[Rd] what is the current correct repos structure for mac osx binaries?

Skye Bender-deMoll skyebend at skyeome.net
Fri Jun 13 23:41:35 CEST 2014

Dear R-developers,

As part of our package building process, we maintain internal CRAN-like 
repositories of our packages.  This has worked pretty well, but we are 
running into issues with R 3.1 and OSX mavericks.

Specifically, machines with osx mavericks seem to, by default, expect 
packages to be located under a 'mavericks' sub-directory, but this is 
not the location reported when generating a mac.binary appropriate 
contrib url.

[1] "foo/bin/macosx/mavericks/contrib/3.1/"

If I ask where the mac binaries are on a linux machine (AND on mac 
mavericks machines) I get

[1] "foo/bin/macosx/mavericks/contrib/3.1/"

But the OSX machine gives an error and fails to locate the packages if 
they are located at foo/bin/macosx/contrib/3.1/

So where are the mac binaries supposed to located in a CRAN-like 
repository so that they can be installed on a mac with the default 
install command?  And is there a way for a non-mac machine (i.e. our 
linux deploy server) to determine that directory other than 
contrib.url(,type='mac.binary) ?

thanks for your help,

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