[Rd] save.image Doesn't Save Objects When Browsing

Dario Strbenac dstr7320 at uni.sydney.edu.au
Fri Feb 20 02:00:03 CET 2015

The documentation states that "save.image() is just a short-cut for save(list = ls(all = TRUE), file = ".RData")". However, if I do

Browse[1]> ls(all=TRUE)
[1] "expression"         "orderedFeatures"    "predictParams"     
[4] "resubstituteParams" "trainParams"        "verbose"
Browse[1]> save.image("BROWSE.RData")

load("BROWSE.RData") shows different variables than ls() did. Explicitly typing

Browse[1]> save(list = ls(all = TRUE), file = ".RData")

causes the variables in the current environment to be saved.

Is the documentation of save.image() missing a special case ?

Dario Strbenac
PhD Student
University of Sydney
Camperdown NSW 2050

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