[Rd] How to unload R.dll successfully by FreeLibrary

暮如雪 snowyfox at 163.com
Mon Feb 9 04:56:27 CET 2015

   I write some code to check the R.dll reference count, and find after LoadLibrary, the R.dll reference count is 3 instead of 1, and after call pfnInit, the reference count is 19, means the R.dll got loaded many times after call pfnInit, even after call  LoadLibrary, I assume the reference count should be 1, Now I wonder how to decrease the reference count increased by pfnInit, seems pfnEnd does NOT decrease the reference count to 3. I find easy time I call FreeLibrary, the reference count decrease by 3 each time, so I guess if there is a way to decrease the the count by 16(which is increased by pfnInit), I can unload the R.dll successfully by FreeLibrary.

So anyone will be kind to point me to the right direction, thanks.


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