[Rd] version numbers for CRAN submissions that give warnings/notes

Michael Friendly friendly at yorku.ca
Thu Mar 6 20:39:11 CET 2014

It often happens that I submit a new revision of a package, say 
mypkg-1.0-10, from R-Forge
to CRAN after running R CMD check locally and looking at the log files 
on R-Forge.
But R-Forge has the devel checks disabled, and I get an email from CRAN 
pointing out
some new warning or note I'm asked to correct.

OK, I correct this and commit a new rev to R-Forge.  But, is it still 
required to bump the
version number to mypkg-1.0-11 before resubmitting to CRAN, even though 
did not make it there?

To do so means also modifying the DESCRIPTION, NEWS and
mypkg-package.Rd files even for a minor warning or note.

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