[Rd] Could unit.list() from grid package be made an exported function?

Wilke, Claus O wilke at austin.utexas.edu
Tue Mar 8 21:54:48 CET 2016


Subassignment for units has been committed to r-devel.
You should now be able to do things like ...

x <- unit(1:3, "mm")
x[2] <- unit(.5, "npc")

(see grid/tests/units.R for more complex examples)

Yes, I just tried the latest R devel and it works for me. However:

This works for me for the three stackoverflow scenarios.

I ran into an additional problem when trying to replicate this example:

This line in the function set_panel_size() causes an error for me:
g$widths[panel_index_w] <-  rep(list(width), nw)

Error in `[<-.unit`(`*tmp*`, panel_index_w, value = list(4, 4, 4)) :
  Value being assigned must be a unit

I can avoid the error by changing the line into:
g$widths[panel_index_w] <-  rep(grid:::unit.list(width), nw)

This, however, again uses grid:::unit.list(). Maybe there’s another way around this, but turning a single width value into a unit.list seems the obvious way to go in a case like this. So again, I’d like to request that grid:::unit.list() be made an exported function as well. It seems quite useful any time somebody wants to make a list of units.



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