[Rd] Problem with psignal.c for Windows builds

Radford Neal radford at cs.toronto.edu
Mon Aug 24 23:26:33 CEST 2015

One thing I forgot in my previous message about problems with
psignal.c on Rtools for Windows...

One also needs to change src/gnuwin32/fixed/h/psignal.h

At a minimum, one needs the following changes:

@@ -122,8 +129,8 @@ typedef struct
 /* Prototype stuff ***********************************************************/
-int           sigsetmask(int signal_Block_MaskNew);
-int           sigblock(int signal_Block_MaskNew);
+sigset_t      sigsetmask(sigset_t signal_Block_MaskNew);
+sigset_t      sigblock(sigset_t signal_Block_MaskNew);
 int           sighold(int signal_Number);
 int           sigrelse(int signal_Number);
 int           sigaction(int signal_Number,struct sigaction* sigaction_Info,
@@ -143,7 +150,7 @@ int sigsuspend(sigset_t* sigset_Info);
 /* Re-mapped functions ===================================================== */
-#define sigmask(signal_Index) (1<<(signal_Index-1))
+#define sigmask(signal_Index) ((sigset_t)1<<(signal_Index-1))
    This must be a macro, since we want setjmp working in the

But the definition of sigset_t may also need to change, as discussed
in my previous message.

You can see the pqR versions at the following URLs:


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