[Rd] Request: Increasing MAX_NUM_DLLS in Rdynload.c

Steve Bronder sbronder at stevebronder.com
Tue Dec 20 03:01:44 CET 2016

This is a request to increase MAX_NUM_DLLS in Rdynload.c in from 100 to 500.

On line 131 of Rdynload.c, changing

#define MAX_NUM_DLLS 100


#define MAX_NUM_DLLS 500

In development of the mlr package, there have been several episodes in the
past where we have had to break up unit tests because of the "maximum
number of DLLs reached" error. This error has been an inconvenience that is
going to keep happening as the package continues to grow. Is there more
than meets the eye with this error or would everything be okay if the above
line changes? Would that have a larger effect in other parts of R?

As R grows, we are likely to see more 'meta-packages' such as the
Hadley-verse, caret, mlr, etc. need an increasing amount of DLLs loaded at
any point in time to conduct effective unit tests. If  MAX_NUM_DLLS is set
to 100 for a very particular reason than I apologize, but if it is possible
to increase MAX_NUM_DLLS it would at least make the testing at mlr much

I understand you are all very busy and thank you for your time.


Steve Bronder
Website: stevebronder.com
Phone: 412-719-1282
Email: sbronder at stevebronder.com

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