[Rd] winbuilder warning message wrt function pointers

Therneau, Terry M., Ph.D. therneau at mayo.edu
Fri Dec 29 14:14:36 CET 2017

I've recently updated the coxme package, which calls internal routines from the bdsmatrix 
package.  (It is in fact mentioned as an example of this in the Extensions manual.)
The call connections are a blocks like this, one for each of the 9 called C routines.

void bdsmatrix_prod4(int nrow,    int nblock,   int *bsize,
                     double *bmat, double *rmat,
                     int nfrail,   double *y) {
     static void (*fun)() = NULL;
     if (fun==NULL)
     fun = (void (*)) R_GetCCallable("bdsmatrix", "bdsmatrix_prod4");
     fun(nrow, nblock, bsize, bmat, rmat, nfrail, y);


The winbuilder run is flagging all of these with

bdsmatrix_stub.h:22:6: warning: ISO C forbids assignment between function pointer and 
'void *' [-Wpedantic]
   fun = (void (*)) R_GetCCallable("bdsmatrix", "bdsmatrix_prod4");

Ignore?  Or should these lines have been written in a different way?

Terry T.

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