[Rd] Collaborative Wiki for fostering Open Innovation in R

Juan Telleria jtelleriar at gmail.com
Sun Dec 17 18:13:05 CET 2017

Dear R Developers,

I am writing in order to open a constructive debate whether if it is worth
it that R Project adopts the Apache Software Foundation & Wikipedia Model
for Open Documentation by using a Collaborative Wiki & Document Store (As a
complement to Bugzilla and Mailing Lists), for fostering collaboration in R

The objective would be to promote innovation and collaboration between:
• R Contributors.
• R Core.
• And R Community.
• R Development.
• ‎R Contributed Documentation.
• ‎R Internals Wiki.

The Wikis Section could be structured in different Sub-Wikis (or Pages)
with different levels of permissions:
• Some only editable by R Core.
• Others only editable by R Core, and R Contributors.
• And others editable by any member of R Community.

And have different Categories, such as:
• R Learning Resources.
• R Cheatsheets.
• R Development & Key Internals.
• ‎R Contributed Documentation.
• ‎R Help.
• ‎etc.

A key point would be that the wikis are installed, hosted and accesible
through CRAN Servers, as a way to give some collaborative GUI to CRAN
hosted documentation.

Three collaborative wikis worth to consider would be:
• xwiki SAS (Open Source): http://www.xwiki.org
• ‎Atlassian Confluence (Free for Open Source Projects):
• ‎MediaWiki: www.mediawiki.org

I personally prefer xwiki for being 100% Open Source, and being editable
with a Markdown Syntax; but we use Confluence at work and I am also very
happy with it; and MediaWiki is the one Wikipedia uses, but seems difficult
to use.

Thank you & best,

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