[Rd] residual standard "error"

Randall Pruim rpruim at calvin.edu
Sun Apr 17 15:54:28 CEST 2016

I see that the sigma() function has recently been introduced into R 3.3.  The help for sigma() says:

Extract the estimated standard deviation of the errors, the “residual standard deviation” (misnomed also “residual standard error”, e.g., in summary.lm()'s output, from a fitted model.

Is there any reason not to fix the mis-naming of residual standard error now too?  Both functions are in the stats package.  It seems odd for one function in the package to point out an issue with another, especially when fixing it would only affect displayed output and not the rest of the API.

My apologies if this has been suggested before, but a search through the archives didn’t locate the discussion.

Also, there is a missing paren in the sentenced quoted from the help for sigma().


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