[Rd] UCBAdmissions help link update request

John Christie John.Christie at Dal.Ca
Thu Jan 1 17:56:21 CET 2015

Currently the help for UCBAdmissions has a link to Michael Friendly's old faculty page, <http://www.math.yorku.ca/SCS/friendly.html>

This goes to a redirect page. The new address is datavis.ca.

As it was, the link was vague. I don't actually see the direct connection to the data set on Friendly's page, only the visualization topic. I think the former is what a lot of people might be expecting given the current wording. Maybe there is a more direct link to an example using the funcion that could be used or maybe it should be reworded. Perhaps the link could be <http://www.datavis.ca/courses/VCD/vcd2-handout-2x2.pdf>.  Or, the rewording could be:

See Michael Friendly's page (http://datavis.ca) for further information on categorical data visualization. The search on that page can be used to find specific examples with this data set.

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