[Rd] R_RegisterCCallable

Therneau, Terry M., Ph.D. therneau at mayo.edu
Wed Dec 20 22:43:43 CET 2017

I've just converted all the C symbols in bdsmatrix to use the more modern form, e.g.,

    .C("charle", ....    changed to .C( Ccharlie, ....

along with defining RCMethodDef in my initfile and adding .register=TRUE to the NAMESPACE 
file.  All due to a request from CRAN to modernize one aspect, which then cascaded into 
more via suggestions from R CMD check --as-cran.

My question concerns the crosstalk with coxme.  Currently bdsmatrix has lines like the 

     R_RegisterCCallable("bdsmatrix","cholesky4", (DL_FUNC) &cholesky4);

while coxme has

     fun= (int(*)) R_GetCCallable("bdsmatrix", "cholesky4");

Should these also change to use the pseudo name, or is it fine as is?

Terry Therneau

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