[Rd] bug with strptime, %OS, and "."

frederik at ofb.net frederik at ofb.net
Wed Jan 11 02:48:55 CET 2017

Hi R Devel,

I just ran into a corner case with 'strptime'. Recall that the "%OS"
conversion accepts fractional seconds:

> strptime("17_35_14.01234.mp3","%H_%M_%OS.mp3")$sec
[1] 14.01234

Unfortunately for my application it seems to be "greedy", in that it
tries to parse a decimal point which might belong to the rest of the

> strptime("17_35_14.mp3","%H_%M_%OS.mp3")
[1] NA

If I use "_" instead of ".", then it works:

> strptime("17_35_14_mp3","%H_%M_%OS_mp3")
[1] "2017-01-10 17:35:14 PST"

Perhaps a low priority, but seems like a bug to me...



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