[Rd] rmultinom.c error probability not sum to 1

M.van_Iterson at lumc.nl M.van_Iterson at lumc.nl
Thu Mar 10 12:47:07 CET 2016

Dear all,

I have a questions regarding using the c function rmultinom.c.

I got the following error message "rbinom: probability sum should be 1, but is 0.999264"

Which is thrown by:

if(fabs((double)(p_tot - 1.)) > 1e-7)
 MATHLIB_ERROR(_("rbinom: probability sum should be 1, but is %g"),
 (double) p_tot);

I understand my probabilities do not sum to one close enough. I tried the following,
p[2] = 1. - p[0] - p[1],  where 'p', are the probabilities but this is not sufficient to pass the error message!

Thanks in advance!


(I don't think this is an issue with versions but I used R version 3.2.3 and can provide more details on my linux build if necessary.)

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