[Rd] Trouble installing Rcpp on AIX - missing "execinfo.h"

Mike Beddo Mike.Beddo at dataventures.com
Thu Oct 30 05:13:07 CET 2014


When I try "install.packages('Rcpp')" it fails when compiling api.cpp (line 39). This is Rcpp 0.11.3. I searched my filesystem, and indeed I do not have execinfo.h anywhere. After some effort, I got R build on AIX. Now I am trying to build the packages I need. Rcpp is crucial.

I first build R with the native IBM XL compilers, and Rcpp wouldn't build. That was because it wasn't a "GOOD COMPILER" (there's a directive in the Rcpp code that checks for various types of compilers). So I switched to building R with gcc/gfortran/g++ 4.8 and got past that point, but now blocked by the absence of "execinfo.h" header file.

Any ideas?



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