[Rd] Error in texi2dvi

Spencer Graves spencer.graves at prodsyse.com
Mon Jun 20 22:27:05 CEST 2016

On 6/20/2016 6:50 AM, Mikko Korpela wrote:
> On 18/06/16 05:21, Spencer Graves wrote:
>> Hello:
>>        Changes in R seem to have broken the sos vignette, and I don't
>> know how to fix it.  The build on R-forge,
>> "https://r-forge.r-project.org/R/?group_id=235&log=build_src&pkg=sos&flavor=patched", 
>> ends as follows:
>> Error in texi2dvi(file = file, pdf = TRUE, clean = clean, quiet = 
>> quiet,  :
>>    Running 'texi2dvi' on 'sos.tex' failed.
>> LaTeX errors:
>> ! Undefined control sequence.
>> l.1 \Sconcordance
>>                   {concordance:sos.tex:sos.Rnw:%
>> The control sequence at the end of the top line
>> of your error message was never \def'ed. If you have
>> Calls:  -> texi2pdf -> texi2dvi
>> Execution halted
> ...
>>        What can I do to get this vignette to working again with the
>> least amount of work?
> Try commenting out (removing) the following line in your vignette:
> \SweaveOpts{concordance=TRUE}
> The package builds just fine after doing that, on this computer. The 
> R-Forge history of sos.Rnw shows the line was added on May 12, 
> revision 237.

       Thanks so much.  It worked like you indicated.

       That offending line is added automatically by RStudio.  I must 
have saved it without realizing it.  Then it either passed "R CMD build" 
under R 3.2 or I committed that change without realizing I had not 
tested it with "R CMD check".

       RStudio is a great product -- except for this feature.  I 
documented this on Stackoverflow and sent an email to Yihui Xe, who 
works for (or did work for) RStudio, reporting the issue.  I did not 
mention your name, as I assumed you would have published your answer.

       Thanks again,
       Spencer Graves

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