[Rd] Building rinstaller using R-devel (3.2.0-to-be) halts when trying to copy html files

Avraham Adler avraham.adler at gmail.com
Mon Jan 26 23:12:54 CET 2015

As the build process, especially for Windows, is changing
significantly for R 3.2.0, I am trying to build R-devel in
preparation. When running `make rinstaller`, I get the following

    cp -p ../../../etc/x64/Makeconf R-devel/etc/x64
    mkdir -p R-devel/doc
    cp -p ../../../doc/CRAN_mirrors.csv R-devel/doc
    mkdir -p R-devel/doc/manual/images
    cp -pR ../../../doc/html R-devel/doc
    cp -p ../../../doc/manual/*.html ../../../doc/manual/*.pdf \
    cp: cannot stat '../../../doc/manual/*.html': No such file or directory
    make[1]: *** [imagedir] Error 1
    make[1]: Leaving directory `/cygdrive/f/R/R-devel/src/gnuwin32/installer'
    make: *** [rinstaller] Error 2

Looking at the directories, I have "\doc\manual" and
"F:\R\R-devel\doc\html" and there are no .html files in the \manual
directory, only pdfs.

I am building on Windows 7 64 bit, so the MkRules.local is being used,
and the pertinent settings therein include:

    TEXI2ANY = missing

Is it as simple as changing line 74 in the Makefile under
src/gnuwin32/installer from:

    $(CP) -p $(R_HOME)/doc/manual/*.html $(R_HOME)/doc/manual/*.pdf \


    $(CP) -p $(R_HOME)/doc/html/*.html $(R_HOME)/doc/manual/*.pdf \

Or is the problem that MIKTEX alone can no longer be used and texinfo
/must/ be installed (as is implied in

Thank you,


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