getc
0000000000452590 t text_open
0000000000455590 t text_seek
0000000000454f60 t text_vfprintf
00000000008837a0 d then_trap_opcode
00000000004eb760 t ThinSpace
000000000088a4b8 b ti
                 U tilde_expand
                 U time@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U timespec_get@@GLIBC_2.16
00000000004696c0 t TimeToSeed
00000000008837a8 d __TMC_END__
000000000049cdc0 t tmp_cleanup
                 U tmpfile@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000096bfd0 b tn.4238
00000000004b9430 t token_
000000000096e670 b total_size
000000000062b938 r TO_WCHAR
                 U towctrans@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U towlower@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U towupper@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000088a408 b tp.11708
000000000088a4c0 b tr
000000000087b6cc d tracing_state
00000000004ebd20 t TranslatedSymbol
0000000000442d00 t tr_build_spec
000000000043f530 t trChar
00000000005d5220 t tre_add_tag_left.isra.1
00000000005d52f0 t tre_add_tag_right.isra.2
00000000005d53c0 t tre_add_tags
00000000005dec90 T tre_ast_new_catenation
00000000005debf0 T tre_ast_new_iter
00000000005debc0 T tre_ast_new_literal
00000000005deb40 T tre_ast_new_node
00000000005dec50 T tre_ast_new_union
0000000000418840 t tre_ast_to_tnfa
00000000005dc760 t tre_compare_items
00000000005d6390 T tre_compile
00000000005d7850 T tre_config
00000000005d4ed0 t tre_copy_ast
000000000064fce0 r tre_error_messages
00000000005d3e10 T tre_fill_pmatch
00000000005d6230 T tre_free
00000000005537c0 t tregup
00000000005d4030 T tre_have_approx
00000000005d4020 T tre_have_backrefs
0000000000650240 r tre_macros
00000000004184cc t tre_make_trans
00000000005d4080 t tre_match
00000000005d43b0 t tre_match_approx
00000000005d45f0 t tre_match_empty
00000000005dc5f0 T tre_mem_alloc_impl
00000000005dc5b0 T tre_mem_destroy
00000000005dc4c0 T tre_mem_new_impl
00000000005dc790 t tre_new_item
00000000005dc850 T tre_parse
00000000005d51d0 t tre_purge_regset.isra.0
00000000005d4550 T tre_regaexec
00000000005d4560 T tre_regaexecb
00000000005d4500 T tre_reganexec
00000000005d4040 T tre_regaparams_default
00000000005d45a0 T tre_regawexec
00000000005d4580 T tre_regawnexec
00000000005d3c00 T tre_regcomp
00000000005d3c40 T tre_regcompb
00000000005d3d50 T tre_regerror
00000000005d42b0 T tre_regexec
00000000005d42d0 T tre_regexecb
00000000005d3d40 T tre_regfree
00000000005d3a20 T tre_regncomp
00000000005d3b80 T tre_regncompb
00000000005d4250 T tre_regnexec
00000000005d4300 T tre_regnexecb
00000000005d4380 T tre_reguexec
00000000005d3d00 T tre_regwcomp
00000000005d4350 T tre_regwexec
00000000005d3cf0 T tre_regwncomp
00000000005d4330 T tre_regwnexec
00000000005d48e0 t tre_set_empty
00000000005d4920 t tre_set_one
00000000005d4990 t tre_set_union
00000000005deab0 T tre_stack_destroy
00000000005dea40 T tre_stack_new
00000000005dead0 T tre_stack_num_objects
00000000005deb00 T tre_stack_pop_int
00000000005deb20 T tre_stack_pop_voidptr
00000000005de980 t tre_stack_push
00000000005deae0 T tre_stack_push_int
00000000005deaf0 T tre_stack_push_voidptr
00000000005d78b0 T tre_tnfa_run_approx
00000000005d9d20 T tre_tnfa_run_backtrack
00000000005db310 T tre_tnfa_run_parallel
00000000005d7800 T tre_version
0000000000585b30 T _tr_flush_bits
0000000000442c80 t tr_get_next_char_from_spec
00000000004d8810 T TRUELENGTH
000000000062e8c0 r truenames
                 U trunc@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000049e120 t tryAssignDispatch
000000000049dfd0 t tryDispatch
0000000000413d49 t TryToReleasePages.part.1
0000000000891088 b txtb
00000000005f8940 r typeinfo
00000000004d1ce0 T TYPEOF
000000000062e6c0 r TypeTable
0000000000883820 B __tzname@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000883820 V tzname@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U tzset@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000062e6a0 r UCS2ENC
000000000096be20 b ucsmb_obj
000000000096be18 b ucsutf8_obj
                 U umask@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U uname@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000413b72 t UNBOUND_VARIABLE_ERROR.isra.3
                 U ungetc@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000062b930 r UNICODE
000000000041d660 T unif_rand
000000000049a5e0 T UNIMPLEMENTED
0000000000539850 T UNIMPLEMENTED_TYPE
00000000005397d0 t UNIMPLEMENTED_TYPEt
                 U unlink@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004d3270 t UNLOCK_BINDING
00000000008943e0 b UnmarkedNodeTemplate
0000000000486fb0 t unregisterOne
                 U unsetenv@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004d1ed0 T UNSET_S4_OBJECT
0000000000482060 t unz64local_getByte
0000000000482890 t unz64local_GetCurrentFileInfoInternal.constprop.9
0000000000482200 t unz64local_getLong
00000000004820c0 t unz64local_getLong64
00000000004822b0 t unz64local_getShort
0000000000481b90 t unzClose
0000000000481bd0 t unz_close
0000000000481ac0 t unzCloseCurrentFile
0000000000482010 t unz_fgetc_internal
00000000004833b0 t unzGoToFirstFile
0000000000483310 t unzGoToNextFile
0000000000483aa0 t unzLocateFile.constprop.6
0000000000483f10 t unz_open
0000000000482320 t unzOpenCurrentFile3.constprop.8
0000000000483400 t unzOpenInternal.constprop.4
0000000000483d50 t unz_open.part.2
0000000000481fe0 t unz_read
0000000000481c20 t unzReadCurrentFile
0000000000581780 t updatewindow
0000000000969de0 b used
000000000096c5a0 b UserHOME
0000000000888960 B User_norm_fun
000000000088a338 b User_unif_fun
0000000000888968 B User_unif_init
000000000088a330 b User_unif_nseed
000000000088a328 b User_unif_seedloc
00000000004b58b0 t UseSrcRefState
0000000000882b10 d UsingReadline
000000000053b550 t utf8clen
0000000000891484 B utf8locale
000000000096be28 b utf8_obj
000000000062e640 r utf8_table1
0000000000617a80 r utf8_table2
000000000062e620 r utf8_table2
000000000062e660 r utf8_table4
000000000053bad0 T utf8Valid
000000000096be08 b utf8_wobj
                 U utimes@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000465e80 t validate_tm
00000000008823b8 d var_R_can_use_X11
                 U __vasprintf_chk@@GLIBC_2.8
000000000046e8e0 t vec2buff
0000000000521be0 t VectorAssign
00000000004d2000 T VECTOR_ELT
00000000004d2190 T VECTOR_PTR
0000000000533e20 t vequal
000000000063a600 r verbnames
000000000063a580 r verbs
0000000000498e20 t verrorcall_dflt
0000000000486f10 t VFontFaceCode
0000000000486ff0 t VFontFamilyCode
000000000053e7a0 t vfonts_Init
00000000005f9ba0 r VFontTable
                 U __vfprintf_chk@@GLIBC_2.3.4
0000000000533f70 t vhash
00000000004d1790 T vmaxget
00000000004d17a0 T vmaxset
000000000054fb40 T vmmin
000000000044f300 t vrshft.constprop.7
000000000087b8b0 d vsfac
000000000049b1f0 t vsignalWarning
                 U __vsnprintf_chk@@GLIBC_2.3.4
                 U __vsprintf_chk@@GLIBC_2.3.4
000000000049ac60 t vwarningcall_dflt
000000000096c1a8 b w
000000000096c1c0 b w
000000000088bff0 b w.13691
000000000096bfb0 b w.4237
000000000087ab60 d w_ab_month_name
000000000087b100 d w_ab_weekday_name
00000000004feaf0 t walker_ProbSampleReplace
0000000000895e28 b Walker_warn
000000000087ab40 d w_am_pm
000000000088e480 b warned.12891
000000000049b9a0 t warningcall_dflt.constprop.5
00000000005fcba0 r WarningDB
                 U __wcrtomb_chk@@GLIBC_2.4
                 U __wcscpy_chk@@GLIBC_2.4
                 U wcsftime@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U wcslen@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U wcsncmp@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U __wcsncpy_chk@@GLIBC_2.4
                 U wcsncpy@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U wcstod@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U wcstombs@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U wctrans@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U wctype@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000497f00 t wd
000000000087b640 d weekday_name
0000000000575730 t w_free
00000000005792c0 t w_free
000000000062ef00 r wg.5178
000000000062edc0 r wg.5273
000000000062eec0 r wgk.5180
000000000062ee00 r wgk.5275
000000000088a390 b while_sym.11083
000000000057a090 T wilcox_free
0000000000575760 t w_init_maybe
0000000000579390 t w_init_maybe
                 U wmemcmp@@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000087ad40 d w_month_name
0000000000882600 d workspace_name
0000000000569c90 t wprob
00000000005149f0 t WriteBC1.isra.15
0000000000514840 t WriteBCLang
                 U write@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U write_history
0000000000514b20 t WriteItem
00000000005147c0 t WriteLENGTH
000000000046c0b0 t writeline
000000000049a5b0 t WrongArgCount
0000000000466920 t w_strptime_internal
0000000000442e50 t wtr_build_spec
0000000000442c30 t wtr_get_next_char_from_spec
000000000087b220 d w_weekday_name
                 U xdr_bytes@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U xdr_double@@GLIBC_2.2.5
0000000000506cc0 t XdrInComplex
00000000005057d0 t XdrInInit
0000000000506f20 t XdrInInteger
0000000000506d40 t XdrInReal
0000000000507080 t XdrInString
0000000000505330 t XdrInTerm
                 U xdr_int@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U xdrmem_create@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U xdrstdio_create@@GLIBC_2.2.5
                 U xdr_string@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004f7640 T xerbla_
000000000062ef40 r xgk.5179
000000000062ee60 r xgk.5274
00000000004eb5d0 t XHeight
00000000004eb720 t xHeight
000000000096bf98 b xl.4239
000000000096bed0 b xl.4887
00000000006311c0 r xleg.4187
0000000000631240 r xlegq.4234
00000000004d1f30 T XLENGTH
000000000096beb8 b xll.4888
000000000096beb0 b xlr.4889
000000000096bed8 b xm.4890
000000000088c118 b xpoints
000000000096bf90 b xr.4240
000000000096bec8 b xr.4891
                 U __xstat@@GLIBC_2.2.5
00000000004d1f50 T XTRUELENGTH
000000000088a4a0 b xx.11613
00000000004b67f0 t xxbinary
00000000008912d0 b xxbytesave
00000000008912dc b xxcharcount
00000000008912d8 b xxcharsave
00000000008912cc b xxcolsave
00000000004b69f0 t xxexprlist2
00000000004b5660 t xxgetc
00000000008912d4 b xxlinesave
00000000004b6fb0 t xxnxtbrk
00000000008912c8 b xxparsesave
00000000004b68b0 t xxsubscript
00000000004b8570 t xxsymsub0
00000000004b85d0 t xxsymsub1
00000000004b6770 t xxunary
00000000004b57f0 t xxungetc
00000000004b6980 t xxvalue
000000000088a478 b xxx.11616
0000000000454820 t xzfile_close
00000000004547e0 t xzfile_fgetc_internal
0000000000457000 t xzfile_open
0000000000454670 t xzfile_read
0000000000454570 t xzfile_write
000000000055c290 t Y_bessel.isra.0
000000000088c110 b ypoints
000000000088a498 b yy.11614
00000000006031c0 r yycheck
0000000000603f80 r yydefact
0000000000603f50 r yydefgoto
00000000004b88e0 t yyerror
0000000000603018 r yyexpecting.9837
000000000096e840 B yylloc
0000000000603e00 r yypact
0000000000603dea r yypgoto
00000000006040a0 r yyr1
0000000000604040 r yyr2
00000000004b86c0 t yysyntax_error
00000000006037e0 r yytable
000000000088f080 b yytext
0000000000604100 r yytname
00000000004b8630 t yytnamerr
0000000000602e00 r yytname_translations.9835
00000000006043c0 r yytranslate
0000000000603030 r yyunexpected.9836
000000000044f280 t z_acos
000000000044f2e0 t z_acosh
000000000044ec50 t z_asin
000000000044edb0 t z_asinh
000000000044f180 t z_atan
000000000044eb00 t z_atan2
000000000044f240 t z_atanh
                 U zgemm_
000000000088a468 b zi.11611
000000000044ea90 t z_logbase
0000000000450990 t z_prec
0000000000450780 t z_prec_r
000000000088a470 b zr.11612
000000000044ea50 t z_rround
000000000044edf0 t z_tan
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	linux-vdso.so.1 =>  (0x00007fffd6bfe000)
	libblas.so.3 => /usr/lib/libblas.so.3 (0x00007f5864649000)
	libm.so.6 => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libm.so.6 (0x00007f5864345000)
	libreadline.so.6 => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libreadline.so.6 (0x00007f5864102000)
	liblzma.so.5 => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/liblzma.so.5 (0x00007f5863ee0000)
	librt.so.1 => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/librt.so.1 (0x00007f5863cd8000)
	libdl.so.2 => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libdl.so.2 (0x00007f5863ad3000)
	libgomp.so.1 => /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgomp.so.1 (0x00007f58638c4000)
	libpthread.so.0 => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libpthread.so.0 (0x00007f58636a7000)
	libc.so.6 => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6 (0x00007f58632de000)
	/lib64/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2 (0x00007f5864c36000)
	libgfortran.so.3 => /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgfortran.so.3 (0x00007f5862fc6000)
	libgcc_s.so.1 => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgcc_s.so.1 (0x00007f5862db0000)
	libtinfo.so.5 => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libtinfo.so.5 (0x00007f5862b86000)
	libquadmath.so.0 => /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libquadmath.so.0 (0x00007f586294a000)
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## confifential information removed

MKL=-Wl,--start-group -lmkl_gf_lp64 -lmkl_gnu_thread -lmkl_core -Wl,--end-group -lgomp -lpthread

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