[Rd] Suggestion: barplot function

danielrenato at lycos.com danielrenato at lycos.com
Fri Jan 27 15:30:11 CET 2017

Hello developers folks!

First, congratulations for the wonderful work with R.

For science, barplots with error bars are very important. We were 
wondering that is so easy to use the boxplot function:

boxplot(Spores~treatment, col=treatment_colors)

But there is no such function for barplots with standard deviation or 
standard error. It becomes a "journey" to plot a simple graph (e.g. 

The same way that is easy to use the boxplot function, do you think it 
is possible to upgrade the barplot function: i.e.: 
barplot(Spores~treatment, error.bar=standard_error, 

Thank you so much!
Daniel, FU-Berlin

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