[Rd] Unicode display problem with data frames under Windows

Richard Cotton richierocks at gmail.com
Mon May 25 15:38:05 CEST 2015

Here's a data frame with some Unicode symbols (set intersection and union).

d <- data.frame(x = "A \u222a B \u2229 C")

Printing this data frame under R 3.2.0 patched (r68378) and Windows 7, I see

##                  x
## 1 A <U+222A> B n C

Printing the column itself works fine.

## [1] A ∪ B ∩ C
## Levels: A ∪ B ∩ C

The encoding is correctly UTF-8.

## [1] "UTF-8"

Under Linux both forms of printing are fine for me.

I'm not quite sure whether I've missed a setting or if this is a bug, so

Am I doing something silly?
Can anyone else reproduce this?


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