[Rd] R CMD check: "..." used in a situation where it does not exist

Michal Burda michal.burda at osu.cz
Wed Jan 14 08:42:41 CET 2015

Dear R developers,

when running R CMD check, the R Under development (unstable)
(2015-01-13 r67453) gives me the following NOTE:

cbind.fsets: possible error in list(...): ... used in a situation
where it does not exist

The file that causes this note contains:

cbind.fsets <- function(..., deparse.level = 1) {
    dots <- list(...)

    res <- NULL
    resVars <- NULL
    resSpecs <- NULL

    for (i in seq_along(dots)) {
        arg <- dots[[i]]
        argName <- names(dots)[i]

        if (!is.null(arg)) {
            if (!is.fsets(arg)) {
                stop("Function 'cbind.fsets' cannot bind arguments
that are not valid 'fsets' objects")
            class(arg) <- setdiff(class(arg), 'fsets')
            if (is.null(res)) {
                resVars <- vars(arg)
                resSpecs <- specs(arg)
                res <- arg
            } else {
                resVarNames <- c(names(resVars), names(vars(arg)))
                resVars <- c(resVars, vars(arg))
                names(resVars) <- resVarNames

                o1 <- matrix(0, nrow=nrow(resSpecs), ncol=ncol(specs(arg)))
                o2 <- matrix(0, nrow=nrow(specs(arg)), ncol=ncol(resSpecs))
                resSpecs <- rbind(cbind(resSpecs, o1),
                                  cbind(o2, specs(arg)))
                colnames(resSpecs) <- names(resVars)
                rownames(resSpecs) <- names(resVars)
                res <- cbind(res, arg)

    return(fsets(res, resVars, resSpecs))

I want to avoid any NOTES prior submitting my package to CRAN, but I
cannot find any information what is wrong with my code and how to get
rid of that message during R CMD check process.

Does anybody of you know what is wrong with my code?

Thank you, in advance.

Best regards,

Michal Burda
junior researcher

IT4Innovations NSC
Institute for Research and Applications of Fuzzy Modeling   |
University of Ostrava   |   IT4Innovations National Supercomputing
30. dubna 22   |   701 03  Ostrava   |   Czech Republic
e-mail: michal.burda at osu.cz  |   web IRAFM: irafm.osu.cz  |   web
IT4I: it4i.cz  |   phone: +420 597 09 1450

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