[Rd] collapsing list of NULLs dimnames into a NULL

Hervé Pagès hpages at fredhutch.org
Fri Jun 10 22:26:09 CEST 2016


Here are two different ways to create a 0 x 0 logical matrix:

   m1 <- matrix(nrow=0, ncol=0)
   # <0 x 0 matrix>

   m2 <- as.matrix(data.frame())
   # <0 x 0 matrix>


   identical(m1, m2)
   # [1] FALSE

That's because of their dimnames:

   # NULL

   # [[1]]
   # NULL
   # [[2]]
   # NULL

More generally this can be observed with 0-col matrices:

   m1 <- matrix(nrow=5, ncol=0)
   m2 <- as.matrix(data.frame(stuff=11:15)[0])
   identical(m1, m2)  # FALSE

The culprit is this line in as.matrix.data.frame():

   dimnames(X) <- list(dn[[1L]], unlist(collabs, use.names = FALSE))

Shouldn't as.matrix.data.frame() collapse the list of NULLs into a NULL
before setting the dimnames?

Alternatively, maybe a more general solution could be to have the
dimnames() setter take care of this. There seems to be a lot of
code around that is potentially setting a list of NULLs as the dimnames
of an object, so having dimnames<- do the collapse would fix the problem
in one place once for all and avoid a lot of repeated code.

Finally, having this functionality available at the C level would be
great. Would basically be a wrapper to

   Rf_setAttrib(x, R_DimNamesSymbol, dimnames)

that takes care of the collapse. The SET_DIMNAMES macro could be
redefined to call that wrapper instead...


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