[Rd] Parallel compression support for saving to rds/rdata files?

Kenny Bell kmb56 at berkeley.edu
Thu Dec 15 06:08:17 CET 2016


I have tried to follow the instructions in the ``save`` documentation and
it doesn't seem to work (see below):

mydata <- do.call(rbind, rep(iris, 10000))
con <- pipe("pigz -p8 > fname.gz", "wb");
save(mydata, file = con); close(con) # This runs

R.utils::gunzip("fname.gz", "fname.RData", overwrite = TRUE)
load("fname.RData") # Error: error reading from connection

First question: Should the above work?

Second question: Is it possible to make this dummy friendly by allowing
"pigz" as an option for ``compress`` in saveRDS and save? And in such a way
that the decompressing is hidden from the user like normal?


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