[Rd] No new daily R-devel tarball since r69202?

Rainer Hurling rhurlin at gwdg.de
Sat Sep 5 13:54:21 CEST 2015

Am 05.09.2015 um 10:18 schrieb peter dalgaard:
>> On 05 Sep 2015, at 08:28 , Rainer Hurling <rhurlin at gwdg.de> wrote:
>> Is there any reason that the R-devel tarball at [1] stucks on r69202?
>> It seems, that newer R-devel versions are now published on
>> /pub/misc/cran/src/base-prerelease, for example at
>> http://ftp5.gwdg.de/pub/misc/cran/, but without an R-devel.tar.gz
>> tarball ...
>> Is this intended? Any clarification would be appreciated.
> Probably not (it is on Martin Maechler's turf, though). These things are run by cron jobs, and sometimes they get stalled. It is also possible that a change to the build tools on that machine caused the tarballs to fail their builds (the way things work, you need to build R before you can build the tarball.)

Yes, I am aware of the build process before the tarball. The mail should
only take some attention on it ;)

Since end of August, there had been a change of the location, where
devel and patched sources are located: from
https://stat.ethz.ch/R/daily/ to

Perhaps something with the cron jobs did not follow these changes?

> Is there a need for an R-devel.tar.gz in src/base-prerelease? It would just be a copy of the most recent one.

I prefer the R-devel.tar.gz without date and version number for
automated fetching and building R-devel on FreeBSD on an almost daily basis.

Many thanks for your answer.

Rainer Hurling

> -pd
>> Thanks and greetings,
>> Rainer Hurling
>> [1] https://stat.ethz.ch/R/daily/R-devel.tar.gz

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