[Rd] Potential cross-platform package building issue

Steven Ranney steven.ranney at gmail.com
Sat Jan 3 21:49:53 CET 2015

I am using 32-bit R 3.1.2 on Windows 7.

I recently conducted an `R CMD check --as-cran` on a recently-developed
package and received only the 'New submission' note. Research on
StackOverflow and on R-devel suggested this could be ignored. I also used
devtools::build_win() and received no notes or warnings, other than the one
mentioned previously. Lastly, I conducted an `R CMD check` with the
development version of R.  Further, I built the package locally with `R CMD
build` and `R CMD INSTALL --build` and everything worked as it should,
including the PDF manual.

Upon submission to CRAN, I was told that a warning was thrown:

This fails to make its manual:
* checking PDF version of manual ... WARNING
LaTeX errors when creating PDF version.
This typically indicates Rd problems.
LaTeX errors found:
! Missing $ inserted.
<inserted text>
l.682 }{}
! Missing } inserted.
<inserted text>

The line appears to be
\widehat{R_1} =

I asked for assistance in resolving this issue as I could not replicate the
WARNING.  Another user could replicate the warning on Ubuntu 12.04 but was
able to resolve the issue by removing the DOS end-of-line markers (^M or
Ctrl-M) from the .Rd file.  Neither he nor I could find anything in the R
Extensions Manual that discussed removing end-of-line markers.

Link to the thread on StackOverflow.com:

Link to GitHub repository: http://www.github.com/stevenranney/creelSurvey

Is this an obscure cross platform issue?  If so, I would have thought that
someone else would have already discovered this.  If this is normal
behavior, is there a simple way to remove these end of line markers so I
can minimize WARNINGS from CRAN in the future?

Thanks -

Steven Ranney

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